37 Talk Like A Pirate Day Activities For Kids That Are Easy and Fun

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Ahoy there me maties, Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up, on September 19th so I thought I would put together some fun activities for you to have fun with. As this year it is on a Sunday you can get the whole family involved!

I have included over 37 activities for you to enjoy on Talk Like A Pirate Day, although there is enough here for you to spend a full week talking like a pirate!! Shiver Me Timbers…..

If you want to know what other fun educational holiday activities we do throughout the year check out our latest post.

Ultimate list of Talk Like A Pirate Day Activities perfect for homeschool, including pirate books, lesson plans, pirate printables and much more #talklikeapirateday

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Talk Like A Pirate Day Activities

As this year it falls on a Sunday, we will actually have a Pirate-themed week starting the day after. I can’t wait! I will share with you as many lesson plans, films, books, and activities we can find in the hope that you also have fun!!

Best Pirate Picture Books

For over 36 of the best pirate books for kids check out our latest post.

  • A Year on a Pirate Ship (Time Goes By) – Check out these eight action-packed scenes for a bird’s-eye view of the life and work of pirates on the open seas. See how the pirates attack a ship, deal with a whale, and handle a storm. Keep your eye on the calendar too. By spending a whole year with the pirate crew, you can watch events unfold as the seasons change.
  • The Pirates Next Door is a fantastic pirate book for younger children, and the pictures are really great.
  • Pirate Boy – After reading his favorite book about a pirate boy, Danny wonders what would happen if he sailed away on a pirate ship. Luckily, his mother reassures him that she would find him, even if she had to swim on a dolphin, battle sea monsters, and wield a bottle of pirate-shrinking magic spray to do it! 
  • How To Be A Pirate
  • Count with Pirates
  • Pirates love Underpants
  • Ten Little Pirates
13 of the best Pirate books for kids, perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirate Books for Kids

If you like us have an older child, these pirate books for kids are probably more appropriate! Why not get them to write a book report when they have finished and make it even more educational!

Pirate Worksheets

Education.com has lots of FREE pirate resources, including word searches, coloring pages, and math.

Printable Treasure Map

printable treasure map

Pirate Movies for Kids

Pirates of the Caribbean of course is the best Pirate movie. But I have listed our top 10 kids pirate movies that kids will love:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Pan
  • Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy
  • The Pirates
  • Hook
  • Peter Pan – to make this more educational why not read the book first and then do a books vs movies report
  • Walt Disneys Blackbeard’s Ghost
  • Tom & Jerry Shiver Me Whiskers
  • Scooby-Doo Pirates Ahoy
  • Walt Disney Shipwrecked

Pirate Lesson Plans

  • If you want a full FREE 10-day lesson plan on pirates I highly recommend this pirate unit plan this is what we will be using.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day has also created lots of resources for junior pirates.
  • Pirate writing prompts there are 10 ideas on this blog post with free printables.
Complete list of Talk Like A Pirate Day Activities for kids of all ages, including pirate books, pirate lesson plans, pirate science ideas and much more #talklikeapirateday

How To Talk Like a Pirate

There are lots of free how to talk like a pirate on youtube, but we like this one. Be careful if finding others as there are lots of “adult talk like pirate” videos too!

Live Pirate Class

Outschool yet again has you covered! (Check out our Outschool review to see what else we do.) The pirate related courses offered are as follows:

  • So you want to write a pirate story
  • Treasure Hunt Pirate Adventure
  • Pirate geometry
  • The real pirates of the Caribbean

and lots more.

Pirate Science Ideas

What is Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Talk Like a Pirate Day was created by two friends John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy), of Albany, Oregon, U.S, back in 1995. During a racquetball game between Summers and Baur, one of them reacted to the pain with an outburst of “Aaarrr!”, and the idea was born.

We hope you have fun on Talk Like A Pirate Day, let me know what fun you get up to in the comments below.

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