8 Best Homeschool Math Curriculum That Are Secular

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We don’t hide the fact that we love math, yes I know that makes us strange, but we all really do! Here are our top picks for a homeschool math curriculum that you are all going to love.

If you’re searching for a secular homeschool curriculum for math, you’re in luck!

Our blog post highlights the 8 best options for homeschoolers seeking a secular approach to math education.

These curriculums cover a range of grade levels and math subjects, from elementary arithmetic to high school calculus.

They also offer a variety of teaching methods, including online courses, textbooks, and hands-on activities.

Over the years we have used all of the homeschool math curriculum featured in this list. Therefore I am confident, that you will find the one you love.

If you need some help on how to make math fun for middle school check out our top tips.

8 of the best homeschool math curriculum programs for kids in grades K-12

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In what order do you take high school math?

In homeschool, you can of course take math in whatever order suits your needs. However, a common progression for high school math courses in the United States is:

  1. Algebra 1. Usually taken in 9th grade, this course covers the basics of algebraic equations, functions, and graphing.
  2. Geometry. Typically taken in 10th grade, this course focuses on the properties and relationships of points, lines, angles, and shapes.
  3. Algebra 2. Usually taken in 11th grade, this course builds on Algebra 1 concepts, introducing more advanced algebraic functions, equations, and topics.
  4. Pre-Calculus. Typically taken in 12th grade, this course prepares students for college-level calculus by introducing advanced algebra, trigonometry, and other mathematical concepts.
  5. Calculus. Often taken in the first year of college, this course covers the study of continuous change and is typically the highest level of mathematics taken in high school.

Of course, this is just a common sequence, and some students may take a different path based on their interests and goals.

For example, my son is 13 and has just started geometry after completing algebra 1 a couple of weeks ago. If he were in public school he would be in 7th grade, and not even doing pre-algebra.

What is the Best Homeschool Math Curriculum?

There is certainly no one size fits all and if you don’t like one, or, it only works for a year, change it.

In fact, for the last 3 years, we have changed every year. Not because we didn’t like the math curriculum we had chosen it just wouldn’t have worked for the following year.

We have used most of these math curriculums over the years. And these really are the very best homeschool math programs you will find.

They are ordered in grade level from the one we are currently using. My son is currently taking high school geometry.

Mr. D Math

Mr. D Math is an online math program for middle and high school grades.

They offer live online classes and self-paced options. Each lesson has simple principles and offers a hands-on approach, that you don’t get from all curriculums.

We are using Mr. D Math for our geometry homeschool curriculum as it is the best homeschool math curriculum in our opinion. I think we will continue with Mr. D. Math until college.

High school math from Mr. D Math is featured in our best homeschool curriculum for high school.

mr d math geometry

What I love about Mr. D Math is they don’t just teach math!

We have taken an economics class with them, and are currently taking a self-paced ASL 1 course and they are both fantastic. For a review of Mr. D Math check out our latest blog post.

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks is for grades 3-12 and is an online full curriculum.

We only stumbled across them recently and we have started using them for Algebra 1. Check out our very detailed Teaching Textbooks review here and see why we genuinely love it.

You can try the first 15 lessons for free, you will not be disappointed. This is what we are using for our 7th grade homeschool curriculum.

We started using this online, but have since moved to printing the questions out and working offline. Then add the answers online after we have completed the lesson.

Teaching Textbooks is featured in our best homeschool curriculum for high school.

boy using teaching textbooks on a computer

Beast Academy

Beast Academy is for children aged 8-13, however, it is definitely aimed at gifted students.

You can either do the workbooks, online, or both. As we do a lot of online work we opted for the books only and are very happy with them.

The workbooks are not your typical books and are very much like a comic book.

We are working at grade 5 level, he could have gone into pre-algebra but at age 11 I thought I would keep him in 5th grade.

I am so glad I did, as although he is fine with this, it certainly is the most challenging math program we have done.

If you have a child that struggles with math, I would definitely start at least 2 grades lower.

We are using Beast academy as our math 6th grade homeschool curriculum.

Boy writing in Beast Academy Math Workbook

There are placement tests you can take, however, which I definitely recommend.

Beast Academy also has some offline free math games that are a great way to spend your Friday afternoons!


IXL is a great Math and English interactive curriculum for grades K-12. What we really loved about IXL was the real-time diagnostic testing.

So the kids are working at the level they actually are.

We used IXL in the earlier years for math and really enjoyed it.

If your child excelled in algebra, but couldn’t grasp long division, for example, they would work at different grade levels for each subject.

What’s even better than that is if you click on my link you will get 20% off. To read our full and detailed IXL reviews check out our latest blog post.

Boy using IXL on a laptop

CTC Math

CTC Math is for children of all ages, they offer a free trial, plus half price for homeschoolers. What we loved about CTCMath is that there are videos before every lesson.

For a full and detailed review of CTC Math check out our latest blog post.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is probably the best free math homeschool curriculum.

We haven’t actually used this as we prefer other options. However, I have from some reliable sources heard that it’s a good free option.


EdPlace is the best UK-based curriculum for maths, English, and science for year 1 right through to GCSE level.

There is a free option, but it is definitely very limited.

This was not intended as a homeschool curriculum, however, we found that it worked really well for us. If you are looking for home schooling UK resources check out over 100 we used when we were in the UK.


Smartick Method is an absolutely great math curriculum for kids aged 4 -14. It is almost like you are playing video games, but learning at the same time.

I am not sure I would use this as a complete math curriculum, but it would be great as a supplement.

To read our full and detailed review of Smartick check out our latest blog post.

Ready to compete with Smartick game

What is your favorite homeschool math curriculum? Please let me know in the comments.

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