29 Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids in 2024

Non chocolate Easter gifts for kids are a great alternative for this spring season, offering variety beyond the usual candy.

These unique Easter gifts, ranging from fun games and exciting books to creative arts and crafts sets, cater to different interests and ages.

They encourage learning, creativity, and physical play, making Easter not just about treats, but also about engaging Easter activities for kids.

non chocolate easter gifts for kids

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Best non-chocolate gift ideas for kids

Discover the best non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids that go beyond the traditional treats. This Easter selection includes creative, engaging, and fun alternatives that will delight kids of all ages.

From educational toys and craft kits to playful games and the best Easter books, find the perfect surprise to make this Easter memorable.

Small gifts and board games make great non-candy Easter basket gift ideas too. On Easter Sunday, these thoughtful gifts can bring more joy and excitement than the usual candy, creating lasting memories for the entire family.

Additional gift ideas for Easter

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  1. Our Penguin isn’t really keen on Easter eggs (he likes to smash them, but not so bothered about eating them lol), so alternative ideas like these are great! x

  2. Great post! I don’t like to get my niece and nephew Easter eggs as they get so many. Some great ideas here

  3. I love easter and make sure that we always have an easter egg hunt in the garden. I really like the easter cupcake toppers in your post they look so cute.

  4. Some great ideas, I’ve stopped buying my daughter chocolate at Easter as the rest of the family buy so much for her!

  5. We love doing an Easter hunt!! Your Lego idea is great…I’d never thought of that before and my son is Lego mad!

  6. I must say, the Lego idea is a brilliant one. Better than candy and instantly fun! Thank you for this idea. WHat do I know, I’m Jewish!

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