7 Free Printable George Washington Worksheets

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Embark on a historical adventure with our free printable George Washington worksheets!

These engaging and educational activities are perfect for young learners.

With a total of 7 unique pages, these printables provide a fantastic way to introduce kids to the first President of the United States.

From coloring sheets to word puzzles, each activity is designed to captivate and educate simultaneously.

This George Washington activity pack is aimed at lower elementary-aged students and is great for both school and homeschool.

These free patriotic printables are a great way to learn all about America’s first President.

free printable George Washington worksheets

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George Washington free printable worksheets

Our free printable George Washington worksheets are more than just activities; they’re tools to spark curiosity and learning.

Each sheet is carefully crafted to align with educational standards, making them ideal for both classroom and home use.

These worksheets include:

Free George Washington coloring page

A visually appealing page filled with interesting facts about George Washington, perfect for visual and kinesthetic learners.

  • He was the first President of the United States
  • He was born on February 22, 1732
  • He died on December 14, 1799
  • He was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution
  • He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States (see 7 others with our free Founding Fathers coloring pages.)
george washington coloring page

George Washington puzzle

Let the kids color in the 4 images and then grab the scissors and cut them out. As these are self-correcting puzzles the words will only go with the correct image.

george washington puzzle

George Washington word search

Enhance vocabulary and concentration with a George Washington-themed word search.

We love free word search printables, largely because they are both fun and educational!

The George Washington word search has the same 16 words to find. All of the words can either be found vertically or horizontally. Some are back to front though to make it a little harder.

Martha was George Washington’s wife and was the first ever first lady of the United States of America. Learn more about the First Ladies in this book.

george washington word search printable

George Washington word scramble

This George Washington word scramble is easier than most we create as it shows the first letter of the word in capitals. This makes this much easier for younger children. There are 16 words related to the first President to unscramble.

A challenging yet fun activity to improve spelling and cognitive skills.

george washington word scramble printable

George Washington printable games

We have included 3 free George Washington games in this activity pack that the younger kids will love:

  1. Dab a Dot: Ideal for younger kids, this page encourages fine motor skills and recognition abilities.
  2. Maze: Navigate through a maze to reach a goal, encouraging strategic thinking and patience.
  3. I Spy: A classic game that helps in developing attention to detail and observational skills.
george washington printable games

Why not spend even more time learning about George Washington with this fun unit study? This is a download and go 2 week study for kids in K-4.

Have fun with George Washington worksheets for kindergarten too!

Other free Presidents worksheets

Discover a treasure trove of free presidents’ worksheets to supplement your learning adventure.

From insightful government worksheets to captivating Bill of Rights coloring pages and engaging President-themed activities, these resources offer an enriching educational experience for students of all ages.

usa presidents bundle


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Download the free printable George Washington activity worksheets

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)


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