The Best New Years Eve Activities For Kids

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Are you ready for some end-of-year fun? Check out all of the New Years Eve posts on Homeschool of One!  Scroll on down to see what I have!  As always I will be adding more free printables and holiday fun activities in the coming weeks and months.

If you homeschool as we do, or your kids go to school, you can have loads of fun with the kids in January.

Remember it is Martin Luther King Jr Day in January so get prepared early with these amazing resources.

New Years Eve Party

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Since having Freddie we have always enjoyed having our New Year’s Eve with him. So we have had to think of exciting games and New Years Eve fun to have with the kids. These are the best so far, but we will be adding lots of new content in the coming months.

When the New Years Eve fun is over get the kids to do their Christmas thank you cards. Download these for free and get the kids to color them in and send them to everyone who sent them a gift.

Monthly Calendar

Print out our monthly calendar and make sure you don’t miss out on all of the fun holidays throughout the year.

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