Best Easter Activities For Kids with Free Printables

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The Easter bunny will be here soon, so now is the perfect time to find free Easter activities for kids, plus gift ideas for the kids.

These holiday activities for kids are such a great way to have fun this spring.

Easter in 2024 is celebrated on Sunday, March 31st. However, like Christmas, the Easter activities start much earlier!

Here you will find the best Easter printables, books, worksheets for school, and more.

There are free Easter games, Easter treasure hunts, Easter-themed worksheets for school, books, and so much more.

There are lots of Easter fun activities for both younger and older children, so I am confident you will find something you will enjoy.

These Easter activities for kids are great for the classroom, homeschool, the library, or at an Easter party.

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The best Easter activities for kids

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Easter gift guide for kids

Gear up for a fantastic Easter celebration with these amazing gift ideas that are perfect for kids. From creative toys to educational games, we’ve got a wide range of options to make this Easter extra special and memorable for the little ones. These gifts are not only fun but also cater to various interests, ensuring there’s something exciting for every child to enjoy.

  1. For a healthy twist, consider healthy Easter egg fillers that are nutritious yet fun, such as small toys and puzzles, instead of the usual sugary treats.
  2. Treat the younger children to one of the best Easter books for preschoolers.
  3. When looking for Easter gifts for 13 year old boys, consider the latest tech gadgets or sports accessories, which align well with his evolving interests and hobbies.
  4. Opt for non chocolate Easter gifts for kids that still bring joy. Ranging from creative craft kits to engaging books, offering a delightful alternative to traditional sweets.
  5. Find the perfect Easter gifts for 8 year old boys. Delight an 8-year-old boy this Easter with gifts that spark his imagination, such as interactive science kits or action-packed adventure books, tailored to his age and curiosity.
  6. Discovering the perfect Easter gifts for 10 year old boys can transform the holiday into an adventure of joy, learning, and excitement tailored to their interests and curiosity.
easter activities bundle


Free printable Easter games

Enhance your Easter celebration with free printable Easter games, offering a variety of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

  1. Have an outdoor treasure hunt with our free garden Easter egg hunt clues. With clever clues that lead children on a joyful adventure through the garden.
  2. Use our free printable Easter scavenger hunt clues to add a creative and engaging twist to your Easter festivities.
  3. Capture memorable moments with an Easter photo scavenger hunt printable.
  4. Don’t leave the older kids out with our indoor Easter egg hunt clues for teenager printable.
  5. Strengthen memory skills in a fun way with an Easter memory game printable, available as an easy-to-use printable.
  6. Spark creativity and laughter with an Easter scattergories printable game, provided in a convenient printable format.
  7. Enjoy a family-friendly classic game with our free Easter bingo printable.
  8. Explore imaginative play with Easter escape room printable ideas.
  9. Decode secret Easter messages with an Easter printable cipher wheel, an engaging and educational activity.
outdoor easter egg hunt clues
easter scavenger hunt clues for teens

Easter Hunt For Teens

Don’t leave your teens out this Easter. Perfect for high school classrooms and at home!

Easter arts and crafts

Dive into the festive spirit with Easter arts and crafts, a wonderful way for kids and adults alike to get creative and celebrate the season.

  1. Enhance your Easter table setting with free printable Easter placemats, adding a personal and festive touch to your holiday decor.
  2. Encourage creativity and personal expression with free printable Easter cards to color, perfect for kids to create their own unique greetings.
  3. Mark your favorite Easter stories with Easter bookmarks free printable, for a fun and useful crafting activity.
  4. Bring smiles with funny bunny coloring pages, offering a delightful and humorous twist to traditional Easter coloring activities.
  5. Combine fun and learning with Easter color by number printables, an engaging way for kids to practice number recognition and coloring skills.
  6. Create cherished memories with your little ones this spring by diving into some colorful Easter handprint art!
printable easter activity placemats

Free Easter worksheets for kids

From engaging Easter counting worksheets that bring numbers to life, to the creative challenge of crafting Easter-themed acrostic poems. These activities will spark imagination.

Hunt for hidden words in Easter word searches, unscramble letters to solve puzzles in Easter word scrambles, and inspire storytelling with Easter writing prompts.

These Easter worksheets promise an egg-citing blend of learning and entertainment for children.

  1. Easter counting worksheets for preschoolers are a fantastic resource for young learners, combining the joy of the holiday with foundational math skills in a fun and engaging way.
  2. Encourage creativity and literacy with Easter acrostic poem templates, a great tool for children to express their thoughts and feelings about the holiday.
  3. Keep kids entertained with an Easter word search free printable, perfect for challenging their vocabulary and observation skills.
  4. Add a twist to language learning with an Easter word scramble printable, a playful activity for enhancing spelling and problem-solving abilities.
  5. Foster imagination and writing skills with printable Easter writing prompts, designed to inspire young writers to craft their own Easter stories or reflections.
  6. If I were the Easter bunny writing prompt not only sparks creativity but also encourages kids to explore their imaginative side during the festive season.
  7. Explore our collection of free printable Easter math worksheets to make learning fun and thematic this spring season.
easter counting worksheets for preschoolers

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Easter Bunny arrival ideas

Looking to make the Easter Bunny’s arrival extra special? Check out these creative Easter Bunny arrival ideas that will fill your day with excitement and magic:

  1. Use some flour or powdered sugar to create Easter bunny footprints leading from your yard or front door to inside your home. Follow the tracks and see where they lead to find the Easter surprises left by the Bunny.
  2. Set up a trail of small candies, chocolates, or Easter-themed goodies leading from the entrance to your living room. The trail could end with a basket filled with Easter treats from the Bunny.
  3. Have the Easter Bunny leave a personalized letter addressed to your kids. In the letter, the Bunny can share stories from his journey and mention where he hid the Easter goodies. Download our free Easter bunny letter free printable.
  4. Decorate your front door with bunny footprints, a fluffy tail, and a sign that says “Easter Bunny Stop Here.”
  5. Arrange for the kids to wake up to a trail of Easter eggs leading from their bedrooms to the main Easter surprise area. It’s a delightful way to start the day!
  6. Leave out a little plate of “Bunny snacks” (carrots, lettuce, or small treats) along with a thank you note from the kids, expressing their excitement and gratitude for the Bunny’s visit.
  7. Fill your hallway or a specific room with bunny shaped balloons, guiding the way to the Easter surprises.

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free printable letter from the easter bunny

Whichever idea you choose, these Easter bunny arrival ideas are sure to make the holiday extra special and create cherished memories for your family.

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Additional fun activities for April

If you are looking to put away your homeschool curriculum as we do for Easter. You can have loads of fun with the kids in April:

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