Best Homeschool Curriculum for High School: Top Picks

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If you are looking for the best homeschool curriculum for high school, you are in the right place.

We have reviewed numerous high school resources, and these are the best homeschooling resources for high schoolers.

Homeschooling high school doesn’t need to be hard. If something doesn’t work though just change it. After years of homeschooling experience, we’ve found that the best homeschool programs may work perfectly for one year, or one subject, and not for another.

The flexibility to switch between different approaches or individual courses is key to adapting to a child’s changing needs and learning styles.

best homeschool curriculum for high school

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How to homeschool high school?

High school requirements for homeschoolers vary by state, so please check HSLDA to make sure you are following your state laws.

Create a flexible schedule

Develop a flexible but structured daily or weekly schedule. High school students benefit from having a routine, but flexibility allows for personalized learning and exploration of individual interests. This approach helps maintain a balance between academic rigor and personal development.

Encourage independent study

Foster a sense of responsibility and self-motivation by encouraging independent study. High school students can take charge of their education by setting goals, managing their time, and exploring topics beyond the standard curriculum that align with their interests and career aspirations.

Document and evaluate progress

Keep thorough records of your child’s academic progress, including grades, achievements, and extracurricular activities. Some states may require documentation for transcripts and diplomas. Regularly assess your child’s understanding of the material through tests, projects, and discussions.

Incorporate real-world learning

Connect academic concepts to real-world applications. This can include internships, field trips, volunteer work, job shadowing, or involvement in community projects. Practical experiences provide valuable insights and skills that extend beyond traditional classroom learning.

Explore dual enrollment

Investigate dual enrollment options at local community colleges or online platforms. This allows high school students to earn college credits while still completing their high school requirements. Dual enrollment can be a cost-effective way to accelerate academic progress.

Adapt teaching methods

Recognize and adapt to your child’s learning style. High school students may have different preferences when it comes to learning methods, whether it’s through reading, hands-on activities, discussions, or visual aids. Tailoring your approach enhances comprehension and engagement.

Prepare for college admission

If your high schooler plans to attend college, familiarize yourself with college admission requirements and standardized testing. Many colleges accept homeschooled students and have specific application procedures. Keep detailed transcripts and consider creating a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your child’s achievements.

Encourage extracurricular activities

Foster a well-rounded education by encouraging participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, or clubs. These activities contribute to personal development, build teamwork skills, and can be included on college applications.

the best homeschool curriculum for high school

Best homeschool math high school curriculum

For high school math, there are 2 online high school curriculum resources that we recommend.

Mr. D. Math

Mr. D Math offers the best online homeschool programs both self-paced courses and live instruction, and is the best geometry homeschool curriculum in our opinion.

  • We’ve found the self-paced courses from Mr. D. Math to be a game-changer. The ability to access pre-recorded videos from Mr. D’s teaching staff has allowed my son to delve into geometry at his own speed while still having the support of a virtual teacher.
  • My son is currently taking 10th grade geometry and will use it again for calculus.
  • The online curriculum has given my son the freedom to engage with his math lessons from practically anywhere, making learning even more flexible.

We prefer to go at our own pace, as you still get access to a teacher. But the live courses are really popular too.

mr. d. math geometry

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks is great for independent learning and for children who don’t need much help. It is in our opinion the best homeschool algebra curriculum.

  • Teaching Textbooks is our go-to for independent learning. Its design caters to students who prefer working through material on their own, which has been a great way to instill a sense of responsibility in my son.
  • While there’s no live teacher, the option to reach out for help has been invaluable. It provides a safety net for my son, especially when he needs a bit of clarification.
  • The free trial and placement test options have been a lifesaver. They allowed us to dip our toes into the curriculum before committing fully. Ensuring it aligns with my son’s learning style and proficiency in the subject.

There is no actual teacher, although you can reach out for help if required. We are currently using this for 9th grade algebra and using a mix of paper lessons and videos, and we are both loving it.

teaching textbooks last lesson

However, algebra is a strong subject for both myself and my son, when it comes to geometry though we will have to change to a different curriculum. But we will revert back in 11th back to take Algebra II.

For even more information read our Teaching Textbooks review.

Best high school science homeschool curriculum

Our family’s journey into high school science homeschooling has been super interesting. We’re not taking a religious approach; instead, we’re focused on giving a balanced education. I’m going to share with you the best homeschool science curriculum we’ve found for high school. This way, our college-bound son gets the best education possible.

Real Science Odyssey

  • Real Science Odyssey offers two high school science curriculums, Biology 2 and Astronomy 2, both of which follow a secular approach. This was particularly important for us as we are secular homeschoolers.
  • Our decision to incorporate Real Science Odyssey was influenced by comprehensive reviews that highlighted its effectiveness in delivering a robust science education. For a deeper understanding of our experience, you can explore our Real Science Odyssey review.

Guest Hollow’s Chemistry in the Kitchen

  • Aimed at non-math enthusiasts, Guest Hollow’s Chemistry in the Kitchen provides a real-life chemistry course that transcends traditional textbook learning. This has been a captivating addition to our curriculum, making the subject more engaging and relevant.
  • To enhance the chemistry learning experience, we’ve chosen to supplement this curriculum with Everything You Need To Ace High School Chemistry. This ensures a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the subject.

KiwiCo and Mel Science monthly boxes

  • Recognizing the importance of hands-on experiences, we’ve incorporated monthly boxes from both KiwiCo and Mel Science. These boxes not only align with our high school science curriculum but also provide practical, interactive experiments that complement theoretical learning.
  • The variety offered by these subscription boxes allows our teen to explore diverse scientific topics beyond the structured curriculum. It adds an element of excitement to our science education approach.
  • These crates serve as an excellent supplement to our science curriculum, providing practical applications of scientific principles and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
tinker crate review

Best high school language arts curriculum

In middle school, we found the best homeschool literature curriculum. So we have continued with this in high school. Common Sense Press is the best American literature curriculum.

Our language arts curriculum includes a variety of options, offering a well-rounded approach to literature studies. We particularly enjoy delving into world literature, especially British literature.

An enduring passion for Shakespeare has become a cornerstone of our language arts curriculum. Stemming from a 10 weeks of Shakespeare course undertaken in grade 6, we’ve elevated this into a high school-level study.

Shakespeare books the kids will love

Our commitment involves continued reading of Shakespearean works designed for young audiences and attending live performances of his plays. This immersive approach is anticipated to span at least three years.

Best homeschool high school history curriculum

We love history so we actually use a mix of three different high school homeschool curriculum resources for each of the high school years.

History Odyssey

For the captivating journey through the Ancient and Middle Ages, we’ve turned to History Odyssey from Pandia Press. This is one of the best secular homeschool curriculums and as such we refer to it a lot.

You can delve deeper into our experiences with History Odyssey by checking out our middle school History Odyssey review.

Beautiful Feet Books Grade 7-9

Beautiful Feet Books

For the modern chapters of US and World History, we’ve chosen Beautiful Feet Books. The richness of content and the engaging approach to teaching history has made this curriculum a standout choice for us.

To understand more about why we find Beautiful Feet Books appealing, check out our Beautiful Feet books review.

And here’s an exclusive treat for you: use the promo code CB2023 for FREE shipping.


Our exploration of American history has been enriched by incorporating Sonlight into our curriculum. Despite Sonlight being a Christian curriculum see why we still use it in our very honest Sonlight review.

Elective courses for homeschoolers

Getting into social studies in homeschooling means we’re diving into three important areas: American government, economics, and financial literacy.

It’s a mix of different subjects that help us understand how society works and also gives our high schooler important life skills.

Homeschool government curriculum

homeschool government curriculum

Economics & financial literacy for high school

High school foreign language curriculum for homeschool

Some colleges require an accredited curriculum for world languages or take the AP test. So please check this out before you start.

We have decided to make things more difficult and have chosen Japanese. We started this in grade 7 and will continue until college so passing the AP exam should be a breeze!

Japanese from Zero is the best Japanese homeschool curriculum and we are supplementing it with DuoLingo.

japanese from zero workbooks

If we decide to go down the accredited route we may opt for BYU, but it is expensive.

Visual Latin from Compass Classroom we are taking as an elective rather than a world language. We only started last year but so far it is going really well.

As we have decided to study Japanese, we are also doing 2 consecutive years of American Sign Language with Mr. D Math. Just to cover all bases!

These are the very best homeschool curriculum resources for high school resources that we have used. If there is something you have had success with please let me know in the comments below. You can also check out all of our homeschool curriculum reviews.

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