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Would your kids watch YouTube and tv all day if they had the choice? You are not alone, but I have found the answer! Let them! Generation Genius has the most engaging science and math videos for grades K-8. Carry on reading for our honest Generation Genius review.

We have been using Generation Genius for a couple of years now for science, and more recently we have been supplementing our math curriculum too.

I can honestly say that Freddie looks forward to watching the videos (so much so that he has watched ALL of the science videos!)

Keep reading for 5 free lessons, and why we think you will love them as much as we do!

This is one of nearly 100 homeschool curriculum reviews we have written over the years.

We paid for Generation Genius ourselves and received nothing to write this review.

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What Is Generation Genius?

Generation Genius really is so much more than videos.

Please keep reading for our review of both their science and math lessons.

If you are short on time just check them out for yourself and get 5 FREE classes (no credit card required!)

Generation Genius so much more than videos

Does Generation Genius Align with Core Standards?

They absolutely do, in fact, you can check for both math and science the standards in each state. This didn’t matter to us as we homeschool, but if this is important to you go and have a look.

For our home state of Florida they aligned 92% in the science lessons, and 96% in math. Looking at a few other states they seem to be closer aligned than Florida.

Is Generation Genius a Full Curriculum?

No, I don’t think it is, and certainly not for math. However, it is an absolutely amazing supplemental resource, even though it does cover over 90% of the common core standards!

For science, however, we did only do Generation Genius lessons for about 8 months, and nothing more. We decided to do map testing for homeschoolers at the beginning of January and for science, he is at the average level for a grade 11 student (he is only mid 6th grade.)

So although now we only use it as a supplement to the best homeschool science curriculum, it certainly didn’t do him any harm for those 8 months!!!

What grades is Generation Genius for?

Generation Genius is aimed at kids in grades K-8.

Personally, I would only use the science videos up to grade 6. They are excellent, but I think they would be too easy for grade 7 and 8. For math though you could easily use it for all grades.

Generation Genius Science

I can say with absolute certainty if you have a child in elementary school they will LOVE Generation Genius. We were introduced to it by one of Freddie’s public school friends who came home from school one day talking about this cool science video they had watched.

After looking into it we decided we would try it too! Wow, we both honestly loved it. The only downside for us is that we only found out about it in 5th grade, so we missed out on all of the K-5 content! (We did watch a bit actually, but more so for fun than educational!)

There are about 50 videos in each group K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

Before I go on any further I just want you to know that you can try this for absolutely free!! You can pick 5 free videos with no account needed!

Lesson Materials

Generation Genius is not just videos, they have also created lesson materials for you to use for EVERY video.

Generation Genius Lessons

We would go through the video first and then go through the lesson plans. For the vocabulary words, Freddie would write them out into his science workbook. This wasn’t necessary, however, as this was for middle school grades it was something that we choose to do.

Generation Genius Vocabulary

There were optional experiments included in the lesson plans with lists of materials needed.

When the lesson/video is completed there is an online quiz for the kids to do before moving on to the next unit.

Generation Genius Science Kits

I am so pleased that Generation Genius has now created a science kit. Check out our detailed Generation Genius science kits review.

We absolutely love homeschool science kits, it just makes doing labs at home so much easier.

With the Generation Genius science kits, you will get 3 fun hands-on experiments delivered to your door every month. In the first kit you will be able to:

  • turn liquid into worms
  • draw patterns that glow
  • change the color of a liquid

They make sure to include enough materials so that you can do these experiments more than once, plus everything you need is delivered in the box.

Try your first box today.

Generation Genius Math

The Generation Genius math lessons are their newest project. There are over 125 videos for grades K-8. They are just as engaging as the science lessons (which is not easy for math!)

I love the fact that they have kids of the same age in each of the videos, and they make them completely relatable. This is a screenshot from a video on units for grades 6-8.

generation genius math video

In each video (and for science) there is a boy and a girl along with a tutor going through the subjects with you. I was super impressed with the math videos. I had seen great science videos before, but NEVER good, funny, and engaging math videos.

boy watching generation genius math video on a laptop

Again we would always watch the video first and then move on to the lesson plans. This is what they look like for math (fairly similar to the science lesson plans,)

generation genius math lesson plans

The practice word and number problems are for extended practice and I do recommend doing them. It is important that they have fully understood the class.

Remember to go back and watch the video if there are areas they are struggling with.

boy completing generation genius math extended practice on paper

Generation Genius Reviews

If it is not already clear, we absolutely LOVE Generation Genius.

We have completed every single science video and have just started with the math lessons.

The videos (even for math!) are super fun, really engaging, relatable and so much more. I often find Freddie watching the science videos just for fun!

Generation Genius is one of the best secular homeschool curriculum choices, so absolutely perfect for what we were looking for.

If you are looking for even more homeschool curriculum reviews check out all of the others we have reviewed over the years.

Generation Genius Cost

What I love about Generation Genius is you get to have 5 completely free lessons of your choosing with no commitment.

Science & Math lessons are $145/yr

Science Only lessons are $95/yr

Math only lessons are $95/yr

what generation genius offers: k-8 standards, lesson plans, reading materials, and more

What do you get with a paid subscription to Generation Genius?

The reason you should pay for Generation Genius is because you get all of these:

  1. K-8 Standards-Based Videos
  2. 5E Lesson Plans
  3. Reading Materials
  4. DIY Activities
  5. Paper Quizzes
  6. Discussion Questions
  7. Teacher Guides
  8. Online Quiz Games
  9. Vocabulary
  10. Answer Keys

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  1. Hi. Yes, I was about to ask the same question about price. Look forward to hearing what they have to say about the price.

    1. I have just heard back from Generation Genius and they have closed the home plan option. I am super disappointed, and no idea why they have done it especially as they have just launched their in home science kits?

  2. Hello!

    Did the pricing change from $145/yr to $299/yr? I am not seeing the $145 anywhere on the website and we are wanting to use it for homeschooling.

    1. Yes that is strange, I am going to reach out to them today and find out what has happened? I will let you know.

    2. Hi

      I have just heard back from Generation Genius and they have closed the home plan option. I am super disappointed, and no idea why they have done it especially as they have just launched their in home science kits?

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