Best Homeschool Curriculum for High School: Top Picks

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If you are looking for the best homeschool curriculum for high school, you are in the right place.

We have reviewed numerous high school resources, and we have only highlighted the very best for each subject.

There are a few subjects where we recommend two different homeschool curriculum resources depending on the course being taken. For example, we recommend one curriculum for algebra, and a different one for geometry.

High school requirements for homeschoolers vary by state, so please check HSLDA to make sure you are following your state laws.

Homeschooling high school doesn’t need to be hard. If something doesn’t work though just change it.

If you are looking for a secular homeschool curriculum for all grades check out all of the ones we have used. But for homeschooling high school carry on reading for our favorites.

the best homeschool curriculum for high school

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High School Homeschool Curriculum

I have broken this down into subjects to make it easier to navigate. There are plenty of other high school curriculums that we have used or continue to use, however, these are the very best for us.

High School Math

For high school math, there are 2 curriculums we recommend.

Mr. D Math offers online homeschool programs both self-paced courses and live instruction.

We prefer the self-paced, as you still get access to a teacher, but the live courses are really popular too.

The videos in the self-paced are pre-recorded videos from Mr. D’s teaching staff.

We will be using Mr. D Math for 10th grade geometry and 12th grade calculus. For more information check out our review of the best geometry homeschool curriculum.

mr d math

Teaching Textbooks is great for independent learning and for children who don’t need much help. It is our favorite homeschool algebra curriculum.

There is no actual teacher, although you can reach out for help if required. We are currently using this for 9th grade algebra and using a mix of paper lessons and videos, and we are both loving it.

However, algebra is a strong subject for both myself and my son, when it comes to geometry though we will have to change to a different curriculum. But we will revert back in 11th back to take algebra II.

I also love that you can have a free trial and take a free placement test, for even more information read our Teaching Textbooks review.

teaching textbooks

High School Science

We are not following a scientific path, and if we were this would look different. My son is college bound but will be more focused on law, finance, and business.

Real Science Odyssey has two secular high school science curriculums, Biology 2 and Astronomy 2.

For more information check out our Real Science Odyssey review.

pandia press

Guest Hollows Chemistry in the Kitchen is really aimed at non-math lovers, however, it is a real-life chemistry course that is more interesting than just a textbook.

We will supplement it with Everything You Need To Ace High School Chemistry.

Guest hollow logo

We also supplement our science curriculum with monthly boxes from KiwiCo and Mel Science.

Check out which KiwiCo crate your teen will love.

mel science

For even more homeschool science curriculum options check out our latest post.

High School Language Arts

We enjoyed Common Sense Press for middle school and are continuing with it for high school too.

There are a number of different options including world literature, and our favorite British literature.

common sense press

We are also continuing with our love of Shakespeare (we took this 10 weeks of Shakespeare course in grade 6, it is a high school course).

We will continue to read Shakespeare books for kids and continue to watch his plays in person. This will be at least one high school credit as we will be studying his works for at least 3 years.

music in our homeschool

Social Studies

High School History

As we love history so much we will do Ancients and Middle Ages via History Odyssey from Pandia Press.

Check out our middle school History Odyssey review for more information.

We have also enjoyed Sonlight for American history. Check out our Sonlight review for more information.

pandia press

We will then take modern US and World History with Beautiful Feet Books.

Check out our Early American History from Beautiful Feet books review to see why we enjoy it.

Use exclusive promo code CB2023 for FREE shipping.

beautiful feet books

High School Government

We have already completed Principles and Precepts of Government for 0.5 high school credit and enjoyed it, check out our review of this government curriculum.


Economics & Financial Literacy for High School

Economics for high school from Mr D Math for 0.5 high school credit.

We have taken the junior economics course and thoroughly enjoyed it so we are going to take the high school course too.

mr d math

Beyond Personal Finance is a fantastic financial literacy for teens course. We are about a quarter of the way through it, and it is excellent.

beyond personal finance

High School World Languages

Some colleges require an accredited curriculum for foreign languages or taking the AP test. So please check this out before you start.

We have decided to make things more difficult and have chosen Japanese, we started this in grade 7 and will continue until college so passing the AP exam should be a breeze! See what Japanese homeschool curriculum we are using along with Japanese from Zero!

We are using Japanese from Zero and are doing really well with it.

We are using both the books and youtube videos from Japanese from Zero and are also supplementing with DuoLingo.

If we decide to go down the accredited route we may opt for BYU, but it is expensive.

japanese from zero

Visual Latin we are taking this as an elective rather than a world language.

We have only just started but so far it is going really well.

visual latin

As we have decided to study Japanese, we are also doing 2 consecutive years of American Sign Language with Mr. D Math.

Just to cover all basis!

mr d math

These are the very best homeschool curriculum for high school resources that we have used. If there is something you have had success with please let me know in the comments below.

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