Free Printable Easter Math Worksheets For Kindergarten

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Embrace the joy of Easter with our engaging Easter math worksheets.

These math activities are a fantastic method for children to refine their mathematical abilities through Easter-themed exercises.

From counting to solving captivating patterns, our free Easter math worksheets are an invaluable tool for parents and teachers looking to infuse the excitement of Easter into educational activities.

Incorporate them into your Easter activities for kids for a fun and educational experience.

easter math worksheets

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Math Easter worksheets

Easter math printables are a great way to celebrate the spring holiday while boosting young learners’ math skills.

These captivating worksheets are brimming with Easter-themed activities. Including number recognition, counting, pattern recognition, and simple arithmetic, all designed to engage and spark children’s creativity and interest.

Perfect for both parents and teachers, these printables skillfully merge entertainment with learning, offering a fantastic chance for kids to practice math in a festive, thematic setting.

From bunnies and Easter eggs to carrots and baskets, each activity is designed to inspire joy and curiosity, making math practice an exciting part of Easter festivities.

These math worksheets are freely available for personal use and classroom use. Please scroll to the end of the post for instant access to the printable PDF file.

Easter count and color worksheet

Dive into basic addition and counting with this worksheet, perfect for 1st grade math. Young learners are invited to count various Easter-themed items, such as bunnies, carrots, hearts, rainbows, Easter eggs, and Easter chicks, making learning fun.

Children are encouraged to color these items, count them, and then note the total number in a specific box. Blending creativity with basic math facts and addition problems.

how many easter worksheet

What comes next worksheet

Enhance pattern recognition and basic operations skills with this engaging worksheet.

Featuring lines of Easter-themed images, it challenges kids to identify the next item in a sequence. Offering a fun way to solidify learning fun through addition puzzles and matching number activities within the festive atmosphere of Easter.

what comes next easter worksheet

Easter count and find worksheet

This interactive worksheet focuses on place value and missing numbers. Asking kids to find and color the correct number of items, including bunnies, Easter eggs, flower kids, lambs, and chicks.

It combines counting with color recognition, aiding children in improving their number identification and fine motor skills, all while engaging with an Easter picture.

easter count worksheet

Easter counting worksheet

Practice basic operations and matching number skills with this Easter counting worksheet. Where kids count the number of images in each box, color the images that match the number on the left, and engage in counting as well as comparison and matching.

easter counting worksheet

Easter number worksheet

This number worksheet focuses on children coloring and counting the correct images before writing the number in a box.

It reinforces counting accuracy, basic math facts, and the connection between numerical symbols and their quantities. Ensuring a comprehensive approach to math concepts through Easter-themed learning fun.

counting easter worksheet

Enjoy Easter color by number printables too!

What skills are being covered with these free math worksheets?

These Easter math worksheets are designed to enhance foundational math skills, including counting, pattern recognition, basic addition, place value, and number writing.

By integrating engaging Easter-themed imagery like bunnies, eggs, and carrots, these activities make learning fun and relevant for young learners.

The worksheets cater to developing critical thinking through addition problems and missing numbers exercises. Fostering both numerical understanding and basic operations mastery.

They encourage the development of fine motor skills through coloring and writing, promote attention to detail, and teach children to follow instructions carefully.

Ideal for K- 1st grade, these printables are a fun way to reinforce basic math facts in a joyful, holiday-themed context.

Additional Easter activities

Get ready for a festive challenge with our Easter word search printable. Filled with Easter-themed words hidden in a puzzle, it’s a fun way to boost vocabulary and spelling skills. Perfect for first graders and up, this printable provides a peaceful puzzle-solving experience amidst the Easter excitement.

Our Easter memory game printable features cards with colorful Easter motifs, like eggs, chicks, and bunnies, for a fun matching challenge. Great for improving memory and focus. This game is ideal for family time, offering a playful way to develop cognitive skills during the holiday.

Surprise your little ones with a letter from the Easter Bunny printable. This printable letter can be customized to celebrate achievements or offer Easter wishes. Adding a touch of magic to the holiday with a special note from the Easter Bunny.

easter activities bundle


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Additional Easter math activities

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