25+ Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids in 2024

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Looking to add a delightful twist to your Easter celebrations? Explore a world of creativity and joy with our unique collection of non chocolate Easter gifts!

As the holiday season approaches, why not indulge in the joy of giving with presents that go beyond the traditional chocolate treats?

From charming toys and cuddly companions to interactive games that spark laughter, our selection offers a wide range of options to make this Easter truly unforgettable.

This year, make Easter a time of laughter, learning, and shared experiences with our non-chocolate gifts and exciting Easter activities for kids.

20 of the best easter gifts that are not chocolate perfect for kids who have allergies

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Alternative Easter Gifts

The gifts included in this gift guide are aimed at kids between 3 and 12.

If you are looking for Easter basket ideas for teen boys then check out over 35 great ideas.

There are over 25 non-chocolate Easter gifts on this list, but I wanted to share with you our top 5 first.

Top 5 Easter gifts for kids

  1. LEGO Iconic: Build Easter Fun (Activity Book with Minifigure)
  2. How to Catch the Easter Bunny
  3. Bunny Hop
  4. Hop Film
  5. Easter Pop Its (Fidgits)

Easter Lego

Lego is a very easy choice. What would be amazing is if you broke all of the pieces and hid them in a plastic egg, your children could go and hunt them all. And then in the last egg put the instructions. We have done this for a couple of years and it is a massive hit.

Check out all of our gifts for Lego lovers!

The links below all take you to Amazon (as if you are anything like me you will leave it until the last minute.) If you are more organized I highly recommend buying directly with Lego, mainly as it is normally cheaper, and secondly, you earn points and can get free Lego. Shop directly with Lego and if you spend over $45 you will get a free gift.

Easter Books

easter books perfect non chocolate easter gifts

Our son reads a lot so we always buy a book for Easter. It is a great alternative Easter gift, these are our favorite Easter books for kids:

Easter Films

Unlike Christmas there are not so many great Easter films, however, we just love Hop and Rise of the Guardians.

Easter Board Games

Easter is not Easter in our house without an egg and spoon race with the family. We all get very competitive though! Check out over 40 of our favorite educational board games.

Other Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts

Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

Of course, the Easter egg hunt is the highlight of Easter and we normally end up doing at least 4 different hunts.

You will love our Easter scavenger hunt clues for inside, and our garden Easter egg hunt for outside if the weather allows.

We don’t use chocolate we use colorful fillable Easter Eggs and fill them with Lego minifigures, or small toys.

If you are looking for 125 awesome non candy Easter Egg fillers for plastic eggs check out our latest post.

Make it even more magical this year with our free Easter bunny footprint template!

Check out my Easter gifts for boys post from this year too.

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  1. Our Penguin isn’t really keen on Easter eggs (he likes to smash them, but not so bothered about eating them lol), so alternative ideas like these are great! x

  2. Great post! I don’t like to get my niece and nephew Easter eggs as they get so many. Some great ideas here

  3. I love easter and make sure that we always have an easter egg hunt in the garden. I really like the easter cupcake toppers in your post they look so cute.

  4. Some great ideas, I’ve stopped buying my daughter chocolate at Easter as the rest of the family buy so much for her!

  5. We love doing an Easter hunt!! Your Lego idea is great…I’d never thought of that before and my son is Lego mad!

  6. I must say, the Lego idea is a brilliant one. Better than candy and instantly fun! Thank you for this idea. WHat do I know, I’m Jewish!

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