Which KiwiCo Crate Should I Get for Tweens & Teens?

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Knowing which KiwiCo crate to get for teens and tweens is no easy task!

There are 5 different crates to choose from for that age range, so how do you decide?

Christmas is just around the corner, so now is the time to buy those gifts.

A KiwiCo crate is absolutely the perfect gift for tweens and teens this year, and they are going to love it. But which one do you get?

As we have had all of these subscription boxes from KiwiCo, I am going to share with you what we loved about each one.

what are the best kiwico crates for tweens and teens

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KiwiCo Coupon

Before I start with our take on the KiwiCo crates for teens and tweens. What you really need to know is what the top KiwiCo coupons are!

Try your first KiwiCo crate with a massive 50% off.

All you need is coupon code HOMESCHOOL and you will get 50% off your first month of any of the KiwiCo crates.

What KiwiCo crates are available for tweens & teens?

There are currently 5 KiwiCo boxes that are suitable for tweens and teens:

Carry on reading to see which KiwiCo crates are the best for your tween and teen.

Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate is a STEM crate for kids aged 9-14 years old.

9-14 year oldsSTEM / Science$18.50 per month (before discount)

If your child loves building, creating, designing, or working with their hands, this is the KiwiCo box for them. This is the best STEM subscription box for tweens.

If you have slightly older children who love the same things I recommend the Eureka Crate listed below.

My son recently had the glowing pendulum. But other options include:

  • Wooden automaton
  • Coin-eating robot
  • Drift motorcycle
  • And tons more!
tinker crate review

Doodle Crate

Doodle Crate is an art and design kit for kids aged 9-16.

9-16 year oldsSTEM / Art / Design$18.50 per month (before discount)

For children who love art and design, the KiwiCo Doodle crate is the one you want.

My son got to create a felt succulent garden. But other options include:

  • Faux leather portfolio
  • Handmade soap
  • And tons more we haven’t yet tried!
kiwico doodle crate review Felt Succulent garden

Read my detailed KiwiCo Doodle crate review

Yummy Crate

The Yummy Crate is the box for budding chefs, or for kids who want to start learning how to cook.

6-14 year oldsHome Economics / Science$18.50 per month (before discount)

Before I tell you what we think about Yummy Crate, I wanted to share that my son has anaphylaxis to peanuts and tree nuts. So normally we would avoid all food crates, in fact, we avoid anything that might even be produced in a factory with nuts.

If you’re an allergy mom you know the normal everyday struggles, but this Yummy crate is safe. Because you buy the ingredients and you know what your kids can or can’t eat.

I am only telling you this, as the Yummy Crate doesn’t come with the ingredients. It gives you a list of ingredients needed for the 3 recipes, and it even gives you suggested ingredient substitutions.

The substitutes are aimed at:

  • vegetarians
  • vegans
  • dairy free
  • gluten-free
  • nut-free

So what does the Yummy Crate include?

It doesn’t come with ingredients, which is great, but what is included in the Yummy Crate?

  • There are 3 kid-friendly recipe cards.
  • 2 hands-on projects (we got a pasta name game too)
  • Specialty cooking tool (we actually got 2, a ravioli maker, and a mini rolling pin)
  • Yummy Zine magazine is a mix between a fun comic, a workbook, and an activity book.
  • Shopping list (with the substitutes)

This KiwiCo crate is perfect for either kids who love to cook and bake, or for teens who need to learn to cook!

yummy crate review

Eureka Crate

The Eureka Crate is perfect for everyone over the age of 12. It features a new STEM project every month.

12-100 year oldsSTEM / Engineering / Design$26.95 per month (before discount)

If your child loves building, creating, designing, or working with their hands, this is the KiwiCo box for them. This is the best STEM subscription box for teens.

If you have slightly younger children who love the same things I recommend the Tinker Crate listed above.

My son got to create his very own articulated desk lamp. But other possible crates include:

  • Electric pencil sharpener
  • Wooden ukulele
  • And lots more we haven’t tried yet!
kiwico eureka crate

Read my detailed KiwiCo Eureka crate review.

Maker Crate

The Maker Crate is a craft subscription box for teens and adults and is fantastic.

14-100 year oldsCraft / Art / Design$26.95 per month (before discount)

Each month you get to practice a new craft that you would never have done before.

We have recently had this box, and my son is 12, so don’t instantly discount this crate if you have a 12 or 13 year old.

The maker crate was definitely the hardest to design, but that is exactly what teens want. They don’t want a craft that is suitable for little kids.

My son had to create a light-up wire structure. But other possible crates include fun activities such as:

  • Making a pair of macrame plant hangers.
  • Create a punch-needle pillow.
  • Terrazzo Clay Organizers.
  • And lots more!
kiwico maker crate review build

Read my detailed KiwiCo Maker crate review.

kiwico crates for teens

Does KiwiCo have crates for younger children?


They even have crates for babies!

Remember the coupon code above for 50% off your first month (code HOMESCHOOL) it will work on these crates too.

Check out our favorite geography subscription box from KiwiCo, the Atlas Crate.

kiwico younger kids

Can you buy just one Kiwi Crate?

Yes, you can, you don’t need to subscribe for months at a time with KiwiCo. The KiwiCo store has some of the most popular crates from the product lines for one-off purchases that don’t require a subscription.

You can search by age or you can search by product line as you can see below.

kiwico store

My all time favorite items in the store are the seasonal Santa’s Sleigh automaton and the Christmas Village advent calendar.

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