A-Z Free Alphabet Handprint Art

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Have fun with the kids with our super cute alphabet handprint art.

We love creating kids handprint art as they make for excellent keepsakes.

Grab the paints or the coloring pens and start getting creative! This is such a fun way for the kids to learn the alphabet.

They all have some silly joke or quote on them too, which the kids will absolutely love. In fact, you will too!

Print out the letters you are currently learning, and when completed why not add them to the kid’s bedroom wall. That way they can admire their artwork while remembering the alphabet.

free printable alphabet handprint art

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Handprint alphabet templates

Welcome to our alphabet handprint templates! Here, we offer all 26 letters of the alphabet, available for free. Each letter comes as a unique template, perfect for a variety of creative projects.

To access a template, simply click on the respective page for each letter. For those looking to save time, we also provide an option to purchase the entire alphabet handprint templates in our shop for a small fee. This convenient option gives you instant access to all the templates at once, streamlining your creative process.

Alphabet bundle


Supplies needed for the alphabet handprints

For creating alphabet handprints, you’ll need a few basic supplies. Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Paint: Non-toxic, washable paints in various colors.
  2. Paper: Thick paper or cardstock works best to handle the paint without warping.
  3. Paint Brushes: For applying paint to hands or for touch-ups.
  4. Wet Wipes: Handy for quick clean-ups of hands between letters.
  5. Aprons or Old Clothes: To protect clothing from paint splatters.
  6. Palette or Paper Plates: To pour out and mix paint colors.
  7. Coloring pens to add more detail to the pictures.
  8. Newspaper or a Drop Cloth: To protect your work surface.
  9. Small Bowls or Containers: For water to rinse brushes.

A is for Apple

A is for apple handprint – I-apple-laud your efforts!

a is for apple handprint

B is for Bee

B is for bee handprint – We bee-long together is one of my favorite free printable alphabet preschool worksheets.

b is for bee handprint

C is for Crab

Letter C handprint craft – C is for crab. A great crab pun can be very hard to crack.

c is for crab

Dinosaur handprint

D is for dinosaur handprint – Dinosaurs can’t go on boats, they cause too many Ship Rex

dinosaur handprint

E is for Elephant handprint

E is for elephant handprint – You’re elephantastic.

e is for elephant

You will also enjoy our free alphabet animals coloring pages.

F is for Fish

F is for fish handprint What do fish take to stay healthy? Vitamin Sea

f is for fish handprint

G is for Goose

G is for goose handprint – Some fun-goose are pretty gross.

g is for goose

You will also enjoy our free printable alphabet coloring pages.

Heart Handprint

Heart handprint template I’m having a p-heart-y and you’re all invited.

H is for heart handprint

Ice Cream handprint

Ice Cream handprint template – I wrote my dessert-ation on ice cream puns.

I is for ice cream

Jellyfish handprint

Jellyfish handprint printable – I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

jellyfish handprint

Remember if you want to grab all of the letters of the alphabet in one place, you can purchase them here for a small fee. Or for a massively discounted price grab these handprint alphabet printables along with our new alphabet coloring pages in our 52-page bundle.

Kite Handprint

K is for kite handprint – Cut off your nose to kite your face

k is for kite

Lion handprint

L is for lion handprint – What music do lions like? Country-lion dancing

lion handprint template

Monkey handprint

M is for monkey handprint art Where do monkeys get their gossip? On the ape vine!

m is for monkey handprint

N is for Nest

N is for nest handprint – I hate nesting dolls. They are so full of themselves.

nest handprint
handprint art bundle


O is for Octopus

O is for octopus handprint – You octopi my thoughts.

octupus handprint

Peacock handprint

P is for peacock handprint – Why is the number 9 like a peacock? It’s nothing without it’s tail.

Peacock Handprint template

Q is for Queen

Q is for Queen handprint – What’s a queen’s favorite drink? Royal-tee

queen handprint

Rabbit Handprint

R is for rabbit handprint – A farm owner had a rabbit housekeeper, he was the dust bunny. You will also enjoy our free rabbit life cycle worksheets.

rabbit handprint template

Sun Handprint

S is for sun handprint – You know what they say: like father, like sun!

sun handprint template

You will also enjoy our Father’s Day handprint art!

Tree Handprint

T is for tree handprint I named all my kids after trees. Because they are the root of all my problems!

tree handprint template

Umbrella Handprint

U is for umbrella handprint – An economist friend told me to put something away for a rainy day. I’ve gone for an umbrella.

U is for umbrella

Volcano Handprint

V is for volcano handprint – the volcano did not have any money because it went bank-erupt.

volcano handprint template

Wings Handprint

W is for wings handprint What do you call a fly without wings? A walk.

wings handprint template

X-Ray Handprint

X is for X-Ray handprint. If Ray changes his name… he would be an x-ray. I bet you saw right through that joke.

x-ray handprint

Y is for yacht

Y is for yacht handprint. This big speedboat shot past me the other day. Turns out it was Usain Boat.

yacht handprint template

Z is for Zebra

Z is for zebra handprint. Why do zebras have stripes? They don’t want to be spotted.

zebra handprint template

Additional alphabet worksheets

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