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We literally have books everywhere in our home. My son even before he could read, would have his head in a book of some kind. I am going to share with you our favorite book lists for kids.

The easiest way to encourage children to read is to make it fun. If they are 10 years old and want to read a picture book then that’s great. If they are 5 years old and want to “read” Harry Potter that is ok too.

Don’t get too hung up on what books they should be reading. Just take their lead. My son went through a stage when he would only read comics, and another when he would only read Marvel, DC, or Star Wars encyclopedias.

On his Christmas list (and still now he is older) there will always be at least 10 books he wants!

Carry on reading for our best book lists for kids and book printables that will help you. If you have older children why not show them the reading lists (my son has read literally ALL of these books, so feel free to ask me any questions that you or your child may have.)

A lot of these books are definitely focused on boys. At Homeschool of One, I only have Freddie! So I am not going to pretend I know what girls read, I know all of my son’s “girl” friends would read everything on these lists, and I really don’t mean they are not appropriate for girls, they are just what I know Freddie likes. Maybe I should have called them 100 books for 9 year olds that my son loves!

These kid’s book posts are in the following order:

  • Book lists for kids
  • Seasonal book lists
  • Best educational books
  • Book printables
  • Reading tips
  • Kids authors
  • Bookmarks to color in

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The best kids books plus free book printables

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Reading Books for Kids

These are the best reading books my son has read over the years, so they are definitely more aimed at boys, however, of course girls will love them too!

Homeschool Books

These are the best educational books for kids of all ages.

Holiday Book Lists

From Presidents Day through to Christmas we have you covered on our favorite seasonal books the kids will love.

Book Printables

Download all of our free book printables perfect for both school and homeschool.

Reading Tips

Encouraging children to read from an early age is one of the most important things we should do for our children,

Kids Authors

Our favorite kid's authors are:

Roald Dahl

William Shakespeare - is not typically thought of as a kid's author, but if you start to introduce the Bard early enough the kids will absolutely love his works.

Barry Loser Author - Jim Smith


Download our free printable bookmarks to color that the kids can enjoy coloring in and adding to their favorite books, or giving as personalized gifts.

Books for Mom

Check out the best books for homeschool moms.

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