14 Free Money Worksheets For Preschool -8th Grade

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Teaching children about money from a young age is crucial for their future. I have put together 14 free money worksheets for preschoolers all the way through to middle school.

Learn how to identify coins and notes, play shop at home with our free price tags, learn how to shop with money, and much more.

Free Money Worksheets

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Money Worksheets

Learning about money and financial literacy should not be boring. When children are young, playing shop with their toys was one of our most cherished memories from when my son was younger. He would spend hours “shopping” and ordering his toys into the correct value.

I have broken these money worksheets into preschool, elementary, and middle-aged students so feel free to use what you want. The download will include all of them, but just print out what you want, and use the rest later.

Preschool – Printable Price Tags

Teaching children about money should be done as early as possible. Playing shop at home with their toys is the perfect way to do this.

Download our free price tag printable and add them to your child’s favorite toys. I highly recommend getting some pretend money and a cash register, but this is optional.

price tags
preschool lets play shop

Cut around each of the price tags, add a small hole and tie some ribbon around each of the price tags. Give them to the children and let them add them to their toys.

Scroll to the end of the page and download these free price tags.

Identifying Money Worksheets

As soon as the children start asking questions about money, print out these free money worksheets and help them identify what the coins and notes are.

Color them in with the correct color, and draw a line from the coin/note to the correct value.

money worksheest grade 1

Cut out the notes and the coins and add them in value order on these free money worksheets.

grade 2 money worksheets

Money Addition Worksheets

I love these money addition worksheets. In the first one, you have $1.25 to spend, you need to circle the money that equals, and then chose what toys you want to buy.

The second worksheet has different coins and notes in six different jars and the children have to calculate the total amount in each jar. This involves money recognition too.

money worksheest grade 2

With these 3 worksheets, you need to be able to identify the money and then add them together.

money worksheets elementary

This is the hardest money addition worksheet and also includes subtracting money too. There are 10 subtraction and 10 addition questions.

money worksheets grade 4

This real-life money worksheet is great for upper elementary grades. The children need to pretend they are working in a cafe and calculate the cost of each order, and what change to give each customer from $10. This would be a great role play game if you have multiple children or are using these in school.

free money worksheets elementary

Financial Literacy Worksheets Middle School

Writing checks is something that we as adults do fairly regularly, but we must have learned at some point what goes where! Print out our checks and encourage the kids to practice this really important life skill.

writing a check

Financial Literacy Curriculum Reviews

Check out our favorite middle school and high school financial curriculum reviews for even more ideas on creating financially literate kids.

Free Money Worksheets For Kids

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our printables work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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