57 Free Kids Handprint Art Templates

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At Homeschool of 1, we are always looking for new ways to create happy memories. These kids handprint art templates are a great way to do that.

When it comes to crafting with kids, handprints are a go-to favorite.

There’s something undeniably precious about those tiny hands leaving their unique mark on a piece of art.

And what’s even better? We’ve got you covered with free templates that will take your handprint crafts to a whole new level!

Whether you’re looking to create personalized gifts, decorate the house, or simply have a fun-filled afternoon. These handprint templates will spark your child’s creativity and make the process a breeze.

From adorable animals to Christmas gnomes, there’s a template for every interest and occasion.

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kids handprint art

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What is the best paint for handprints?

We have used many different paints over the years but our favorite paint for kid’s handprints is Crayola (these Colorations are a close second.)

green and red handprint

There are a few other supplies you will need to create wonderful keepsakes:

handprint art bundle


Handprint alphabet art

When it comes to teaching young ones the alphabet, traditional methods can sometimes be a bit dull. But fear not! Our alphabet handprint templates are here to save the day.

With this alphabet handprint art, your child can transform their handprints into pictures that begin with each letter. Making learning the ABCs a hands-on and memorable experience.

You can save time and purchase all of the alphabet templates for a small fee. Or you can download them individually for free:

Explore the world of fruits with our a is for apple handprint template.

Buzz into creativity with our b is for bee handprint template.

With the letter c handprint craft children can learn about various objects starting with C.

Bring prehistoric creatures to life with our dinosaur handprint template.

Discover the animal kingdom with the e is for elephant handprint template.

Dive into an underwater adventure with the f is for fish handprint template.

Get creative with our g is for goose handprint template, perfect for learning about birds.

H’s world is at your fingertips with our letter h handprint craft.

Our ice cream handprint template is a sweet way to have fun with art.

Alphabet bundle


Create a sea-themed masterpiece with our jellyfish handprint template.

Let imaginations soar with our kite handprint template.

Roar into fun with our lion handprint template, great for jungle-themed activities.

Hang out with our m is for monkey handprint art for a wild crafting time.

Nest-building becomes fun with the n is for nest handprint template.

Octopus adventures await with the o is for octopus handprint template.

Our peacock handprint template brings a burst of colorful art to life.


Reign supreme in creativity with the q is for queen handprint template.

Hop into fun with our rabbit handprint template.

Illuminate your day with our sun handprint template, perfect for brightening up any room.

Nature is at your fingertips with our tree handprint template.

Rainy days become fun with our umbrella handprint template.

Create a unique ‘V’ shape with our letter v handprint craft.

Fly high in imagination with our letter w handprint craft.

Explore the skeletal system with our x-ray handprint template.

Set sail on a crafting journey with our yacht handprint template.

Stripe up some fun with our zebra handprint template.

Holiday handprint art

Get ready to spread some festive cheer with holiday handprint art!

From Valentine’s hearts to Christmas reindeer, these handprint crafts will add a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations.

Join us as we explore creative and fun ways to capture those tiny hands in art for special occasions throughout the year.

  1. Create happy memories with your kids as they become one year older with our free birthday handprint art.
  2. Valentine’s Day handprint templates. Capture the essence of love and affection with designs like heart wreaths and flowers, turning your child’s handprints into sentimental Valentine’s Day gifts.
  3. St Patrick’s Day handprint templates. From leprechauns to shamrocks, these templates add a touch of Irish luck to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, using the unique charm of handprints.
  4. Have fun on St Patrick’s Day with our free Leprechaun handprint art and create some happy memories.
  5. Spring handprint templates. Welcome the season of renewal with spring-themed art with blooming flowers, all created from the delicate imprint of your child’s hand.
  6. Celebrate the season with Easter handprint art, a creative way to make lasting memories with your little ones.
  7. Learn about the environment as you celebrate Earth Day with our Earth Day handprint art worksheets.
  8. May the force be with you with our fun Star Wars handprint art printables.
  9. Have fun with a Mexico theme with our free Cinco de Mayo handprint art templates.
  10. Mother’s Day handprint art. Show appreciation for moms with handprint crafts that can be turned into cards, wall art, or keepsakes, each symbolizing the warmth and love of a mother’s touch.
  11. Father’s Day handprint templates. Celebrate dads with templates that are perfect for creating memorable gifts, from handprint portraits to designs that reflect a father’s hobbies or interests.
  12. Summer handprint art templates. Embrace the vibrancy of summer with fun and colorful designs like suns, beach scenes, and sea creatures, all brought to life through playful handprints.
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Halloween handprint art

Dive into the spirit of Halloween with our collection of Halloween handprint art. We’ve crafted a special Halloween handprint bundle that brings together 14 uniquely spooky handprint templates, perfect for Halloween crafting. This bundle is a one-stop solution for all your Halloween art needs, making it super convenient and fun.


halloween handprint templates

Alternatively, if you prefer to pick and choose, each of these eerie and adorable designs is also available for individual download at no cost:

mummy handprint craft
  1. Frankenstein handprint template. Transform your little one’s handprint into the iconic Frankenstein monster, complete with stitches and bolts for a classic Halloween vibe.
  2. Grim Reaper handprint template. Craft a chilling Grim Reaper design, using handprints to create the cloak and scythe of this spooky figure.
  3. Mummy handprint template. Wrap up some fun with a mummy template that turns handprints into a bandaged, eerie creation.
  4. Bat handprint craft template. Fly into the night with a bat template, where handprints form the wings of these nocturnal creatures.
  5. Owl handprint template. Create a wise and mysterious owl, using handprints to mimic the feathers and wings of this Halloween night bird.
  6. Ghost handprint template. A simple yet classic ghost design, where each handprint makes a friendly or spooky specter.
  7. Halloween witch’s broom handprint template. Craft a witch’s essential ride with this template, turning handprints into broom bristles.
  8. Spider handprint art template. Weave a web of fun with a spider template, where handprints become the eight creepy legs.
  9. Pumpkin handprint template. Carve out some creativity with a pumpkin design, ideal for creating that Halloween jack-o’-lantern look.
  10. Cat handprint craft template. Create a black cat or a magical feline companion for your Halloween adventures, using handprints for the body and tail.

Thanksgiving handprint art

Celebrate the warmth and richness of autumn with our collection of Thanksgiving handprint templates.

These delightful templates allow you and your little ones to create charming, personalized art that embodies the spirit of the season. Whether for decorating your home, creating gifts, or engaging in a fun family activity. These handprint crafts are perfect for Thanksgiving and the entire fall season.

thanksgiving handprint turkey

Christmas handprint art

Embrace the festive spirit of Christmas with our enchanting collection of Christmas handprint printables. Perfect for holiday crafting, these templates turn your child’s handprints into delightful Christmas-themed art.

We offer an easy way to access all of our 12 unique Christmas handprint printables in a bundle, providing a variety of designs to keep the holiday spirit alive.


christmas handprint bundle

For those who prefer to pick individual designs, each of our charming templates is also available for free download:

gnome handprint
  1. Gnome handprint template. Transform handprints into adorable gnome figures, complete with festive hats and beards, adding a touch of whimsy to your Christmas decor.
  2. Handprint Christmas tree template. Create a unique Christmas tree using handprints, allowing kids to decorate their tree prints with ornaments, stars, and lights.
  3. Snowman handprint craft template. Build a frosty friend with our snowman template, where handprints become the snowman’s body, ready to be adorned with hats, scarves, and carrot noses.
  4. Reindeer handprint craft template. Turn little hands into the antlers of a reindeer, perfect for creating Rudolph and his friends, complete with red noses and jingling bells.
  5. Santa handprint template. Craft a jolly Santa Claus with handprints forming his rosy cheeks and beard, a fun addition to any Christmas project.
  6. Handprint snow globe template. Encapsulate a winter wonderland scene within a handprint snow globe, a creative way to capture the magic of the season.
  7. Penguin handprint template. Create a cute penguin with handprints, perfect for celebrating the chillier aspects of the holiday season.
  8. Angel handprint craft template. Use handprints to form the wings of an angel, creating a heavenly piece that reflects the peace and joy of Christmas.

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