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We have taken multiple financial literacy courses over the last 2 years, which have all been excellent. So why was I on the hunt for a new financial literacy for teens course?

The other courses were more theoretical, which I wanted, but Beyond Personal Finance talks about what to expect for the next 20 years.

I was so excited to get started with this financial literacy for teens course because my 12 year old wants to be a billionaire.

Yes, a billionaire.

Completely down with that. However, I am pretty sure he believes money is grown on trees, and a private island is well within everyone’s reach!

Beyond Personal Finance was the answer I was looking for.

Carry on reading for our honest homeschool curriculum reviews. I want to say before I continue that he still wants to be a billionaire.

Beyond Personal Finance is featured in our best homeschool curriculum for high school.

**Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to write this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only share resources that I would use with my own family and those that I believe other homeschool families will enjoy. There may be affiliate links in this post.**

Financial Literacy for Teenagers

I have said this many times, but all kids need to have a good and solid foundation in financial literacy. Before they leave home, not when the bills start piling in.

Teaching financial literacy for middle school is something we have done every year since he was 10.

But even before that, we would play games, or we would talk about money and financial responsibility.

financial literacy for teenagers

Beyond Personal Finance is more than a financial literacy course.

It gives you real-world problems that the kids will face between the ages of 22-42. The kids have to imagine what it is like to get married and how expensive it might be to have a child!

How many hours of overtime will they need, and how and when to use a credit card?

Carry on reading for our Beyond Personal Finance review.

What is Beyond Personal Finance?

Beyond Personal Finance Review

This financial literacy for teens course is different from the others we have taken.

Beyond Personal Finance concentrates on what happens in the 20 years after college.

Teacher Portal

The instructional videos are in the Student Portal.  In this teacher portal, each lesson has:

  1. A brief Teacher Talk video to watch in advance of your class in order to prepare for the class.
  2. A list of objectives and important points for a one-hour class.
  3. Links to the random number generator used in the Plot Twists and Baby Game.
  4. Links to supplemental videos that add humor to the lesson.  These videos are best played in the first minutes of class to give students time to get focused and ready for learning.  
  5. A copy of the lesson material the students will use.
  6. Links for the lesson homework that your students will use. 
  7. Answer keys and other teacher-specific resources.

Student Portal

Is the same as the teacher portal above, but of course includes the instructional material.

What I love (and more importantly my son loves) is that it is NOT BORING. There is a mix of reading (but not lots as seen below) and videos. Carry on reading for our review of Beyond Personal Finance.

Beyond Personal Finance

Beyond Personal Finance Review

We both highly recommend this financial literacy for teens course. It gives practical examples, and plot twists to really keep the kids engaged.

We use a lot of self-paced curriculums in our homeschool, and none of them have interested him more. The reason I know this is after about 5 minutes of each video he will pause it and tell me something else he has learned!

His current dilemma is his money personality is he is a spender and not a saver! Even he now acknowledges he needs to stop if he wants to be the next Elon Musk!

Check out Beyond Personal Finance for yourself, this is the most engaging finance course we have taken, and really makes the kids understand how much things cost.

There is no lecturing involved in this financial literacy for teens course, the kids are completely in control of their own options.

And plot twist, like normal life something comes up that either makes you money or takes it away.

beyond personal finance review
beyond personal finance review

We both highly recommend Beyond Personal Finance, it has really made a difference in our homeschool.

It has also prompted him to work harder, so he can start dual enrollment in a couple of years!

Order Beyond Personal Finance

The price of the self-paced financial curriculum for individuals is $150 which also includes the printed student workbook.

Click on the above link for a trial video lesson. But we highly recommend this course.

If you are running a homeschool coop why not try this course self-paced financial curriculum for a group (same material, but priced slightly differently).

Check out our free career exploration worksheet to help your kids work out what career they might have in the future. We’re still working on finding the right job that pays a billion dollars!!!

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