9 Free Printable Martin Luther King Jr. Color By Number

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Explore the story of an American hero with our Martin Luther King Jr. color by number printables.

These fun and educational coloring pages are a great way for kids to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. By using different colors for each number, kids can create a beautiful picture while also learning about the life and important work of this civil rights leader.

Our Martin Luther King Jr. free color by number printable worksheets are more than just coloring.

They help understand the big changes Martin Luther King Jr. helped make. As the children color in the pages, they’ll get to know more about his life and what he stood for.

These coloring pages are perfect for schools, for learning at home, or just for a relaxing activity.

martin luther king jr color by number

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Martin Luther King Color By Number Printables

The Martin Luther King color by number worksheets are a set of coloring pages. Each designed to symbolize the values and messages that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. championed.

These printables serve not only as a creative outlet but also as a valuable educational tool. Offering a unique way to engage with the history and teachings of this iconic civil rights leader.

These Martin Luther King color by code worksheets are free for personal and classroom use only. Please scroll to the bottom of the post for the free printable pdf file.

Included in the Martin Luther King Color by Number Printables:

Dove of Peace. A page featuring a dove, universally recognized as a symbol of peace, reflecting one of the core principles of Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy.

mlk color by number dove

Holding a Heart. This sheet depicts hands cradling a heart, a representation of care, empathy, and the humanitarian spirit.

Hands of Unity. This coloring sheet portrays hands of diverse races joined together, symbolizing unity, solidarity, and the coming together of different communities.

Heart Hands. Illustrating hands forming a heart, this printable emphasizes the importance of love and kindness in our daily lives.

Holding a Dove. A poignant image of hands gently holding a dove, symbolizing the nurturing and protection of peace.

mlk color by number unity

World in Harmony. Depicting a globe surrounded by symbols of peace and unity, this page reflects Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a world living in harmony.

You will also enjoy our free printable Martin Luther King Jr facts

Hope. A page that embodies the concept of hope, a driving force behind the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr.

mlk quotes color by number

MLK and Quotes. Featuring key quotes from Martin Luther King Jr., this printable combines coloring and learning.

Martin Luther King Portrait. A detailed portrait of Martin Luther King Jr., allowing for a deeper connection with this influential figure.

mlk color by number

Ways to Use This Martin Luther King Jr. Printable

The Martin Luther King Jr. color by number printable is versatile and can be used in various ways:

  1. Teachers can use it as part of their history or social studies curriculum to introduce students to civil rights history.
  2. It is a great resource for parents homeschooling their children on American history and civil rights.
  3. Ideal for events celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Helping to promote awareness and understanding of his impact. MLK Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January.

To get the best results, using high-quality paper and a reliable printer is recommended. For an enduring keepsake, consider using cardstock and laminate the finished artwork.

How to Expand on This MLK Printable

Expanding on the Martin Luther King Jr. color by number printable can turn a simple coloring activity into a comprehensive learning experience.

  1. Create a Unit Study:
    • For a more in-depth educational experience, pair the coloring activity with a unit study about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and the civil rights movement. These Martin Luther King activities for kids will help.
  2. Books about Martin Luther King for kids:
  3. Interactive Learning:

Additional Black History Month Activities

Black History Month, celebrated every February in the United States, is a time dedicated to recognizing and honoring the significant contributions and history of African Americans.

black history month bundle


A free printable Martin Luther King Jr. word search is a fantastic way to engage learners in the life and legacy of one of the most influential leaders in American civil rights history. By searching for key terms associated with his life, kids not only familiarize themselves with his impact but also stimulate their cognitive skills in a fun way.

Our Black History Month word scramble printable features jumbled words related to pivotal figures, historical events, and significant contributions of African Americans. This activity challenges players to unscramble the words, enhancing their vocabulary and knowledge about black history. Add this to our free Black History word search printable too.

Black Inventors coloring pages offer a creative and engaging way to introduce young learners to the world of innovation and creativity. These pages feature notable inventors and their inventions. Providing a visual and interactive method for kids to learn about the significant contributions of black inventors to science, technology, and daily life.



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Download the free MLK color by number printables

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