Life Cycle of a Hedgehog Worksheets (8 Free Pages)

If you are starting to see baby hedgehogs in the garden, now is the time to use our free life cycle of a hedgehog worksheets.

In these free life cycle worksheets all about our favorite spiny friend the hedgehog you will find a word search, labeling, a bubble map, fill in the information, and more writing activities. These are perfect for 2nd – 4th-grade students.

Children will learn 20 new vocabulary words all about hedgehogs.

This is a no-preparation download, so if you have left it until the last minute (like I normally do!) this will be perfect for the kids at home or school.

life cycle of a hedgehog

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Hedgehog worksheets for kids

The kids are going to love our free life cycle of a hedgehog worksheet.

What’s included in the download?

Print out the hedgehog worksheets below, they will print out on 8 full pages. Make sure to check the printer settings.

The front cover not only adds visual appeal but also serves as an introduction to the topic of hedgehog life cycles. It sets the stage for the educational journey, capturing children’s curiosity right from the start.

life cycle of a hedgehog printables

This life cycle of a hedgehog poster is a visual aid that assists in understanding the different stages of a hedgehog’s life. Visual learning can be highly effective for many students, making complex concepts more accessible.

The label the parts of a hedgehog activity is hands-on and interactive, fostering fine motor skills as children cut and paste labels. It also deepens their understanding of the hedgehog’s physical characteristics.

label the hedgehog

Creative writing is an essential skill, and this activity encourages children to use descriptive language, enhancing their ability to express ideas and details effectively.

hedgehog worksheets

This hedgehog research task not only helps children gain knowledge about hedgehogs but also develops digital literacy skills. They learn to navigate the internet, find reliable sources, and extract relevant information.

hedgehog life cycle

Categorization is a fundamental cognitive skill, and this worksheet prompts children to think critically about the attributes of hedgehogs. It helps them organize information logically.

free life cycle of a hedgehog worksheet

This open-ended activity fosters creativity and encourages children to ask questions and express their curiosity. It’s an opportunity for them to explore their own interests in hedgehogs and the natural world.

hedgehog worksheets

Hedgehog word search printable

The final worksheet is the hedgehog word search. We absolutely love word searches as they just add a little fun to each subject.

The hedgehog vocabulary words can be found, horizontally, vertically, frontwards, or backwards! Just to make it that much harder!

hedgehog word search

Tip: I recommend either using a highlighter pen or circling around the letters. Do not cross the letters out if you have found a word, as it may be used in another word!

There are 20 words included all relating to hedgehogs:

  • Ball – as they curl into a ball
  • Bird eggs – can be their dinner
  • Curl – as they love to curl up
  • Furzepig – another name for a hedgehog
  • Hedgehog
  • Hibernate – Hedgehogs usually hibernate from October/November through to March/April.
  • Mammal
  • Nocturnal – active at night
  • Seventeen – there are 17 species of hedgehogs
  • Snout – they have a snout for a nose
  • Spines – they have prickly spines
  • Berries – they eat them
  • Blind – they are born blind
  • Frogs – food (check out our life cycle of a frog worksheets)
  • Grass roots – food
  • Hedgepig – baby hedgehog
  • Insects – food
  • Mushrooms – food
  • Omnivore – an animal who eats both plants and animals
  • Snails – food

Have fun with all of our animal life cycle activities.

What is the life cycle of a hedgehog?

The life cycle of a hedgehog typically consists of several stages:

  1. Hedgehogs are born in litters, usually containing 3 to 7 hoglets (baby hedgehogs). They are born blind, with soft, white spines that eventually harden and darken. At birth, they are entirely dependent on their mother for warmth and nourishment.
  2. In the first few weeks of life, the hoglets continue to be cared for by their mother. They nurse for about four to seven weeks and start to open their eyes during this period. As they grow, their spines become more pronounced.
  3. After about six to eight weeks, the hoglets become more independent and venture out of the nest. They learn to forage for food on their own, consuming a diet of insects, small invertebrates, and sometimes fruits.
  4. During the late summer or early autumn, young hedgehogs reach adolescence. At this stage, they are relatively self-sufficient, and their spines have fully developed. Hedgehogs may start looking for territories of their own.
  5. Hedgehogs are known for their hibernation habits. As winter approaches, they seek a warm and safe place to hibernate, typically from November to March, depending on the climate and food availability. During hibernation, their body temperature drops, and they enter a state of dormancy to conserve energy.
  6. Hedgehogs reach adulthood at around one year of age. They become sexually mature and may start breeding. Hedgehogs can live for several years in the wild, with an average lifespan of 2-5 years, although some individuals have been known to live longer.
  7. In the spring, hedgehogs become active once more. They begin mating, and the females give birth to new litters of hoglets, continuing the cycle.

We love to add the Life Cycles book to our studies.

Best hedgehog books for kids

These are the best books about hedgehogs that can be enjoyed during your lessons this fall:

  1. The Hodgeheg is a classic children’s book that tells the heartwarming and adventurous story of Max. A young hedgehog who dreams of crossing the road safely to reach the park. Through Max’s journey, young readers learn about the challenges hedgehogs face in the urban environment and the importance of understanding their needs for protection.
  2. Hedgehugs is a delightful picture book that follows the adventures of Horace and Hattie, two hedgehog friends. The story celebrates friendship, teamwork, and problem-solving as the hedgehogs try to share a hug despite their prickly spines. The charming illustrations make it a hit with younger readers.


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Download the free life cycle of a hedgehog printables

If you are running short on time you can download ALL of our 23 life cycles for a small fee here. There are 247 pages over 23 different life cycles, including this one.

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables for kids work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

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