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Are you on the lookout for engaging educational resources that won’t break the bank? Look no further! Our collection of free printable counting worksheets is here to provide hours of learning enjoyment for your kids.

Free homeschool printables have never been more exciting!

Discover a wide range of themes and topics, making learning fun all year round.

From Easter counting to Christmas counting there is something for every holiday.

But more than that there are some counting worksheets that can be used year round.

counting worksheets

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How do you teach numbers to kindergarten students?

Teaching numbers to kindergarten students requires a combination of engaging and interactive methods to make the learning process fun and effective. Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Introduce counting through catchy songs and rhymes. Children love music, and this can help them remember the number sequence easily.
  2. Use colorful number flashcards to show the numerical symbol and the corresponding quantity of objects. For example, show the number “3” and display three apples.
  3. Incorporate hands-on activities like counting blocks, beads, or toys. This allows children to physically see and feel the quantities they are counting.
  4. Play simple games that involve counting, such as count the objects, see below for free worksheets.
  5. Allow students to practice writing numbers by tracing them on paper or with their fingers in sensory materials like sand or shaving cream.
  6. Read counting books that emphasize numbers and counting. These books often have colorful illustrations that engage young learners.
  7. Utilize math manipulatives like counting bears, buttons, or colored chips to help students understand basic math concepts.
  8. Play games where students have to recognize and call out numbers, like “Number Freeze”.
  9. Have students sort objects into groups according to their numbers, helping them understand the concept of quantity.

Remember, patience and repetition are essential when teaching kindergarten students. Celebrate their progress and make learning numbers an exciting and positive experience!

Counting books for preschoolers

Add a counting book to anyone of these free printable counting worksheets and the kids will know their numbers in no time. These are the best books for kids relating to counting:

Count Sound Book. This engaging musical book is perfect for toddlers aged 1 to 3, featuring 6 nursery rhymes and interactive counting songs that make learning numbers fun and educational.

Jungle Counting. Designed as a sensory board book, this delightful touch and feel book, suitable for toddlers, takes young readers on a jungle adventure while introducing them to the world of counting.

123 Count with Me. Geared towards toddlers, this lift-the-flap board book provides interactive counting activities, encouraging young learners to trace and flip as they embark on a playful journey of numbers.

Counting to 100 Kindergarten Workbook. Specifically tailored for kindergarten children, this workbook by Scholastic Early Learners facilitates the development of counting skills, helping kids learn to count up to 100 with engaging activities and exercises.

Free Printable Worksheets for Counting Fun in Kindergarten!

Looking for free counting worksheets that will keep your kindergartners engaged while they learn? Look no further! Our collection of free printable worksheets offers a variety of counting activities, including skip counting worksheets, count objects, finding missing numbers, and ordering numbers, all designed to make learning a delightful experience for young minds.

Engaging Skip Counting Worksheets: Introduce the concept of skip counting to your kindergarten students with our interactive worksheets. From counting by 2s to counting by 10s, these worksheets will help them grasp number patterns while having fun.

Counting Objects for Hands-On Learning: Bring excitement to counting with our worksheets that involve counting objects. Let your little learners count colorful pictures of animals or seasonal objects, making learning a sensory experience.

Mastering Missing Numbers: Help your kindergartners become number detectives with our missing numbers worksheets. Encourage them to fill in the missing numbers in number sequences, boosting their number recognition and sequencing skills.

Ordering Numbers for Logical Thinking: Foster logical thinking in your kindergarten students with our ordering numbers worksheets. Challenge them to arrange numbers in ascending or descending order, developing their understanding of number magnitude.

Our worksheets kindergarten collection is carefully designed to align with early learning goals and provide a strong foundation in counting. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, these free printables for kids will add excitement to your counting lessons and foster a love for math in your little ones.

So, dive into the world of numbers with our engaging worksheets and make counting a joyful adventure!

Free seasonal kindergarten counting worksheets

Enjoy a collection of free seasonal counting printables covering various themes like Easter, Roald Dahl-inspired math, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Engage in captivating activities such as graphing, coloring, and dot-to-dot puzzles, making learning both fun and educational.

christmas counting 1-10 worksheets

Free counting math worksheets

Embrace year round learning with a variety of number worksheets!

Engage in astronaut-themed count and color printables, identify coins with interactive worksheets, and make learning fun with shopping-related exercises.

missing numbers worksheets

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