23 Presidents Day Printable Activities

Presidents Day printable activities provide an exciting and educational way for children to learn about U.S. Presidents and their significant contributions to the country’s history.

These resources, which range from coloring pages to word puzzles, are designed to engage young learners of various ages.

Through interactive worksheets and fun games, students can explore the lives and achievements of notable figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Incorporating free patriotic printables into the mix adds a vibrant touch to the learning experience, enabling kids to connect with the nation’s heritage in a fun way.

These social studies resources are perfect for teachers and parents looking to supplement classroom lessons or home education with meaningful content about Presidents’ Day.

Collage of President's Day printable activities for kids, featuring word scrambles, coloring pages, and educational worksheets about George Washington and other U.S. presidents. The activities include a President's Day word scramble, George Washington color the puzzle, I-Spy, mazes, and historical facts. The title "President's Day Printable Activities" is prominently displayed in a bold, playful font.

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Why do we celebrate President’s Day?

President’s Day, is celebrated in the United States of America on the third Monday of February. Honors the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of the country’s most prominent Presidents.

Initially established to celebrate Washington’s birthday. It has evolved to honor the legacy and achievements of all of the great Presidents. Reflecting on their contributions to the nation’s history and development.

Interesting facts about President’s Day for kids

  1. President’s Day was first established to honor George Washington, the first President of the United States. His birthday is on February 22nd.
  2. Although it’s to celebrate Washington’s birthday, President’s Day is always on the third Monday of February, not necessarily the 22nd.
  3. President Abraham Lincoln was born in February too, on the 12th. Many people think President’s Day is to celebrate both of their birthdays.
  4. Mount Rushmore is a huge sculpture carved into a mountain in South Dakota. It features the faces of four U.S. Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. But did you know it took 14 years to complete?
  5. It was the first holiday created to honor an American citizen and was originally called Washington’s Birthday.
  6. Some states call it “Presidents’ Day”, others use “Washington’s Birthday”, and some celebrate “Washington and Lincoln Day”.
  7. The White House, where the President of the United States lives and works, wasn’t always called the White House. It was originally called the “President’s House” or “Executive Mansion.” It was Theodore Roosevelt who officially named it the White House in 1901. And here’s a fun fact: the White House has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 6 levels!
  8. The holiday was originally established in 1885 to recognize George Washington’s birthday. It was celebrated on February 22, Washington’s actual birthday, until 1971. When the Uniform Monday Holiday Act moved it to the third Monday in February.
  9. There’s no consensus on whether it should be “Presidents’ Day”, “Presidents Day”, or “President’s Day”!
  10. While it’s a federal holiday, not every state observes President’s Day as a public holiday.

Books about Presidents Day

Inspire a love for reading and history with a collection of the best President books for kids. Featuring stories and biographies that bring the lives of American Presidents closer to young readers.

Presidents Day is an educational and engaging children’s book that introduces young readers to the significance of Presidents’ Day. Through colorful illustrations and simple text, it explores the lives and achievements of various U.S. presidents. Making it an ideal read for children developing an interest in history and civic understanding.

Abraham Lincoln is a captivating and informative book for young readers. Offering a vivid glimpse into the life of one of America’s most loved presidents. With easy-to-read text and striking photographs, it brings Lincoln’s story to life. Making it both educational and appealing for children interested in history and biographies.

George Washington is an engaging and educational book that introduces children to the first President of the United States. It has easy-to-understand text, providing a compelling look at Washington’s life and legacy. Perfect for young readers eager to learn more about U.S. history and iconic figures.

usa presidents bundle


President’s Day printable worksheets

Encourage creative expression with Presidents Day writing prompts that ask students to compose essays or stories about historical events or their personal views on presidential leadership.

printable presidents writing prompts

Offer a fun and artistic way to learn about U.S. Presidents with Presidents Day coloring pages, featuring illustrations of presidents, national symbols, and historical moments.

Enhance vocabulary and historical knowledge with a Presidents Day word scramble. Where kids unscramble letters to form words related to the presidency and American history.

Engage young minds with a Presidents memory game printable. A great activity that also educates them about the different Presidents and key facts of their terms in office.

Younger children will fall in love with our free printable President’s Day bingo cards. They will have so much fun as they learn about the key Presidents of the United States of America.

Presidents Day bingo free printable

Dive into the past with a Presidents research project. A comprehensive assignment that allows older students to explore in-depth the life and impact of a specific U.S. President.

Spark imagination with the if I were President worksheet. Where students can write down their ideas and plans if they were to become President. Fostering critical thinking about leadership and governance.

Discover American history in a great way with our free Founding Fathers coloring pages. Perfect for educating kids about the nation’s early leaders.

founding fathers coloring worksheets

Unit studies on U.S. presidents

In the George Washington unit study, students delve deeply into the life, leadership, and legacy of America’s first President.

The John Adams unit study focuses on his significant contributions as a Founding Father and his presidency. Enhancing students’ understanding of early American history.

A Thomas Jefferson unit study offers an in-depth exploration of his life. Including his time as a statesman and his drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

The Abraham Lincoln unit study provides a thorough examination of his leadership during the Civil War and his enduring impact on American society.


Abraham Lincoln Unit Study


george washington

George Washington Unit Study


presidents research unit study

Presidents Research Project


Explore the life and achievements of the 26th President with a comprehensive Theodore Roosevelt unit study.

The Woodrow Wilson unit study examines his leadership during World War I and his vision for global cooperation.

Delve into the era of the New Deal and World War II with a Franklin D. Roosevelt unit study.

The Harry Truman unit study explores his presidency at the end of World War II and the onset of the Cold War.

A Dwight D. Eisenhower unit study covers his significant contributions as a military leader and President during the 1950s.

Learn about the 40th President with the Ronald Reagan unit study, focusing on his economic policies and role in ending the Cold War.

President Barack Obama worksheets allow students to explore the life and achievements of the first African American President of the United States.

Free Presidential worksheets

Free George Washington activity sheets are filled with fun and informative tasks that engage students in learning about this foundational figure in American history. Including a word search, word scrambles, and more.

george washington word search printable

Free George Washington worksheets for kindergartners include printable games and puzzles.

The free Thomas Jefferson worksheets offer a comprehensive and perfect way to learn about the life and legacy of this Founding Father, perfect for young students.

thomas jefferson coloring page

The free printable Abraham Lincoln worksheets provide a comprehensive and fun way for kindergarten to 2nd grade students to learn about the 16th President of America. With fun activities including 11 coloring pages and a history timeline.

The free Franklin D. Roosevelt worksheets offer a great way for young students to learn about the 32nd President of America. Featuring 10 coloring pages and a detailed timeline of his life and presidency.

franklin d roosevelt coloring page

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