25 Free Word Search Printables

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You are going to love our free word search printables.

Word searches are one of the best games for kids that promote critical thinking, improve vocabulary, and enhance cognitive skills in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

Whether you use these in school or just for fun, these word search puzzles will keep you busy for hours as you try to find the words.

These are aimed at upper elementary aged kids and above, including us adults.

We have a free word search for nearly every holiday, and a few subjects such as Greek mythology, body parts, and more.

We love adding fun into our homeschool and learning through play is my top tip.

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How to download the free word search printables?

When it comes to getting our word search printables, there are two ways to do it:

You can choose to purchase the printable word search bundle for a small fee. This way, you get access to all of them at once.

If you’d rather not spend any money, you can click on each image individually to download them for free. You will need to scroll to the bottom of each page and add your name and email address. This means you get them one by one, but it doesn’t cost anything.

No matter which option you pick, you’ll always get the answer sheet for each word search printable. So, you’re all set for some puzzle-solving fun!

printable word search bundle


How to play word search puzzles?

Download the printable you want from the links below.

All of the word search printables have an answer sheet with them.

Below is an example of the Elf word search, apart from the July 4th word search printable and the Halloween word search printable they all follow this format.

elf word search printable

Make sure you don’t scribble out the letters when you find a word, as the same letter could be used multiple times. I find circling the words found is the best method.

The words can be found horizontally, diagonally, vertically, and both forwards and backward.

When you print them out make sure to not give the answer sheet.

What are the educational benefits of doing word searches?

There are loads of educational benefits that come along with doing word searches.

Including, of course, spelling, increased vocabulary, and the development of word recognition, and we like to use them as an end of unit wrap up.

Carry on reading to download the word search puzzles you want. Or download all of them for a small fee.

Word search printables for kids

These word search printables offer engaging and educational activities for kids. They cover a wide range of topics, from Greek mythology and the Bill of Rights to planets, phases of the moon, and body systems.

These puzzles provide an interactive way for children to expand their vocabulary and knowledge while having fun.

free planet word search

January word search printables

Dive into the new year with January word search printables, offering a fun way to expand vocabulary and engage in educational activities.

Have fun with our free word scramble printables too.

February word search printables

In February, explore a mix of word search printables, including puzzles dedicated to Black History Month and other engaging themes.

March word search printables

March word search printables present captivating challenges, including St. Patrick’s Day and Easter-themed puzzles for holiday-inspired learning.

st patrick's day word search printable

April word search printables

Focus on environmental awareness with Earth Day word search printables in April, encouraging kids to learn about our planet.

May word search printables

May word search printables offer a diverse range of options, from Star Wars-themed puzzles to celebrations like Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day.

cinco de mayo word search

June word search printables

June word search printables include heartwarming puzzles for Father’s Day, allowing kids to express appreciation for their fathers.

Father's Day word search puzzle

July word search printables

Celebrate Independence Day with July 4th word search printables, capturing the patriotic spirit of the holiday.

August word search printables

Ease into the new school year with back-to-school word search printables in August, making learning enjoyable.

back to school word search answers

September word search printables

mbark on a literary journey in September with Roald Dahl word search printables, exploring the author’s beloved works.

October word search printables

October word search printables embrace the spookiness of Halloween, adding a touch of mystery to the month’s activities.

Halloween word search printable

November word search printables

Reflect on gratitude and celebrate family with Thanksgiving word search printables in November.

thanksgiving word search

December word search printables

December word search printables capture the festive spirit with options like Elf themed puzzles, Christmas word searches, and New Year’s word search puzzles.

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