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Our May word scramble printable is a fantastic way to celebrate the vibrant essence of spring while challenging your cognitive skills.

This engaging activity is perfect for both kids and adults, making it an excellent resource for classroom learning, family game nights, or even as a themed party game.

This worksheet not only captivates with its seasonal theme, including words like “blossoms” and “maypole,” but it also promotes learning through play.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and educational way to enjoy the month of May, be sure to check out more free word scramble printables that can add variety and challenge to your activities.

Engaging May Word Scramble sheets with jumbled words and floral accents to celebrate spring, accompanied by purple beads and a sand timer

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May word jumble puzzle

This word game features a delightful mix of May-themed words, each scrambled to provide just the right level of challenge. Here are a few unique ways to incorporate this printable into your activities:

Teachers can use this word scramble as a fun activity to engage students while teaching about the themes and events of May such as spring and Memorial Day.

Incorporate the printable word scramble into a family game night or as a rainy day activity to keep the kids entertained.

Use the scramble at spring or end-of-school parties. It can be a great icebreaker for guests of all ages.

For the best experience, print the scramble on bright, spring-colored paper to enhance the May theme. Consider using heavier card stock if you plan to use the scrambles in a party setting.

These printable word scrambles are free for personal use and classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the pdf files.

May word unscramble answers

Enjoy the May festivities with our set of May word scramble printables, designed for various ages and learning styles. This collection includes three different pages to download:

  1. The answer sheet: For ease of use and checking answers, this page contains all the correct words unscrambled.
  2. Hard word scramble without a word list: This version provides a challenge for older children or adults, as it requires solvers to unscramble the words without any hints.
  3. Easier word scramble with a word bank: Ideal for younger children, this version includes the words around the side of the printable, serving as helpful clues to complete the puzzle.
May Word Scramble printable activity featuring easy-to-solve scrambled words related to spring, embellished with colorful flowers and flanked by purple and green Mardi Gras beads and an hourglass

Additionally, each printable has black and white images of flowers that can be colored in, offering a creative outlet for early finishers or simply as a relaxing activity to enjoy after solving the scrambles.

Here are the answers to the May word scramble:

  • blossoms
  • maypole
  • sunshine
  • flowers
  • picnics
  • mother
  • mayday
  • memorial
  • graduation
  • barbecue
  • warmth
  • vacation

You can also enjoy our free May word search printable.

Challenging May Word Scramble sheet with scrambled words like 'blossoms' and 'vacation' alongside their solved counterparts, surrounded by Mardi Gras beads and a blue pen

Additional May word scramble puzzles

To further enhance your May festivities with more thematic fun, here are a few specialized May word scramble printables, each tailored to a significant May celebration:

  1. Celebrate Star Wars Day with a galactic twist! This Star Wars word scramble printable features character names, famous planets, and iconic terms from the Star Wars universe, perfect for fans of all ages to unscramble in honor of May the Fourth.
  2. Dive into the vibrant culture and history of Mexico with a Cinco de Mayo word scramble. This activity includes words related to the holiday’s traditions, and is a great word puzzle for May 5th.
  3. Show appreciation for mothers and mother figures with a Mother’s Day word scramble that celebrates moms. This puzzle is perfect for all ages to play on the second Sunday in May.
printable word scramble bundle


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Download the free printable May word scramble

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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