9 Free Pirate Color by Number Worksheets

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Jump into the fun world of pirate color by number, a special coloring activity made just for little kids.

With these pages, children can color pictures of pirates, treasure chests, and cool pirate ships using different colors. It’s a great way for kids to play with colors and make their own pirate adventures come to life on paper.

These coloring activities help kids practice coloring inside the lines and learning new colors. And there’s even more pirate fun to have with Talk Like A Pirate Day activities, making it super exciting for kids to act and talk like pirates.

free pirate color by number

As a mom who loves unleashing the inner pirate in my little one, I couldn’t resist creating these free kid’s coloring pages just for you.

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Printable pirate color by number

There are 9 free color by number printable worksheets included in this download.

These pirate themed color by number pages are free to print but are for personal or classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post to get the pdf file.

These free printables offer not just a world of fun for kids but also serve as a valuable tool in enhancing their fine motor skills.

As children engage in coloring within the lines, they simultaneously improve their hand-eye coordination and dexterity, laying the foundation for important developmental milestones.

How to use the color-by-number printables

Print out the worksheets below, they will print out on 9 full pages. Make sure to check the printer settings.

You will need 10 different coloring pens or crayons to complete this activity.

There is a color code at the top of each page. But to complete all 9 pages you will need the following 10 different colors:

  1. light blue
  2. dark blue
  3. red
  4. skin color
  5. grey
  6. yellow
  7. orange
  8. light brown
  9. dark brown
  10. green

Treasure chest color by number

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of piracy by coloring a detailed treasure chest using six different colors: light blue, brown, grey, orange, yellow, and black.

This activity not only brings the thrill of discovering hidden treasures to life but also enhances color recognition and fine motor skills. Enjoy the vibrant outcome as you blend these colors to reveal a treasure chest that looks like it’s straight out of a pirate’s hoard.

Treasure chest color by number

Color by number treasure map

Embark on an adventurous journey with a treasure map, utilizing a palette of four essential colors: green, dark blue, light brown, and red.

This coloring activity offers a simplified yet engaging way to navigate the mysterious paths to hidden treasures.

Have fun with scavenger hunt printables when you have finished.

Color by number treasure map

Pirate girl color by number

Bring to life a fearless pirate girl with six colors: light blue, brown, red, yellow, dark blue, and skin color.

As you color, you craft a portrayal of a pirate girl, ready to embark on her next treasure hunt, showcasing diversity and strength in the pirate world.

Pirate girl color by number

Color by number pirate boy

Dive into the adventurous life of a pirate boy with an eye patch. This specific detail adds depth to the character, inviting imaginations to wonder about his past and adventures on the high seas.

Coloring this figure can spark conversations about the stories behind pirates and their iconic accessories.

Color by number pirate boy

Pirate boy color by number

Color a brave pirate boy showcasing resilience with his peg leg, a classic symbol of pirate lore.

This aspect brings an element of history and realism to the activity, encouraging a discussion on the challenges and adventures faced by pirates. It’s a wonderful opportunity to blend creative expression with learning about historical aspects of pirate life.

pirate color by number printable

Parrot color by number

Celebrate the colorful life of a pirate’s best companion, the parrot, with eight vibrant colors: red, yellow, light blue, green, orange, grey, brown, and dark blue.

This activity not only highlights the beauty of these birds but also their significance in pirate imagery.

Parrot color by number

Treasure Island color by number

Visualize a captivating treasure island scene, complete with a lurking shark near the coast, using six distinct colors. This coloring activity offers a blend of excitement and caution, symbolized by the treasure and the shark, respectively.

It’s an engaging way to introduce elements of storytelling and environmental awareness through creative coloring.

Treasure Island color by number

Color by number pirate ship

Convey the ominous presence of a pirate ship on the high seas, marked by its black flag.

This activity captures the essence of pirate ships, inviting colorists to dive into the world of maritime adventures. The black flag, especially, stands as a symbol of power and mystery, making this coloring page a canvas for imagination and historical curiosity.

Color by number pirate ship

Pirate ship color by number

Elevate the menacing allure of a pirate ship with a detailed coloring activity featuring the iconic black flag adorned with skull and crossbones.

This specific symbol, known as the Jolly Roger, is rich in history and represents the rebellious spirit of pirates. Coloring this flag not only adds depth to the pirate ship but also serves as a gateway to exploring stories and legends of the high seas.

pirate ship color by number


Additional pirate printables

Explore a treasure trove of additional pirate-themed printables, perfect for extending the swashbuckling adventure beyond the high seas. If you’re on the hunt for more engaging and educational pirate activities, you’ll be thrilled with these offerings:

  • Enhance cognitive skills and memory with a pirate memory game printable. This fun, interactive activity is designed to challenge young minds while immersing them in the world of pirates.
  • Dive into the excitement of pirate bingo game, a fantastic game that combines fun with learning. It’s a great way for kids to practice listening and recognition skills, all within the captivating context of pirates.
  • Unleash creativity with a collection of pirate coloring pages. Kids can bring their imagination to life, coloring in scenes filled with treasure chests, pirate ships, and mythical sea creatures.
  • Spark imagination with a playful activity that lets kids discover their pirate names. This engaging what’s your pirate name free printable is perfect for parties or as a fun icebreaker.
  • Combine the thrill of piracy with educational value through pirate-themed alphabet worksheets. These printables are designed to help young learners recognize and practice letters, all within a fun pirate theme.
  • Dive deeper into the pirate world with our famous pirate unit study bundle. This activity not only fuels creativity through coloring but also educates children about historical figures in piracy, making learning about history an exciting adventure.

Pirate Research WorksheetsPirate Research WorksheetsPirate Research WorksheetsPirate alphabet worksheetsPirate alphabet worksheetsPirate alphabet worksheetsFamous pirate coloring pagesFamous pirate coloring pagesFamous pirate coloring pages


Pirate books for preschoolers

We always add a new book to any study, and these are our favorite pirate books for kids:

Pirates Love Underpants. Prepare to be tickled by this hilarious tale of pirates and underpants. You’ll meet a lively bunch of pirates who are obsessed with, you guessed it, underpants! From polka dots to stripes, they search the seven seas for the finest booty of all: underwear! This wacky and whimsical story will have your little ones giggling and setting sail on a silly adventure they won’t soon forget.

Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC. Arr, it’s time to learn your ABCs with the help of some courageous pirates! Each letter is accompanied by a clever pirate-themed rhyme, introducing little buccaneers to new words and sounds. From A for anchor to Z for zesty, this delightful book teaches the alphabet in a swashbuckling way that will have your little learners hooked from beginning to end.

Goodnight Pirate. The perfect bedtime story to send your little pirates off to dreamland. Join the brave pirate crew as they wind down their high-sea adventures and prepare for a restful sleep. From stowing the treasure to saying goodnight to their trusty parrot, this gentle and soothing tale will help your preschoolers settle down and drift off to dream of buried treasure and grand pirate escapades.

Pirate Boy. Join a young boy as he embarks on an imaginative journey to become a pirate. Through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, your little ones will sail alongside the young protagonist as he navigates through storms, discovers hidden treasure, and encounters friendly sea creatures.

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Download the free pirate color by number worksheets

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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