31 Free Word Scramble Printables (with answers)

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You are going to love our free word scramble printables.

Word scrambles are one of the best games for kids as they are super fun for kids of all ages.

Whether you use these in school or just for fun, these word scramble puzzles will keep you busy for hours as you try to unscramble the words. Some of the activity sheets have 2 versions, an easy and a hard.

Most of these word scrambles, however, are aimed at upper elementary aged kids and above, including us adults.

A combination of word scramble printables, highlighting Day of the Dead and Back to School themes. The text "Free Word Scramble Printables for Year Round Fun!" is prominently displayed in the center, surrounded by colorful beads and timers. ?

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How to download the free printable word scrambles?

When it comes to getting our unscramble words worksheets, there are two ways to do it:

You can choose to buy the printable word scramble bundle for a small fee. This way, you get all of them at once.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can click on each picture one by one to download them for free. You’ll need to go to the bottom of each page and enter your name and email. This means you get them individually, but it won’t cost anything.

No matter which way you go, you’ll always get the answer sheet for each word scramble printable. So, you’re ready for some puzzle-solving fun!

printable word scramble bundle


How to play word scramble puzzles?

Download the printable you want.

Some of the puzzles have an easy and a hard version, others only have a hard version.

Below is an example of the word scrambles that have 2 options plus an answer sheet. This is great if you want to play along with the kids, or if you have older children playing with younger children.

star wars word scramble answers

Below is an example of just the harder version of the scramble. There are no clues around the side of the word scramble so this is going to be too hard for younger children.

christmas word scramble

When you print them out make sure to not give the answer sheet.

You can either play individually, in teams or as a competition and see who can unscramble the letters the quickest.

These are great educational activities along with our free word search printables.

What are the educational benefits of playing word scrambles?

There are loads of educational benefits that come along with doing word scrambles.

Including of course spelling, increased vocabulary, the ability to use context clues, and the development of word recognition.

If you want to add a little more fun to your homeschool but are not sure how, check out our recent post about what is gameschooling for some tips.

Carry on reading to download the word scramble puzzles you want, or download all of them for a small fee.

Free word scramble worksheets

Immerse yourself in a world of word scramble fun with our free printables!

From Greek mythology to holidays like Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and more, these engaging activities are perfect for enhancing vocabulary and celebrating various occasions throughout the year.

Whether you’re exploring the mysteries of ancient legends or spreading holiday cheer, our word scrambles offer educational entertainment for all ages.

Have fun with the life cycle of a butterfly word scramble printable.

Mythology and history word scrambles with answers

Travel back in time and explore fascinating stories from the past. From ancient Greek tales to learning about important figures during Black History Month and President’s Day, this category is all about discovering history and legends.

Holiday scrambled words worksheets

Join in the fun of different celebrations with these word scramble games. You can play them for special days like Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Fourth of July, making your holidays even more enjoyable with word puzzles.

free thanksgiving word scramble printable

Seasonal unscramble worksheets

Enjoy word scramble games that match the seasons and holidays. Whether it’s learning about the environment on Earth Day, going on a space adventure with Star Wars, starting a new school year, or celebrating the holidays with Elf on the Shelf, there’s something for every season in this category.

elf on the shelf word scramble printable

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