Free Parts of a Crab Worksheet

Get ready for an adventure with our free parts of a crab worksheet.

We’ve got you covered with these free homeschool printables that introduce your little explorers to the incredible world of crabs.

The activity sheet highlights the key components of a crab, covering six important parts: the abdomen, swimming legs, eyes, antennae, walking legs, and claws.

You have the option to select from three engaging worksheets. The first one allows you to label the parts using a word bank, the second challenges you to write the parts without any hints, and the third involves matching the parts to their correct locations.

Plus encourage the kids to use their creativity as they color in the crab.

Let the learning begin with these free kids coloring pages!

parts of a crab worksheets

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What is the anatomy of a crab?

Crabs, like other crustaceans, have several distinct body parts. Here are the main parts of a crab:


The abdomen of a crab is a soft, flexible portion located underneath the hard carapace.

It houses the crab’s reproductive organs and plays a crucial role in swimming, with specialized swimmerets that aid in propelling the crab through the water.

Swimming legs

The swimmerets, found on the crab’s abdomen, are small, leg-like appendages that facilitate swimming.

They create rhythmic movements, propelling the crab backward through the water, and also serve as brood pouches in female crabs, where eggs are carried and protected.

parts of a crab coloring page


Crabs have compound eyes, positioned on either side of their cephalothorax.

These complex eyes provide excellent panoramic vision and are particularly sensitive to detect movement and changes in light, helping the crab spot potential predators and prey.


Crabs have two pairs of antennae on their heads.

The longer pair, called antennules, are essential for touch and taste sensations, while the shorter antennae are responsible for detecting chemical cues and smells in their environment.

parts of a crab worksheets free

Walking legs

Crabs possess four pairs of walking legs, which are sturdy and designed for mobility on various surfaces.

These legs allow the crab to walk in a sideways motion, providing stability and agility while exploring their surroundings.


The large, powerful claws, or chelipeds, are a defining feature of crabs.

They serve various purposes, such as defense against predators, capturing and handling food, and even attracting mates during courtship displays.

In some crab species, one claw is larger and used for crushing while the other is smaller and used for cutting.

parts of a crab pdf

Books about crabs for kids

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Additional crab resources

Carry on learning with these free worksheets:



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