Free Color by Number Printable Worksheets

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Are you on the lookout for engaging activities that are not only fun but also educational? These free color by number printable worksheets are what you need!

Unleash creativity and fun with these free kids coloring pages.

We’ve got all sorts of cool stuff for your kiddos to color!

We’ve got cute animals, plus some awesome themed sheets for Pi Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Each worksheet encourages color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. All while having a blast!

The best part?

These worksheets are absolutely free!


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What are the benefits of using color by number printables?

Using color-by-number printables offers several benefits for children. Here are some of the advantages of incorporating these fun and engaging activities into your routine:

  • Color-by-number printables help kids develop skills like color recognition and counting.
  • They improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • These activities teach kids to concentrate and pay attention to detail.
  • Kids get to express their creativity by choosing different colors and adding personal touches.
  • Coloring in general is relaxing and can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Color-by-number printables make learning fun by reinforcing educational concepts.
  • They can be used for bonding time between parents and kids or as interactive classroom activities.

How can color by number printables improve fine motor skills?

Color by number printables can play a significant role in improving fine motor skills among preschoolers and kindergartners. Here’s how they can specifically benefit children in this age group:

Color by number worksheets encourages children to hold and manipulate coloring tools, such as crayons or markers. This helps them refine their pencil grasp, transitioning from a fist grip to a more mature tripod grip, which is essential for future writing and drawing tasks.

Coloring within the designated areas requires children to exert controlled pressure on the coloring tools. This helps develop hand strength and control, allowing them to achieve more precise and controlled movements.

pencil grip for preschoolers using color by number worksheets

Matching the numbers with the corresponding colors promotes hand-eye coordination. Children learn to visually track the numbers and accurately apply the corresponding colors, improving the connection between their visual perception and hand movements.

Engaging in coloring activities allows children to practice and refine their fine motor skills. The repetitive motions involved in coloring help develop the small muscles in their hands and fingers, enhancing their control and dexterity.

Color by number activities encourage children to color within specific boundaries, shapes, or areas. This promotes spatial awareness as they learn to recognize and differentiate between different sections, enhancing their understanding of shapes, sizes, and spatial relationships.

Completing a color by number printable requires concentration and sustained attention. Engaging in these activities helps children develop focus and attention skills, which are essential for learning and other classroom activities.

The fine motor skills developed through color by number printables provide a solid foundation for handwriting readiness. The activities help children strengthen the muscles necessary for holding a pencil and controlling their movements, setting them up for success in future writing tasks.

santa color by number

Free color by number worksheets

Download the free coloring pages aimed at preschoolers and kindergartners by clicking on the set you want.

Scroll to the bottom of that page and download them for free. Or save time and download them all now for a small fee.

Seasonal color by number worksheets

Have fun with our free Mardi Gras color by number printables. With 9 different carnival themed pictures to bring to life.

Our free printable Valentine’s Day color by number worksheets features 9 love themed images for children to color in.

Earth Day color by number worksheets are a great way to teach younger children about the planet.

Cinco de Mayo color by number printables are a colorful way for children to learn about Mexican culture.

Our summer color by number printable collection, featuring 9 lively and sunny-themed pages, is perfect for keeping kids creatively occupied during summer.

Celebrate Independence Day with creativity using our 4th of July color by number printable, which includes 9 festive and patriotic coloring pages.

Get ready for the new school year with our back to school color by number printable. Offering 9 fun and educational themed pages for young learners.

Enjoy the spooky season with our Halloween color by number free printables. A set of 9 Halloween-themed pages full of fun and ghostly designs.

Our Thanksgiving color by number printables provide 8 pages of Thanksgiving-themed artwork. Perfect for engaging kids in the spirit of gratitude.

Get ready for Thanksgiving with our color by number turkey free printable. This set includes 2 beautifully designed turkey-themed pages. Perfect for getting into the spirit of the holiday and teaching kids about Thanksgiving traditions in a fun, interactive way.

The holiday season gets more colorful with our Christmas color by number printable. Featuring 6 festive pages from Santa to snowflakes.

Welcome the New Year with our New Year’s color by number printable. Consisting of 7 celebratory pages perfect for ringing in the new year with color.



Educational color by number worksheets

For little animal lovers, our animal color by number printable set offers 9 delightful pages. That blend learning about animals with the fun of coloring.

mlk quotes color by number

Have fun coloring in our free bird color by number printable worksheets. Featuring 9 different pages with an owl, a chicken, a turkey, an eagle, and more.

Celebrate the legacy of a civil rights icon with our Martin Luther King Jr. color by number set, which includes 9 inspiring pages. Each page offers a unique way to engage with the history and teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. through art and numbers.

Celebrate mathematics in a creative way with the Pi Day color by number printable. A unique page that makes learning about Pi engaging and artistic.

To honor an important national holiday, try our Memorial Day color by number printable. Consisting of 8 patriotic-themed pages for kids to color.

With our Juneteenth color by number printable, kids can engage in 6 pages that creatively commemorate this significant day in American history.

Embark on a coloring adventure with our pirate color by number printable, featuring 9 engaging pirate-themed pages for young explorers.

Have fun with magic with our nine free magic color by number worksheets.

Other preschool worksheets

If you are looking for even more fun worksheets you are going to love:

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