Thanksgiving Counting Worksheets (Free Printables)

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Have fun with math this November with our free Thanksgiving counting worksheets for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Learn to count from 1 to 10, with our fun Thanksgiving activities for kids. This makes counting much more fun!

These free math Thanksgiving worksheets will not only encourage the children to count this holiday season, but they can also get creative. As they color in the six different fall images.

thanksgiving counting worksheets (2)

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Thanksgiving math preschool worksheets

There are 3 different free printable counting worksheets (just fill in your name and email address at the bottom of this post, and you will receive the free printable in minutes.)

These preschool Thanksgiving counting worksheets are a great way to encourage the little kids to practice counting and writing numbers.

The three different worksheets all feature the same images:

  • a turkey
  • a pumpkin
  • an owl
  • a bear eating pie
  • a cat wearing a pilgrim’s hat
  • a pair of Thanksgiving bears

The students need to color in the images first, and then count how many of each fall image they spot.

thanksgiving counting math worksheets

These free homeschool printables can be used with children as young as toddlers, but also preschoolers and kindergarteners will all love learning how to count with this fall-themed math activity.

On the first math worksheet the children need to count between one and six. The next worksheet is for numbers between six and ten, and the third worksheet is for counting from one to ten.

thanksgiving math printables

If you are wanting to have lots more fun with math, we highly recommend these kindergarten math board games.

Benefits of using Thanksgiving math worksheets

Thanksgiving preschool worksheets offer an effective way to enhance basic skills, math skills, and fine motor skills in young learners.

These themed worksheets make learning enjoyable by incorporating festive elements like turkeys and pumpkins, which keep children engaged and motivated.

They not only improve counting and number recognition but also encourage fine motor development as kids color and draw.

Ideal for preschoolers and kindergartners, these worksheets provide a creative and educational diversion during the holiday season, fostering both cognitive and artistic growth.

Free printable Thanksgiving activities

Are you looking for some fun and free Thanksgiving theme activities to make your celebrations even more awesome? We’ve got you covered!

Sharpen your counting skills with fall math worksheets and enjoy connecting the dots with Thanksgiving dot-to-dot sheets.

thanksgiving activity bundle


Thanksgiving books for preschoolers

We always like to add books to our worksheets and these are the best Thanksgiving read alouds for preschoolers:

Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks! is a heartwarming book that teaches preschoolers the importance of gratitude and the joy of giving thanks during the holiday season.

Turkey Trouble! Preschoolers will laugh out loud as they join a clever turkey on his hilarious escapades to disguise himself as different farm animals to avoid becoming the Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece. Making it a delightful and amusing read for the whole family.

10 Fat Turkeys. In this entertaining counting book, preschoolers will enjoy following the misadventures of ten silly turkeys as they disappear one by one. Providing a playful way to learn numbers and get into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Carry on learning with these free Thanksgiving alphabet worksheets!

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Download the free Thanksgiving counting worksheets

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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