Free Life Cycle of a Chicken Worksheets

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What came first, the chicken or the egg? Let’s find out the fun way with our free life cycle of a chicken worksheets.

In these 8-page life cycle worksheets all about the chicken. You will find a life cycle of a chicken, an information report, opinion writing, chicken research, and more.

These are perfect for 2nd grade through 4th grade students. But can be adapted for younger or older students.

This is a no-preparation download, so if you have left it until the last minute (like I normally do!) this will be perfect for the kids at home or school.


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Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

The kids are going to love our free chicken life cycle worksheet. You are going to enjoy them too, especially as you will have all of the required supplies already!

Supplies needed for the chicken worksheets:

What’s included in the chicken life cycle worksheets?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and add your details to be sent the pdf file via email. Print out the free homeschool printables below, they will print out on 9 full pages. Make sure to check the printer settings.

  • Research chicken information plus find 8 interesting facts about them. This is perfect for the life cycle of a chicken lessons for grades 2-4.
  • Opinion writing.
  • Chicken fact sheet, use the internet and books to learn more about them.
  • Research the 4 main stages of the chicken’s life.
  • Color and label the parts of a chicken.
  • Color and label the different cycles of the chicken.
  • Chicken foldable craft, color, cut, stick, and fold the 4 main life stages.
  • Chicken life cycle spinning wheel craft.

The first worksheet is a planning sheet where the children have to find out about chicken. What their appearance is, their habitat and diet, movement, and any interesting facts. 

chicken worksheet

10 Interesting Facts about Chickens

The top interesting facts about chickens the kids will love:

  1. Chickens have been domesticated for about 8000 years.
  2. Chickens clean themselves by getting dirty! They rub dirt or dust on the wings and body to help their feathers stay healthy.
  3. A mother hen’s earlobes will often decide what color chicken eggs they will lay! If they have red earlobes they will normally lay brown eggs, but if they are white they will lay white eggs.
  4. Chickens live in groups called flocks and the social structure of these depends on a pecking order, which is an order of dominance.
  5. Chickens are able to recognize over 100 different faces.
  6. Chickens have over 30 unique vocalizations that they use to communicate
  7. Chickens have better vision than humans, as they can also see ultraviolet light.
  8. Chickens can dream.
  9. Evidence has found an ancestral link between chickens and the Tyrannosaurus rex.
  10. Chickens are omnivores as they will eat small insects, lizards, toads, and mice.

These are just ideas, let the children come up with their own answers.

I love this opinion writing worksheet. Which do you like better a chicken or a honey bee? You will also enjoy our free life cycle of a bee worksheets

opinion writing chicken

The children will need access to the internet to complete the information about chickens. They need to find:

chicken fact sheet
  • In what countries can you find chickens in their natural habitat?
  • How long do chickens live? In the wild, and in captivity
  • How many baby chicks do female chickens typically have?
  • The type of birth, is it egg or live?
  • What food do chickens eat? How do they get their food?
  • What is the population of chickens? What is their biggest threat?

We also use the book Life Cycles for our studies, but they have not included the chicken. We also love to use this life cycle kit, but of course, they do not have chicken either.

Research the different stages of a chicken’s life cycle.

Including the egg, the hatchling, young chicks, and adult chickens.

The next two pages involve labeling and coloring the chicken.

Label the parts of a chicken worksheet, comb, claw, wing, wattle, hackles, and beak. Then color in the chicken.


The chicken life cycle coloring page will have the children coloring the different stages of the chicken’s life, and then label which is which.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to grab all 8 free life cycle of a chicken worksheets.

We love to add the Life Cycles book to our studies.

Life Cycle of Chickens Craft

The first page is a fun chicken craft that involves coloring, folding, cutting, and gluing.

I recommend coloring the images in first, but if you are working with much younger children then you might want to cut them in advance.


Cut up the chicken craft, younger children may need some help.


Sort the images into the correct order and glue them under the nest. When you have glued the pictures you need to fold them along the dotted lines.

The next chicken craft is the life cycle of a chicken spinner wheel.

Cut out the two circles, and make sure on the chicken life cycle image you cut out the blank quarter.


Place the chicken life cycle image with the quarter cut out on top of the other image and add a brass fastener to the middle.


Younger kids are going to love our free chicken worksheets for preschoolers.

Books about chickens the kids will love

The kids are going to love these chicken books too:

Other life cycle printables



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Download the free Printable Life Cycle of a Chicken Worksheets

If you are running short on time you can download all of our life cycle worksheets. There are 247 pages over 23 different life cycles.

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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