125 Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers for Plastic Eggs

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Easter egg fillers can often pose a challenge.

Especially if you’re looking to avoid candy.

But no need to worry, this year I’ve put together a comprehensive list of 125 amazing alternatives to candy to fill your plastic Easter eggs.

From toys to trinkets, this list is sure to take your old-fashioned Easter egg hunt to the next level!

I have split this huge gift guide into the following sections:

  • Unisex
  • Fidget toys
  • Girl’s Easter Egg fillers
  • Boy’s Easter Egg stuffers
  • Healthy Snacks
easter egg filler ideas

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What Plastic Eggs should I buy?

The beauty of these Easter egg fillers is that all 125 items can easily fit inside a plastic egg.

To add some variety, you may want to consider purchasing a mix of sizes. These are the ones we have:

This way, you’ll only need to buy them once and can store them for future Easter celebrations.

Once your kids have discovered their goodies, simply keep the eggs for next year’s hunt!

Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers

easter egg filler ideas

The Easter egg filler ideas listed here are suitable for all children. Making them a great choice for large Easter egg hunts.

However, if you are hosting a hunt specifically for girls or boys. I have included some gender-specific filler options at the end of this post.

  1. Marbles
  2. Puffy Stickers
  3. Dice
  4. Dig gem box
  5. Temporary tattoos
  6. Rubber wrist bracelets
  7. Inflatable beach ball
  8. Rainbow shoe laces
  9. Whistle
  10. Easter scratch off cards
  11. Easter Erasers
  12. Zoo animal finger puppets
  13. Kid’s Earbuds
  14. Toy insects
  15. Farm animals
  16. Funky shaped bandaids
  17. Pencil Top Erasers
  18. Silly Bandz Pets
  19. Mini play dough
  20. Elastic no-tie shoelaces
  21. Bunny shaped bookmark clip
  22. Finger lights
  23. Mini chalkboard
  24. Diving buddies
  25. Washi tape 
  26. Mini flashlight
  27. Mini stamp
  28. Glow in the dark stars
  29. Sticky hands
  30. Mini lego set
  31. Balloons
  32. Punch balloon
  33. Lego minifigures
  34. Water Balloons
  35. Grow an animal capsules
  36. Miniature rubber ducky
  37. Wind up baby chicks
  38. Mini chalk
  39. Bendable animals
  40. Dinosaur fossils
  41. Rocks & Fossils
  42. Buildable crayons
  43. Lanyard
  44. Mini yo-yo
  45. Easter magnets
  46. Easter charms
  47. Mini notebook
  48. Coins (actual money)
easter egg fillers lego

Fidget Toy Easter Egg Filler Ideas

  1. Mini pop it keychain
  2. Pop it bracelet
  3. Play foam
  4. Stringy ball
  5. Stress ball
  6. Inflatable beach ball
  7. Squishes
  8. Galaxy slime
  9. Mesh ball
  10. Puzzle balls
  11. Mini Rubix cube
  12. Spring coils
  13. Fidget snake twist
  14. Mini fidget spinner
  15. Thinking putty
  16. Mini expandable sphere
  17. Splash ball for the pool
  18. Mini bubbles
  19. Mini puzzle box
  20. Bouncy balls
  21. Super splashers

Girl’s Easter Egg Fillers

girls easter egg fillers
  1. Hair ties
  2. Easter nail stickers
  3. Scrunchies
  4. Chapstick
  5. Hair bows
  6. Non-toxic nail polish
  7. Disney Princess Coin purse
  8. Bandana
  9. Easter Slap bracelet
  10. Backpack keychains
  11. Disney Earrings
  12. Colorful hairclips
  13. Jelly bracelets
  14. Stick on earrings 
  15. Elastic Headband 
  16. Friendship bracelet
  17. Mini trolls
  18. Beaded necklace
  19. Friendship zipper bracelets
  20. Unicorn Beaded bracelet
  21. Lip gloss
  22. Mermaid headband
  23. Mini Disney characters
  24. Light up ring
  25. Body glitter
  26. Hair chalk
Over 125 non candy easter egg fillers

Boy’s Easter Egg Filler Ideas

  1. NBA bracelet
  2. Star Wars socks
  3. Matchbox cars
  4. Bath bombs for boys
  5. Mini whoopie cushion
  6. Toy soldiers
  7. Superhero slap bracelet
  8. Parachute men
  9. Pirate treasure
  10. Water squirt toy
  11. Insect finger puppet
  12. Pull back cars or trucks
  13. Monster socks
  14. Popper spring launchers
  15. Mini transformers

Healthy Easter Egg Fillers

easter fruit
  1. Goldfish
  2. Fruit – grapes
  3. Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies 
  4. Mini Pretzels
  5. Raisins
  6. Yogurt Covered Pretzels 
  7. Popcorn
  8. Cheerios
  9. Yogurt Covered Raisins
  10. Animal Crackers 
  11. Pirate’s Booty puffs
  12. Fruit by the Foot
  13. Teddy Grahams
  14. Chips
  15. Bunny Fruit Snacks

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