8 Free Grandparents Day Printables

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With Grandparents Day coming up on September 10th (or October 1st in the UK) I wanted to share our free Grandparents Day printables with you.

There is nothing better than a grandparent receiving a handmade coloring page, or craft. It is way more thoughtful than a shop-bought card, or gift.

In these free Grandparents Day printables, you will receive coloring pages, all about my grandma and grandad, and 2 grandparent’s day handprint crafts.

You can pick and choose what printables you use, or spoil the grandparents with all of them!

grandparents day printables

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Grandparents Day Worksheets

Supplies needed:

How to use the free Grandparents Day printables:

Print out the templates below, they will print out on eight full pages. They will print in portrait on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, so make sure to check the printer settings.

These grandparents’ worksheets are free to print but are for personal and classroom use only. Scroll to the bottom of the post and add your email address to get the pdf file.

We prefer to print all of our printables on cardstock but normal printer paper will work too.

Grandparent’s Day Handprint Craft

Print off our grandparent’s day handprint crafts, we have one for grandma and one for grandpa.

The grandma one works best with footprints, but you can of course use handprints.

grandma handprint craft

With the my grandpa rocks handprint, all you need to do is paint one of the kids’ hands and place their hand with their fingers pointing down.

This makes a really cute guitar that grandpa will love.

grandpa handprint craft

For another option I also love this I’m as lucky as can bee, the best grandparents belong to me.

Grandparents Day Coloring Pages

Grab the coloring pens or crayons and color in these 4 Happy Grandparents Day coloring pages.

grandparents day coloring page

You can either color in all 4 or just choose the ones that are most suitable.

grandparents day coloring pages

All About My Grandma Printable

There is plenty to color in on this all about my grandma printable as well as some super cute questions:

  • This is my grandma! A space to draw a picture of grandma
  • My grandma always says…..
  • Her favorite flower is, and a space to draw the flower out of the plant pot
  • My favorite memory of grandma is…..
  • She deserves an award for…..
  • She is the best at……
  • Her favorite book is…..
all about my grandma

All About My Granddad Printable

There is plenty to color in on this all about my granddad printable as well as some super cute questions:

  • This is my granddad! A space to draw a picture of granddad
  • My granddad always says…..
  • His favorite sport is….
  • My favorite memory of granddad is…..
  • He deserves an award for…..
  • He is the best at……
  • His favorite car is…..
all about my granddad printable

If you are looking for fun questions to ask your grandparents then these are great. A perfect way to spend Grandparents Day.

Download Free Grandparents Day Printables

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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