Best Games For Kids

Looking for the best games for kids to keep them entertained and engaged? Look no further!

Here at Homeschool of 1, we’ve compiled a list of top-notch games that are not only fun but also educational. Ensuring your children have a blast while learning valuable skills.

We’ve got board games for kids that teach various subjects and suit different ages. There are also games for one player and games for special occasions like holidays.

If you want to learn coding, we’ve got games for that too. Plus, there are free educational games that won’t cost you a thing.

And if you like mysteries, we’ve got escape room games where you can solve puzzles and go on adventures.

So, whether you’re a parent or a teacher, join us in exploring these awesome educational games that make learning fun!

best games for kids

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Top board games for kids

Let’s explore different board games that are not only fun but also help us learn new things. These are the best board games for kids that cover different ages and various subjects.

They not only help us with our schoolwork but also teach us how to work together, think, and solve problems.

Top board games

These are the most popular board games from followers of Homeschool of 1 in order:

Board games by age

Let’s take a journey through board games for every age. Whether you have little ones or teens, we’ll help you find the perfect game for your family.

We’ll explore games that are just right for each stage of childhood, making sure everyone has a great time.

From games for the smallest players to those for older kids, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the best family board games for every age group!

Emojito Game Review

Best board games by subject

In this journey through board games for kids, we’ll explore a variety of games that make learning enjoyable.

From math and numbers to history, geography, and science, there’s something exciting for everyone.

Whether your child is starting with kindergarten math games or going on epic adventures with pirate games, these games offer a fantastic way to have fun while learning.

So, let’s dive in and discover the wonderful world of board games!

trekking through history review

Single player games for kids

Welcome to the world of solo player games, where the fun doesn’t require a crowd!

These games are perfect for kids who want to play on their own, whether it’s with cards or on a board.

Playing Boggle in our homeschool of one

Seasonal games

Escape rooms

Step into the captivating world of escape rooms, where puzzles, mysteries, and adventures await!

Whether you’re searching for thrilling at-home escape room games or creative escape room puzzle ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Dive into themed escape rooms for special occasions, adding a unique and exciting twist to your holiday celebrations. Get ready to unlock the secrets and embark on unforgettable escape room adventures in the comfort of your own space!

Playing an escape room game at home as a one player game

Free printable games for kids

Have fun with these free printable games. We are constantly creating new ones and most of them are related to a holiday.

If you don’t want to have cupboards full of board games like I do, why not print out these printable board games instead?

These are perfect to play on the holidays and we have pretty much every holiday covered! All of our printable games are completely free too.

lego minifigure scavenger hunt

Educational games

We add educational games to our homeschool almost daily, whether they are online games, best educational board games, or coding fun.

But what is gameschooling? Gameschooling is a way of learning that uses games to help us understand and remember things. It’s like turning lessons into exciting adventures where we have fun while we learn. By using games in our homeschooling, we can make learning more enjoyable.

Check out the best homeschool board games!

Best educational games online

All of these online homeschool games are educational, but they are only used as a supplement to our best homeschooling resources.

There is a mix of educational game apps, learning games that can be played on an iPad plus educational computer games.

We have enjoyed playing all of these online educational games over the years.

  1. Adventure Academy: Ideal for elementary-aged children, Adventure Academy has been a hit in our homeschooling journey. For more details, explore our Adventure Academy reviews.
  2. ABCMouse: Designed for younger children, ABCMouse offers a similar experience to Adventure Academy. To learn more, check out our ABC Mouse review.
  3. Night Zookeeper: This game excels in language arts and encourages kids to express themselves through writing. Give it a try and see for yourself. For more details check out our Night Zookeeper review.
  4. Typesy: Typesy offers an extensive range of educational games within its homeschool typing curriculum, making it a valuable addition to our homeschooling toolkit.
  5. Alexa games for kids: Discover over 25 of the best Alexa games for kids, showcasing how Alexa can enhance the homeschooling experience.
  6. StemWerkz: Explore the world of digital STEM education through StemWerkz, an excellent resource for homeschooling.
  7. Engage your children in cool math games on Roblox, courtesy of Brainika, a fantastic addition to our homeschooling resources.
night zookeeper

Best coding games

Explore the exciting world of coding games, a fantastic way to learn and have fun at the same time!

These games offer an engaging and interactive way for kids of all ages to learn valuable coding skills.

lego gifts

Free educational games

Enjoy the world of free educational games, where learning meets entertainment without any cost.

While more free games will be added in the future, we’ve already reviewed some of the top options ideal for homeschooling.

Explore the exciting world of free typing games for kids, where kids can improve their typing skills while having fun.

Additionally, engage in free math games from Beast Academy, making math learning enjoyable and interactive.

These free resources provide valuable educational experiences for young learners, all without spending a dime.

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