Free Earth Day Activities for Elementary Students

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If you are looking for Earth Day activities for elementary students you are in the right place.

These holiday activities for kids are perfect for the month of April, or any time you are studying the environment.

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22nd and is the perfect time to talk to kids about the planet and how to look after it.

Carry on reading for our free Earth Day printables you can use with your elementary aged kids.

earth day activities for elementary students

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Interesting facts about Earth Day for young kids

Earth Day is like a birthday party for our planet! It’s celebrated every year on April 22nd to remind us to take care of the Earth, just like we care for our friends and family.

The very first Earth Day happened in 1970. People all around the world joined together to show how much they love and want to protect our beautiful planet.

On Earth Day, many people plant trees. Trees help clean the air we breathe and give homes to animals. Imagine Earth as a big puzzle, and each tree is a piece that makes it healthier and more complete!

Earth Day teaches us to be superheroes for the planet by reducing the things we use, reusing what we can (like turning a cereal box into a craft), and recycling materials like paper, plastic, and glass so they can be made into new things.

Earth Day is a time to think about all the animals that share our planet. From cute pandas to giant whales, every animal plays a special role in our world. On this day, we learn to be kind to animals and their homes, just like we’d want others to be kind to us and our homes.

Earth Day books for elementary aged kids

We love reading in our homeschool and have books all around our home. These are the best Earth Day books for kids in elementary grades that we have either read in the past or have had recommended:

Earth Ninja: A Children’s Book About Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing introduces young readers to a clever ninja who teaches them the importance of taking care of the planet by recycling, reducing waste, and reusing items in creative ways.

What a Waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet engages elementary kids by exploring the world of waste management, and recycling. And how small actions can make a big impact in protecting our planet’s environment.

One Plastic Bag tells the inspiring true story of Isatou Ceesay. A Gambian woman who transforms her community by turning discarded plastic bags into beautiful woven purses. Emphasizing the power of innovation and environmental responsibility.

I am Earth takes young readers on a journey through Earth’s history. From its formation to the present day. Fostering a deep connection to our planet and inspiring a sense of stewardship.

Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years presents Earth as a personified character. Sharing its own “autobiography” with elementary readers. Conveying essential lessons about our planet’s natural history and the need to care for it.

Printable Earth Day games

Celebrate Earth Day with these engaging and educational printable games! Designed specifically for elementary students, these activities not only provide fun but also foster environmental awareness.

From scavenger hunts to memory games, each activity is crafted to inspire curiosity and learning about our planet.

Earth Day scavenger hunt printable: A fun, interactive game where students search for items related to Earth Day and the environment. Great for encouraging outdoor exploration and learning about nature.

This Earth Day memory game printable enhances memory skills by matching pairs of Earth Day-themed cards. It’s a fantastic way to introduce environmental concepts in a playful manner.

Earth Day bingo free printable offers an accessible and educational tool to promote awareness about environmental issues and sustainable living, making learning about Earth Day fun and interactive.

Have fun in language arts class or at a family party with our free Earth Day scattergories printables.

Tree scavenger hunt printable: This scavenger hunt encourages observational skills and appreciation for plant life.

earth day scavenger hunt worksheet

Printable Earth Day activities

Engage your students this Earth Day with a diverse range of printable activities tailored for elementary education.

From creative writing prompts to fun word puzzles, these resources are designed to blend learning with play, fostering environmental awareness and appreciation in a hands-on, interactive manner.

Stimulate creativity and environmental thought with printable Earth Day writing prompts encouraging students to write about Earth Day themes, like conservation, nature, and the importance of caring for the planet.

A fun Earth Day word search printable that introduces students to key Earth Day vocabulary. Great for enhancing word recognition and spelling skills in an Earth-centric context.

earth day word search puzzle

Creatively designed Earth Day bookmarks printable that students can color and personalize. These serve as handy reading tools and constant reminders of Earth Day’s significance.

Have creative fun with our free Earth Day coloring pages. Ideal for fostering artistic expression while discussing environmental issues.

Younger children will love our free Earth Day color by number printables.

An exciting Earth Day word scramble where students unscramble letters to form words related to Earth Day. Excellent for developing problem-solving skills and vocabulary.

Educational water cycle worksheets that explain the water cycle process. These are perfect for integrating science with Earth Day learning, helping students understand the importance of water in our ecosystem.

Earth Day crafts

Earth Day handprint art serves as a tactile and creative method to engage kids of all ages in recognizing the significance of environmental conservation on Earth Day. This art project encourages participants to leave a positive “handprint” on the planet, symbolizing their commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainability.

earth day tree handprint art

A collection of Earth Day crafts for kids that use recycled or eco-friendly materials. These crafts encourage creativity and teach the value of reusing materials to protect the environment.

Younger children will enjoy our Earth Day activities for preschoolers.

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