Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages (A-Z)

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These free printable alphabet coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages, not just preschoolers learning their ABCs.

These free printable alphabet preschool worksheets are such an easy and fun way to learn the alphabet letters.

Kids love being creative and coloring in these letters. It’s so much fun allowing the kids to be creative while learning. Print out each letter and add them to their bedroom wall.

We draw a lot in our home as it definitely helps reduce anxiety and increases focus. If we are having a bad day, we often grab our coloring pens and paper and take time to calm down and refocus.

alphabet coloring pages

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Learn the alphabet with free coloring pages

Learning the alphabet is an important step in a child’s education.

Using free letter coloring pages can be an interactive and excellent way to help them learn.

Here are some steps you can follow to teach the alphabet with free coloring pages for kids:

  1. Start by introducing the letters of the alphabet. You can sing the alphabet song, show them a chart with all the letters, or use flashcards.
  2. Next, provide them with coloring worksheets that feature each letter. You can find each letter below.
  3. As your child colors in the letter, have them say the letter out loud and say each of the words shown that begin with that letter.
  4. Encourage them to be creative with their coloring, using different colors and patterns to make the letter come alive.
  5. Repeat the process for each letter of the alphabet. You can even make it a fun game by having your child guess which letter comes next and finding the corresponding coloring page. Add it to your letter of the week learning.

By using coloring activity sheets to teach the alphabet, you’re not only helping your child learn the letters but also fostering their creativity and imagination.

coloring page letter b

What are the benefits of using alphabet coloring pages to learn the alphabet?

There are several benefits of using alphabet coloring sheets to learn the alphabet. Here are a few:

  1. Coloring requires young children to use their small muscles to hold and control the crayons. This helps improve their fine motor skills, which is essential for writing and other educational activities.
  2. Enhances letter recognition. By coloring in the letters, young learners become more familiar with their shapes and are better able to recognize them in different contexts.
  3. Coloring pages allow little learners to express their creativity by choosing different colors and designs for each letter.
  4. Coloring pages make learning the alphabet a fun and interactive activity, which can motivate children to learn and retain information more effectively.
  5. They can also help develop phonemic awareness in children. This is the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. It is a key component of early literacy development and is necessary for learning to read and write.
coloring page letter m

Supplies needed for the free printable alphabet coloring pages

Unleash creativity with our free printable alphabet coloring pages using supplies you likely already have:

  • cardstock (or regular printer paper will work too)
  • coloring pens or gel pens (these are the ones we use for all of our coloring)
  • coloring pencils
  • dot markers (if you are doing these with younger children, these dot markers are a great way to encourage them to color the letters in)
  • glitter glue pens (well why not, who doesn’t love a bit of glitter every now and again!)
Alphabet bundle


How to use the ABC coloring pages:

You can download these free printables for kids by clicking on each letter of the alphabet below.

Download the free printable coloring sheet by clicking through each letter and scrolling to the bottom. If the email with the pdf file doesn’t come through within 5 minutes please check your junk folder.

These free printable letters are free to print but are for personal use or classroom use only.

Each page has the uppercase letter plus items beginning with that letter.

Or for a small fee, you can get the entire alphabet immediately without having to download each one individually.  Or for a discounted price grab these alphabet coloring pages along with our new handprint alphabet printables in our 52-page bundle.

coloring page letter H

Alphabet coloring sheets

Welcome to the world of alphabet coloring sheets! Ignite your child’s creativity and learning with our captivating collection of letter themed coloring pages.

From the adorable Letter A to the zesty Letter Z, each page is a delightful journey of colors and imagination.

Other free ABC printables

For even more alphabet printables you will enjoy these:

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