Free Homeschool Printables (Over 500 Worksheets)

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As we all know homeschooling can be expensive. My mission at Homeschool Of 1 is to create as many free resources as possible. We currently have over 500 free homeschool printables for kids.

These printable activities make learning fun and definitely not boring. If kids are just doing the same workbooks every day, they will become bored very quickly.

From handy homeschool planners and cool American Government resources to fun geography worksheets, alphabet activities, science goodies, math games, writing prompts, money lessons, and sign language practice.

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homeschool printables free

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Free Educational Worksheets

Boost learning fun with our free educational printables, perfect for both the classroom and homeschool.

From exploring the Bill of Rights to learning about the phases of the moon, these free printables will make learning fun and interactive for kids of all ages.

Get ready to level up your educational adventures

Incorporate the free homeschool printables into your homeschool curriculum or lesson plans to bring some extra fun and learning to your homeschooling adventures!

We also have over 100 free kids coloring pages which are not included below.

Free Homeschool Planners

Looking for a way to stay organized and conquer your homeschooling journey like a boss?

From keeping track of lessons and schedules to managing assignments and goals. These planners are your secret weapon to homeschooling success.

homeschool planner folder

American Government Worksheets

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with Bill of Rights coloring pages and sharpen your detective skills with a Bill of Rights word search.

From government worksheets to Supreme Court insights, Constitution coloring pages to Declaration of Independence explorations, and even Pledge of Allegiance and Flag Day worksheets. These printables will make learning about the American government a blast!

bill of rights poster

Get your red, white, and blue pencils ready!

government unit study


American President and Founding Fathers

Step into the shoes of great leaders with our collection of engaging resources on American Presidents and Founding Fathers!

Let the presidential adventures begin!

founding fathers coloring worksheets
usa presidents bundle


Geography Printables

Prepare for an exciting journey through our geography printables.

From Statue of Liberty worksheets to Asia, North America, and Europe worksheets, we’ve got something for everyone.

Dive into state facts, explore American landmarks, and unleash your creativity with the United States and Ukraine coloring pages.

Learning has never been this fun!

We have a lot of free printable geography worksheets and these are our top 5 most downloaded:

great wall of china coloring page

Check out the best free homeschool curriculum too!

Alphabet Worksheets

These alphabet printables offer a world of letters and fun.

From developing fine motor skills and creativity with handprint art to strengthening letter recognition and focus through coloring pages, these activities have it all.

With themed activities for different seasons and an emphasis on language development and early literacy skills, the kids will learn their ABCs in no time.

back to school alphabet worksheets letter a

Winter alphabet worksheetsWinter alphabet worksheetsAlphabet coloring pages & handprint bundleAlphabet coloring pages & handprint bundlePirate alphabet worksheetsPirate alphabet worksheets


Preschool Worksheets

Ignite your child’s curiosity and love for learning with our collection of engaging free preschool printables.

alphabet maze frog

Book Printables

Calling all bookworms and literature lovers!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of books with our book related printables.

From reading logs to book reports and fun activities like scavenger hunts and book bingo. These printables offer endless opportunities to enhance your kids reading experience.

book review bookmark printable

Greek Mythology Printables

Prepare to embark on an epic journey through Greek Mythology.

Explore the intricate connections of the gods with the Greek Gods family tree, test your knowledge with a challenging word search, and unravel the mysteries with a thrilling word scramble.

Greek Gods coloring pages

Free Science Printables

Our science worksheets cover a range of topics, including body systems, human bodies, animal anatomy, weather, and life cycles.

Engage in interactive homeschool activities like labeling body systems, word searches, coloring pages, and identifying parts of animals.

Explore the wonders of science and expand your knowledge with these engaging worksheets.

We have a lot of free printable science worksheets and these are our top 5 most downloaded:

life cycle of a honey bee coloring page
homeschool of 1 membership

Free Math Printables

Get ready for some math fun with our free math worksheets!

From order of operations and sudoku puzzles to Pi Day activities. There’s something for everyone.

missing numbers 1-20 rain drops

Language Arts Printables

Encourage the kids to write with these free writing prompts, there is at least one for every holiday.

free 1st grade printable writing prompts

Financial Literacy Printables

Get the kids to learn financial literacy early with these free money printables.

identifying coins and their values

Sign Language Worksheets

Have fun with ASL and fine art with these fun coloring pages.

asl worksheets

High School Printables

We will be adding more high school printables over the coming months.

Seasonal Educational Printables

See what educational holiday activities for kids we have, there is something for every holiday though!

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