Thanksgiving Color By Number Printables (8 Free Pages)

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Get ready for a holiday treat! Introducing our collection of free Thanksgiving color by number printables. A festive way to add a dash of creativity and holiday spirit to your celebrations.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we’ve got just what you need to keep younger kids engaged in a fun and relaxing activity.

These downloadable worksheets not only let you unleash your artistic side but also sneak in some number practice, and are great for the month of November.

So, whether you’re a coloring enthusiast or just looking for fun Thanksgiving activities for kids, dive into our free worksheets and let the coloring fun begin!

thanksgiving color by number

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What are the benefits of using color by number worksheets with preschoolers?

The color by number printable worksheets include pictures of turkeys, cornucopia, fall fruit baskets, Thanksgiving dinner, pies, and more.

Color by number sheets are a fun way for preschoolers and kindergarten students to learn about colors, numbers, and patterns.

thanksgiving color by code worksheets
  1. Color by number Thanksgiving worksheets require children to focus on the task at hand and concentrate on the numbers and colors they are using. This can help improve their attention span and focus.
  2. By using numbers to guide their coloring, preschoolers can become more familiar with numbers and their sequences. This can help build a foundation for math skills later on.
  3. Holding and using a coloring tool to stay within the lines of the worksheet can help preschoolers develop hand-eye coordination, plus improve fine motor skills.
  4. Free printable Thanksgiving color by number pictures can introduce students to themes such as turkeys, pumpkins, and fall leaves. This can help them learn about the holiday and its traditions.
  5. Another benefit of using color by number worksheets is that it encourages number recognition and color recognition. As they match the numbers with specific colors, children develop the ability to identify and associate numbers with their corresponding colors.

You will also enjoy the color by number turkey free printable too!

We love creating free kids coloring pages, and we either use them as a supplement for a lesson we are studying or to calm the mood! Coloring is a great way for them to refocus and relax, and great for improving fine motor skills.

thanksgiving color by code

Continue learning with Thanksgiving alphabet worksheets

Color by number Thanksgiving fun

These Thanksgiving coloring pages are free to print but are for personal and classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post and add your email address to get the pdf file.

There are 8 color by number pages included in this free Thanksgiving worksheet.

You will need 12 different colored pencils or crayons to complete this activity.

I highly recommend these dual tipped pens that we use (there are 72 different color pens included and a carry case to keep them all together.)

There are 2 color by number turkey pages.

turkey color by number

As you can see below I printed some of them out in black and white so I could choose the colors I wanted to use.

I highly recommend organizing the pens ready for your children to use. Placing them in order 1 to 12, especially as some of the colors are very similar.

thanksgiving basket color by number

As there are up to 12 colors to be used for some of these coloring pages, these are suitable for kids of all ages.

For the younger children, you could use 1 color brown rather than 2 for example to make it slightly easier.

pumpkin pie color by number

This is such a great Thanksgiving activity the kids can do either at school, the library, or at home.

Grab our free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages too!

fall candles color by number

What are Thanksgiving colors?

As you can choose what colors to use in these number coloring pages I wanted to share the most popular Thanksgiving holiday colors.

Thanksgiving colors are typically warm and earthy tones that reflect the autumn season and the harvest. Some of the most common Thanksgiving colors include:

  1. Orange is one of the most iconic Thanksgiving colors, representing the color of pumpkins, which are often used for decoration, and pumpkin pie, a traditional Thanksgiving dessert.
  2. Brown symbolizes the earth and the bountiful harvest. It is often associated with the color of roasted turkey.
  3. Yellow represents the changing leaves of autumn and the corn that is often harvested during the Thanksgiving season. Corn is a traditional symbol of fall, and cornucopias are a common decoration.
  4. Red is associated with the fall foliage, cranberries, and other fruits that are often used in Thanksgiving dishes.
  5. Green can represent the evergreen elements in Thanksgiving decor, such as wreaths and garlands, as well as the green beans and other vegetables that are served as side dishes.
  6. Gold is often used to add a touch of elegance to Thanksgiving decor. It can be seen in table settings, candles, and other decorations.
  7. Rust is a rich, warm color that complements the autumn theme of Thanksgiving.
  8. Burgundy is a deep red color that can add a sense of richness and warmth to Thanksgiving decor.
  9. Beige or cream are neutral colors that can serve as a backdrop for other Thanksgiving colors and are often used in tablecloths, napkins, and place settings.


Thanksgiving Color By Number

Fun Thanksgiving activities

For even more free resources, you’re in for a treat with these fun activities perfect for the fall season:

  1. Test your memory skills with a delightful twist of the Thanksgiving memory game printable. Flip them over and match pairs of turkeys, pumpkins, and more. It’s a game that’s not only entertaining but also sharpens those cognitive abilities!
  2. Get everyone involved in the holiday spirit with a thrilling Thanksgiving scavenger hunt. Follow clues that lead to hidden surprises around your home, and get the older kids to help the younger children.
  3. Keep the learning fun going while having a blast with Fall alphabet worksheets. Help the kids associate letters with words like “A is for Apple” and “P is for Pumpkin.”
  4. Spread the love and gratitude by coloring your very own free printable Thanksgiving cards to color. From intricate turkeys to heartwarming messages, these cards offer a creative outlet and a heartfelt way to express your appreciation during the holiday season.
thanksgiving activity bundle


Thanksgiving books for preschoolers

When the kids have finished the color by number Thanksgiving printables why not treat them to some Thanksgiving read alouds? These are 3 of our favorites:

How to Catch a Turkey is a delightful children’s book that follows a group of friends as they devise creative and funny plans to catch a turkey for Thanksgiving.

10 Fat Turkeys is a rhyming, counting book that features the escapades of ten silly turkeys on a farm. This book can complement Thanksgiving color by number printables by reinforcing number recognition skills. Making it a perfect pairing for young learners.

Turkey Trouble tells the story of a clever turkey who disguises himself in various costumes to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Tips for downloading the free files

Below you will see a large sign-up box where you need to add your name and email address, and press I NEED THIS NOW!

Within minutes you will be sent the free PDF directly to your email address, so you can print it out and start using it immediately.

Sometimes emails get a little wonky, so if you can’t see it, please check your spam folder where I am sure it is hiding.

Download the Thanksgiving color by number free printables

These will work best if you print in color, however, I have shown above that even if you print in black and white you can still enjoy these worksheets.

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

Additional Thanksgiving printable activities:

Explore a wide range of educational activities for morning work and engaging lesson plans, all designed to make Thanksgiving a fun and enriching experience. These resources cover a wide spectrum of subjects. Ensuring that your Thanksgiving festivities are not only enjoyable but also full of valuable learning opportunities.

From STEM experiments to science projects, math challenges, creative crafts, and enjoyable coloring sheets. These resources serve as versatile tools to elevate your Thanksgiving celebration. Whether you’re a teacher looking for engaging lesson plans or a parent searching for a fun Thanksgiving activity. These materials offer something for everyone, combining learning and holiday spirit in one enriching package.

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