8 Human Body Systems Worksheets For Kids (free)

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Have the kids started to ask questions about their bodies? Or are you starting to do human biology at school? Then you are going to love our free body systems worksheets for kids aged 8-14.

The young learners will learn all about the skeletal system, the digestive system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the respiratory system.

The middle school students will learn about all of the human body systems.

These free science worksheets are a great way for kids to learn the systems of the human body.

The younger kids will learn the important words for each of the 5 main body systems and label them on the body.

The older kids will learn all about all of the body systems and write what their main functions are and what the most important organ is in each system.

This will work well with our free body systems word search puzzle.

human body systems worksheets 8 free printables

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What are the 11 body systems?

The first five are the ones we are using for the labeling activities, and we are using all of them for the more detailed worksheets.

  1. Skeletal system
  2. Nervous system
  3. Respiratory system
  4. Digestive system
  5. Circulatory system
  6. Endocrine system – hormones
  7. Integumentary system – skin
  8. Immune system – defends the body from harm
  9. Muscular system – enables the body to move
  10. Excretory – filters waste from the kidneys
  11. Reproductive system
human body worksheets

The human body worksheets

Download the human body worksheets for kids below. There are 16 pages included, 8 worksheets, and 8 answer sheets.

These free printable body systems worksheets are free to print but are for personal or classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the pdf file.

Free printable skeletal system worksheets

The skeletal system is the support structure of the body, it gives the body its shape.

The main parts of the skeleton that need to be labeled are the skull, the rib cage, the tibia, the humerus, the spine, the pelvis, the radius, the femur, and the fibula.


Free nervous system worksheets

The nervous system is the command center of the entire body. Starting at the brain it controls everything you feel, see, and think.

The words that the children will learn when using our nervous system worksheets are the brain, the brain stem, the cerebellum, the spinal cord, and the nerves.


Respiratory system worksheet for kids

The respiratory system is what helps us breathe.

The new words included in this worksheet are the nose, mouth, larynx, trachea, and the 2 lungs.


Free circulatory system worksheets

The circulatory system pumps the blood from the heart to the lungs to get oxygen. The heart then sends that blood around the body.

The words that need to be labeled are the vein, the heart, and the artery.


Digestive system for kids worksheets

The digestive system turns the food and drinks we eat into nutrients and energy we need to survive.

The words the kids need to label are the mouth, the small intestine, the large intestine, the esophagus, and the stomach.


Human body systems worksheets for middle school

These human body worksheets are for older children in grade 5 and above. They feature all of the human body systems and they have the answer sheet included.

Skeletal System. Protects internal organs, and gives the body shape. Bones are the main organs.

Respiratory System. Allows you to talk and smell plus allows you to breathe. The lungs are the most important organ.

Muscular System. Helps the body to move. The heart is the most important organ.

body systems worksheet middle school

Nervous System. Transmits signals between the brain and the body. The human brain is the main organ involved.

Lymphatic System. Helps the body fight infection and kills germs. The spleen is the main organ involved.

Circulatory System. Transports oxygen and nutrients around the body. The heart is the most important organ.

Digestive System. Breaks down food into nutrients. The small intestine is the main organ involved.

Excretory System. Removes waste from the body. The kidneys are the main organ involved.

human body systems worksheet middle school

Reproductive System male. They produce, maintain, and transport sperm (the male reproductive cells) and semen. The testes are the main organ involved.

Reproductive System females. Allows the female body to have children. The uterus is the main organ involved.

Endocrine System male. The endocrine hormones help control mood, growth, and development. The testes are again the most important organ.

Endocrine System female. The endocrine hormones help control mood, growth, and development. The ovaries are the most important organ.

reproductive systems

Children’s Anatomy Books for Elementary Students

To help teach the kids about the parts of the body we have been using these amazing anatomy books for kids from Know Yourself.

These books are aimed at 2nd grade – 5th grade. But we actually only found them when my son was in middle school, and they were excellent.

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Download Free Printable Human Body Systems Worksheets

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

I think you will also enjoy this fun homeschool biology curriculum aimed at elementary-aged students. 

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