100+ Free Kids Coloring Pages (Printable)

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If you are looking for free kids coloring pages you are in the right place.

Here you will find all of our free printables for kids that need to be colored in.

There is a mix of coloring pages, bookmarks to color, and coloring cards for all occasions.

The first coloring pages are educational and can be used either at school or in your homeschool. All of the holiday coloring pages are sorted by month.

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Free coloring pages for kids

These coloring pages are my secret weapon when it comes to helping my son refocus and regroup.

They’re like magic, sparking imagination and creativity. Plus, they’re totally free!

With a wide variety of themes, they’re perfect for keeping kids entertained at home or in the classroom.

They’re a lifesaver during lessons or on rainy days, and they nurture artistic skills too.

Get ready for a colorful adventure!

Coloring supplies we recommend

  • cardstock (or regular copy paper will work too)
  • coloring pens (these are the ones we use for all of our coloring pages)
  • coloring pencils
  • dot markers (if you are doing these with younger children, these dot markers are a great way to encourage them to color the letters in)
  • glitter glue pens (well why not, who doesn’t love a bit of glitter every now and again!)

Educational coloring pages

Are you ready to combine education and creativity in a super fun way?

Well, look no further because we’ve got an exciting lineup of free homeschool printable coloring pages just for you.

From alphabet animals to historical figures, planets to sign language, there’s something here to captivate every curious mind.

Included are color by number printable pages, coloring cards, coloring worksheets, and more.

So grab your favorite coloring pens and dive in.

family tree coloring page

Alphabet coloring pages

Alphabet coloring pages offer a fun and educational way to help kids learn and practice their ABCs. These free printable resources combine the joy of coloring with the foundational task of alphabet recognition, making them a hit among young learners and educators alike.

These activities not only enhance creativity but also reinforce letter identification and fine motor skills. Ideal for both classroom and home settings, they provide a versatile approach to early literacy.

alphabet animal coloring pages elephant

Social studies coloring pages

Social studies coloring pages are a fun way for kids to learn about history and the world around them. These pages let kids color pictures of important people, places, and events, making it easier for them to understand big ideas and how societies work.

By using coloring as a way to study, kids get to be creative while they learn about different cultures, famous historical figures, and important documents. It’s a cool way to make learning about the past and present interesting and something they can see and touch.

founding fathers coloring worksheets
greek gods worksheets
homeschool of 1 membership

Geography coloring pages

Geography coloring pages are an exciting educational resource that invites kids to embark on a colorful journey across the globe. These pages not only enhance geographical knowledge but also cultivate an appreciation for cultural diversity and global awareness.

Ukraine coloring pages

Science coloring pages

Science coloring pages are a brilliant tool for sparking curiosity and excitement about the natural world and outer space in young minds. These engaging activities blend the joy of coloring with educational content, covering a wide range of scientific themes.

Children can immerse themselves in the mysteries of life cycles, the diversity of nature, and the vastness of the universe, all while developing a deeper understanding of science. This method makes learning interactive and fun, encouraging kids to explore and appreciate the wonders of science through a creative lens.

life cycle of a turtle coloring sheet

Seasonal coloring pages for kids

Are you ready to celebrate the seasons with a splash of color?

We’ve got a fantastic collection of seasonal coloring pages that will keep you entertained all year round.

From Valentine’s Day to Easter, Halloween to Christmas, and everything in between, there’s a coloring adventure waiting for you.

All major holidays have free printable bookmarks to color too!

January coloring pages for kids

February coloring pages for kids

Printable Valentines Day Cards

March coloring pages for kids

free printable st patrick's day coloring pages

April coloring pages for kids

easter color in cards

May coloring pages for kids

star wars printable card

June coloring pages for kids

juneteenth color by number

July coloring pages for kids

August coloring pages for kids

September coloring pages for kids

pirate coloring story

October coloring pages for kids

free halloween coloring pages

November coloring pages for kids

Thanksgiving coloring cards

December coloring pages for kids

nutcracker ballet coloring pages

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    1. Thanks, I am adding new free content daily, but if there is anything in particular you are looking for let me know 🙂


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