31 Best Pirate Games for Kids for Swashbuckling Adventures

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Arr mateys, if you’re on the lookout for a swashbuckling good time with the best pirate games for kids, look no further!

Whether you’re planning Talk Like A Pirate Day activities or simply aiming for pirate-themed fun, we’ve got you covered.

Join us on a journey through a treasure trove of exciting kids’ pirate games that’ll keep your young adventurers entertained and engaged.

Discover a mix of free activities and engaging pirate board games that are sure to capture your kids’ hearts.

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Fun pirate games

Fun pirate games await you, perfect for adding excitement to your pirate party.

But why limit the adventure to a single day?

We’ve gathered an array of games that will have your little buccaneers entertained year-round.

From classics like Liar’s Dice and Tiny Epic Pirate to creative options such as Pirate Bean Bag Toss and Island Limbo, there’s something for every young matey’s taste.

Free pirate party games

These free ideas are perfect pirate games for children’s parties. But before you start you need to give everyone a pirate name.

Grab our what’s your pirate name free printable, and assign everyone a swashbuckling name.

Pirate bingo

With 5 unique bingo boards and a pirate calling card, this pirate bingo game offers an exciting twist on a classic activity.

Perfect for Talk Like A Pirate Day or anytime pirate-themed enjoyment is needed. This game brings the joy of bingo to life while providing an easy and nostalgic play experience for both kids and adults.


Pirate memory game

This pirate memory game is perfect for kids and families, featuring 12 different images of pirates, ships, parrots, and more.

Enhance memory skills and celebrate pirate adventures with this easy-to-play matching game, ideal for parties and family gatherings.

pirate memory game printable

Creating DIY pirate games for kids can be a fun and engaging way to spark their imagination and creativity. Here are some ideas for pirate-themed games that you can easily set up:

Walk the Plank

Create a makeshift plank using a wooden board or even a long piece of cardboard. Lay it on the ground or balance it over a kiddie pool for added excitement.

Kids can take turns “walking the plank” while dressed as pirates. Use your imagination to make it more exciting. Maybe they have to rescue a captured crew member from the water!

Pirate Mad Libs

Ahoy there! Set sail on a creative voyage with our Pirate Mad Libs printable, allowing budding pirates to craft uproarious tales by filling in the blanks.

Shiver me timbers as young buccaneers embark on hilarious adventures of their own making!

pirate story mad libs

Pirate ship races

Divide the kids into teams and provide them with large cardboard boxes or sheets. Help them create their own pirate ships using the materials provided.

Then, set up a race course and have a friendly competition to see which pirate ship is the fastest.

pirate ship

Cannonball Toss

Set up buckets or containers of varying sizes at different distances. Provide the kids with soft “cannonballs” (such as stuffed toys or bean bags) and have them take turns tossing them into the buckets.

Assign different point values based on the difficulty of the shot.

Pirate Parrot Ring Toss

Create pirate-themed rings using cardboard or pool noodles. Decorate them with colors and patterns reminiscent of parrots.

Set up poles or hooks at varying distances and have the kids take turns trying to toss the rings onto the hooks.

Pirate Costume Relay

Prepare a variety of pirate costume items, such as hats, eye patches, vests, and sashes.

Divide the kids into teams and set up a relay race where they must put on the pirate gear, run to a designated spot, and then take it off for the next person in line.

Pirate Musical Chairs

Arrange chairs in a circle, one less than the number of participants. Play pirate-themed music and have the kids walk around the chairs.

When the music stops, they must find a chair to sit in. The one left standing is “out,” and a chair is removed for the next round.

pirate musical chairs

Pirate Pictionary

This game is a twist on the classic Pictionary.

Prepare a list of pirate-related words or phrases. Have the kids take turns drawing the words while their team guesses what it is. Use a sand timer to add excitement and keep the game moving.

Island Limbo

Set up a limbo stick using a pool noodle or a long stick. Decorate it with pirate-themed elements. Play some pirate music and have the kids take turns seeing how low they can go without touching the stick.

Lower the stick after each round to increase the difficulty.

Sword Balloon Duel

Inflate several balloons and have the kids pair up with a balloon between them. They must try to “duel” with inflatable swords while keeping the balloon from touching the ground.

If a balloon drops, the opposing team scores a point.

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