16 Best Homeschool Science Kits (To Make Science More Fun)

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Adding homeschool science kits to your school week is one of my top homeschool tips.

Science is one of those subjects or at least for us where it doesn’t come naturally. So I am always looking for ways to make it more fun for my son.

Science and stem should not be boring, and playing with these awesome science kits is the best and easiest way for us to have fun within our homeschool.

These science kits are for kids aged 8 and above. I have also included monthly science kits that are delivered to your children every month.

We use these homeschool science kits as a fun supplement to our homeschool science curriculum. But if you are looking for science gifts for teenagers check out our top gift ideas.

I have created this huge list of the best homeschool science kits that will hopefully help you.

The best homeschool science kits for kids that the kids will love

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Homeschool Science Kits

If you are unsure what the right science kit is for your homeschool, I highly recommend this awesome science kit selector tool. You can choose by age, grade or by science subject you are interested in.

Terrarium Kit is so much fun for kids of all ages. Create your very own mini-ecosystem and watch the plants grow. These science kits include everything you need, just add water.

Crystal Growing Science Kit mix the chemicals and watch the crystals grow, blue, red, and white. Great for kids over the age of 8.

Earth Science Kit comes with over 15 science activities, including a great erupting volcano experiment.

Dynamo Lab comes with 21 science experiments in one box, including creating your own lava lamp.

Weather Science Lab as we now live in South Florida the weather is generally at the forefront of our minds, certainly at the minute. So these weather science labs are a great way to recreate your own weather and learn about climate change at the same time.

Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit I mean who doesn’t want to be a spy? This kid’s science kit teaches kids all about DNA and you can decode secret messages.

Science Magic Kits was my first purchase this year. Freddie completely out of the blue has started LOVING magic. Over the summer he decided to have an Outschool lesson with Tom Interval and he is now obsessed (I highly recommend him). So these science kits are perfect for him.

VR MasterChef Junior we have just ordered this one, so I am not sure how good it is, however, as it combines VR with baking I know we are going to love it.

DIY Stem Solar Powered Robot build your own solar robot with these kits. My son really loves building with Lego, so these robots are a great way to learn about science while still enjoying making something.

A+ Chemistry Set this set comes with 32+ Experiments, 36 Page Laboratory Guide, and 27+ Tools & Ingredients.

Monthly Science Kits for Kids

Mel Science has created a standalone educational package that will captivate your child by demonstrating real science principles in all their beauty and depth. They offer a next-generation chemistry set delivered as a monthly subscription. Get up to three experiments a month to expand your child’s horizons. Includes a free VR headset and Starter Kit.

Grab your Mel Science box now or check out our Mel Science Review to see what exclusive promo codes we have.

Mel Science the best science subscription box

KiwiCo (use code BRIGHT for exclusive 40% off your first box) has 9 different science-themed subscription boxes for kids aged 2-99 (big kids love them too!). Check out our review of Kiwico Eureka Crate (with an exclusive 40% coupon code).


Stem subscription boxes from OysterKit are fantastic for kids aged between 2-9. Check out our detailed review for 50% off your first box.

Creation Crate is an award-winning STEM monthly science kit. It comes with electronics, coding, circuitry, and more delivered straight to your door.

Groovy Lab in A Box is a kid’s science experiment kit, perfect for your kid to explore the world of science. You will receive boxes each month full of everything you need to learn about.

Stem Discovery Boxes STEM science subscription boxes for kids 7-12. Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math.

Crate Joy has thousands of different science kits for kids monthly.

What are your favorite kid’s science kits? Please let me know in the comments.

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