12 of the Best Butterfly Books for Kids

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If you are looking for the very best butterfly books for kids you are in the right place.

These 12 books are perfect for when you are studying the life cycle of a butterfly, or are just looking for a beautiful picture book.

As you begin preparing your spring and summer activities, be sure to make time to teach your preschoolers and K-5 grade students about butterflies. Their life cycle is such a wonderful story no wonder there are so many butterfly picture books to be found.

There is a mixture of wonderful picture books, read-alouds, reference books, and activity books all about the butterfly.

Butterfly books for kids

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Butterfly Books for Kids

Here you will find the very best butterfly books for kids, perfect for homeschool and classrooms. These are aimed at preschoolers, kindergarten, and grades 1 -5. Some of these books will need to be adapted for younger or older students.

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