Free Thanksgiving Alphabet Worksheets (Color, Write & Trace)

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Get ready for a blast of learning and holiday fun! Our free Thanksgiving alphabet worksheets are here to jazz up your child’s learning journey while getting into the festive spirit.

Each worksheet focuses on a specific letter. Helping your kiddo recognize letters, learn new words, improve fine motor skills, and boost brainpower in a seriously fun way.

These interactive resources provide a fantastic opportunity to boost reading and writing skills. All while immersing in the festive Thanksgiving atmosphere.

Incorporating these Thanksgiving activities for kids adds an extra layer of excitement and learning to the holiday season.

thanksgiving alphabet worksheets

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Educational benefits of using alphabet worksheets

Thanksgiving alphabet activities can provide numerous educational benefits for preschoolers.

These activities combine the festive spirit of Thanksgiving with essential early literacy skills, making learning fun and engaging. Here are some educational benefits of using Thanksgiving alphabet activities for preschoolers:

  1. Letter Recognition and Formation: The worksheets provide both upper and lower case letters for each alphabet, encouraging children to recognize and differentiate between the two forms. Additionally, tracing the letters helps them practice forming the letters correctly.
  2. Phonemic Awareness: Associating each letter with a Thanksgiving-themed picture and word helps children develop phonemic awareness, which is the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words.
  3. Vocabulary Development: Matching images and words with the corresponding letters enhances vocabulary development. Children learn new words related to Thanksgiving and understand their beginning sounds.
  4. Fine Motor Skills: Coloring, tracing, and circling letters and images on the worksheets require fine motor skills, which are crucial for tasks like writing and drawing.
  5. Visual Discrimination: Spotting the correct letter among other letters and circling it helps improve visual discrimination skills, which are important for reading and recognizing letters in different fonts and styles.
  6. Cognitive Skills: Activities such as tracing and matching promote cognitive skills like pattern recognition, sequencing, and attention to detail.
  7. Letter-Sound Correspondence: Associating each letter with a Thanksgiving-themed image and word reinforces the connection between letters and their corresponding sounds.
thanksgiving alphabet activity worksheets

Thanksgiving Letters Alphabet Activities

Each alphabet activity page includes a variety of engaging elements designed to promote letter recognition, vocabulary development, fine motor skills, and overall cognitive development in preschoolers.

Upper and Lower Case Letter: The featured upper and lower case letter is prominently displayed on the page. This serves as the focus of the activity, helping children become familiar with the letter’s shape and form.

letter c thanksgiving page

Coloring Section: An area for coloring in the upper and lowercase letters is provided. This encourages children to engage with the letter visually and helps develop their fine motor skills as they use crayons or markers.

Thanksgiving-Themed Picture: An image representing a Thanksgiving-related item that starts with the featured letter is included. For example, “T” has a picture of a turkey. This helps children associate the letter with its initial sound and introduces holiday related vocabulary.

letter f alphabet worksheet thanksgiving

Tracing Section – Letters: This section provides both upper and lower case versions of the featured letter for tracing. Tracing the letters helps children practice writing skills and letter formation.

Spot the Letter: A group of letters, including the featured letter and other letters are in the circle it section. Children are asked to find and circle the featured letter among the other letters, enhancing visual discrimination skills.

letter j alphabet thanksgiving worksheet

Tracing Section – Word: A section where the word corresponding to the Thanksgiving image is displayed. Children are guided to trace the word, reinforcing letter formation and helping them recognize and connect letters to create words.

Matching Activity: Children need to color in the correct images that begin with the letter sound.

letter t thanksgiving worksheet

Thanksgiving Alphabet Words

  • A is for apple
  • B is for bread
  • C is for cornucopia
  • D is for dinner
  • E is for eat
  • F is for family
  • G is for gobble
  • H is for ham
  • I is for ice cream
  • J is for jam
  • K is for kitchen
  • L is for leaf
  • M is for Mayflower
  • N is for November
  • O is for oven
  • P is for pumpkin
  • Q is for quince pie
  • R is for roast
  • S is for sweetcorn
  • T is for turkey
  • U is for utensils
  • V is for vegetables
  • W is for wishbone
  • X is for miX
  • Y is for yam
  • Z is for zucchini

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Alphabet books for preschoolers

These are our favorite alphabet books for your little kiddos:

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is probably my favorite book of all time, and every family should have this book! It is a playful alphabet adventure where lowercase letters race to the top of a coconut tree, creating a colorful and rhythmic learning experience for preschoolers.

I Spy from A to Z takes young readers on an interactive journey through the alphabet, engaging them in a captivating seek-and-find game that enhances their observation skills.

ABCs of Art introduces children to the world of creativity and culture. Combining the alphabet with various art forms to spark imagination and exploration.

Other free Thanksgiving worksheets for preschoolers

Have fun this November with these fun activities:

thanksgiving activity bundle


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Download the free printable Thanksgiving worksheets

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Additional alphabet learning worksheets

Continue learning the alphabet with these other free printables:

For even more alphabet worksheets you are going to love our new bundle, including pirates, magic kingdom, dinosaurs, pond life, insects, and transport.

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