Life Cycle Worksheets Free Science Printables

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Are you looking for free life cycle worksheets? If so you are in the right place.

These free homeschool printables are aimed at kids in grades K-5, but can of course be adapted for older or younger students.

These are all no-preparation worksheets, so no need to plan your next lesson for hours! Just grab our free life science activity sheets and hand them out to the kids.


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Life cycle books for kids

We love to add books to all of our unit studies, and learning about life cycles even more so. These are our favorite books about life cycles the kids will love:

Life Cycles everything from start to finish. Get ready to dive into the wonders of nature! This book takes you on an exciting journey, showing how plants and animals grow and change. From tiny seeds to beautiful butterflies, explore the incredible life cycles happening all around us. If you only get one book, this is the one!

Science Vocabulary Readers Set: Life Cycles. Join the adventure of learning with this awesome set of books! Discover the magic of life cycles through captivating stories and cool illustrations. From pollination to hatching, these books will make you a life cycle expert in no time!

Water cycle. Ever wondered how rainbows appear and why it rains? Look no further! This book reveals the secret behind the water cycle. Follow water droplets as they travel from the ground to the sky and back again, making our world a watery wonderland.

If you are studying the life cycle of a butterfly these are the best butterfly books for kids, including fiction and non-fiction.

Life cycle activities for kids

These free worksheets are great, but most kids learn best by seeing and touching. Therefore, I highly recommend adding some hands-on life cycle activities too. These are some of the best we have used in the past:

Butterfly garden we did this for 3 years in a row. It was wonderful actually witnessing the life cycle of a butterfly in person.

Life cycle matching card set: Contains 3 sets of plastic animals including a frog, ladybug, and butterfly! It helps demonstrate the life cycle of animals with beautiful 3D designs that entice kids to learn!

Giant magnetic plant life cycle let the kids add the magnets to the whiteboard as they learn all about the life cycle of plants.



Animal life cycles for kids

These animal life cycle activities explore the incredible transformations that animals undergo as they progress from birth to adulthood.

From the metamorphosis of butterflies to the hatching of chicks, these worksheets provide a hands-on approach to understanding the different stages of growth and development in various animal species.

So, let’s dive in and discover the wonders of the animal kingdom together!

Insect life cycle

Discover the tiny, buzzing world of insects (and spiders) with our insect life cycle printables!

These activities take you on a journey to explore how insects like ants, bees, butterflies, and ladybugs, as well as spiders, grow and change from their first moments as eggs to their final forms as adults.

You’ll learn about each stage of their lives, from hatching out of an egg, growing into larvae or nymphs, and then transforming into the adult creatures we often see fluttering in the air or crawling on the ground.

Each worksheet is a window into the fascinating process of metamorphosis for butterflies and ladybugs. And the unique development of other creatures like ants, bees, and spiders.

These worksheets are perfect for sparking a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world in young learners.


Aquatic and amphibian life cycles

Dive into the underwater and marshy worlds with our aquatic and amphibian life cycle worksheets!

These sheets are all about discovering the incredible journeys that creatures like crabs, frogs, and sea turtles embark on from the moment they are born.

You’ll get to learn how these animals start their lives, often hatching from eggs, and watch as they grow and change, sometimes dramatically, into adults.

Whether it’s a frog transforming from a tadpole or a sea turtle making its first trek to the sea, each worksheet is an adventure into learning how these animals adapt and thrive in their watery homes.

Perfect for young learners curious about the natural world, these worksheets make exploring life cycles both educational and fun.


Bird life cycle

Dive into the fascinating world of birds with our engaging bird life cycle worksheets!

These activities are designed to spark curiosity and provide a deep dive into the life stages of various birds.

Each worksheet is a journey through the unique lifecycle of birds, capturing the imagination with the transformation from a tiny egg to a fully grown bird.

Perfect for young explorers eager to learn about the natural world, these worksheets offer a peek into the incredible process of bird development.

turkey life cycle craft

Mammal life cycle

Jump into the exciting world of mammals with our special life cycle worksheets!

These sheets are packed with fun ways to learn about how different mammals grow from babies to grown-ups.

You’ll get to see the steps they go through as they get bigger and learn to take care of themselves.

Each worksheet is a new adventure, showing you the secret lives of these animals without leaving your home or classroom.

It’s perfect for curious minds ready to explore the wonders of nature and discover how life works for these amazing creatures.

Natural life cycle worksheets

Get ready to explore the amazing journey of plants, from tiny seeds to blooming flowers. With these fun plant life cycle activities.

We’ll also dive into the wild world of pumpkins, from seed to spooky season superstar.

Plus, we’ll rock your world with cool rock cycle worksheets and uncover the secrets of the water cycle, where H2O goes on a crazy adventure.

So buckle up and let’s have some fun learning about these fascinating cycles!


Life cycle coloring pages

Get ready for a colorful adventure through nature with our life cycle coloring worksheets! These free kid’s coloring pages let you bring to life the amazing journeys of different creatures and plants. Grab your crayons and explore:

frog life cycle free coloring page

These coloring sheets are not just fun; they’re a great way to learn about how life grows and changes around us. Perfect for a rainy day activity, classroom resource, or a quiet time project. Let your creativity bloom and color your way through the cycles of life!

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