5 Free St Patrick’s Day Math Worksheets For Preschool

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Dive into the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with our free St Patrick’s Day math worksheets.

These math printables offer a great way for kids to practice and enhance their math skills through themed activities.

From counting to solving engaging patterns, our worksheets serve as an excellent resource for parents and teachers aiming to incorporate the excitement of St. Patrick’s Day into learning.

Add them to your St Patrick’s Day activities for kids for fun learning today.

st patrick's day math worksheets

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St Patrick’s Day math printables

St. Patrick’s Day math printables offer a perfect way to celebrate this festive holiday while enhancing little learners’ mathematical skills.

These engaging worksheets are filled with St. Patrick’s Day themed activities. Including number recognition, counting, pattern recognition, and simple arithmetic, all designed to captivate children’s interest and imagination.

Perfect for parents and educators, these printables seamlessly blend fun with education, providing an excellent opportunity for kids to practice math in an enjoyable, themed context.

From shamrocks and leprechauns to rainbows, each activity is crafted to spark joy and curiosity, making math practice a delightful part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

These math worksheets are free for personal use and classroom use only. Please scroll to the bottom of the post to get instant access to the printable pdf file.

Count and color worksheet

This worksheet encourages young children to count various St. Patrick’s Day themed items, such as ale, cabbages, rainbows, emeralds, leprechauns, pipes, and vests.

Kids are invited to color these items, count them, and then write the total number in a designated box. This activity reinforces counting skills and promotes creativity through coloring.

st patrick's day counting worksheet

Pattern identification worksheet

Featuring seven lines of St. Patrick’s themed images, this worksheet challenges kids to determine the next item in a sequence.

It’s a fun way for children to practice pattern recognition and prediction skills, all wrapped in the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

what comes next st patricks day worksheet

Count and find worksheet

In this engaging worksheet, children find and color the correct number of items, including 8 harps, 4 rainbows, 5 shamrocks, 6 leprechauns holding yarn, and 3 emeralds.

This exercise combines counting with color recognition, aiding children in sharpening their number identification and fine motor skills.

math worksheet st patrick's day

Count matching images worksheet

Children are tasked with counting the number of images in each box, coloring in the images that match the number on the left, and reinforcing their counting skills with numbers between 2 and 7.

This worksheet practices counting as well as comparison and matching, essential skills in early math education.

st patricks day counting worksheet

St Patrick’s Day counting worksheet

Another let’s count worksheet focuses on having children color and count the correct images before writing the number in a box.

This task emphasizes counting accuracy, number writing, and reinforces the connection between numerical symbols and their quantities.

st patricks day lets count worksheet

Have fun with St Patrick’s Day color by number printables too!

What skill is being covered with these free worksheets?

These St. Patrick’s Day math worksheets are designed to hone a variety of foundational math skills such as counting, pattern recognition, color matching, and number writing.

These skills are essential building blocks in early math education, providing a solid foundation for more complex mathematical concepts.

Beyond the math skills, these printable worksheets also encourage fine motor skills through coloring and writing, attention to detail, and the ability to follow instructions.

Additional free St. Patrick’s Day worksheets

Have even more fun with these free St Patricks Day activities:

Sharpen your child’s memory skills with this  St Patrick’s Day memory game printable. Featuring iconic symbols of the holiday such as shamrocks, pots of gold, and little leprechauns. This printable game is not only fun but also educational, helping to improve concentration and cognitive abilities.

Add a touch of excitement to your St. Patrick’s Day with our themed St Parick’s Day bingo printable. This printable offers a unique way to celebrate, perfect for family gatherings or classroom parties. It’s an excellent activity for teaching kids about different symbols associated with St. Patrick’s Day while engaging them in a game of chance and observation.

Encourage younger students to practice their letters with these St Patrick’s Day alphabet worksheets. Each sheet is designed to help children recognize and write letters in a fun, holiday-themed context. These worksheets are great for enhancing literacy skills, making them a valuable addition to your educational resources for the month of March.

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Additional free St Patrick’s Day math activities

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