Mother’s Day Printables & Gift Ideas

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If you are looking for free Mother’s Day printables then you are going to love these.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the US, however, in the UK (where my mom lives) it is on the 4th Sunday in Lent (normally around the middle of March).

Treating mom doesn’t have to be expensive. Download our free Mother’s Day printables and show her how much she is loved.

These are broken down into Mother’s Day holiday activities for kids and gift ideas for moms.

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mother's day printables for kids

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Mother’s Day gift ideas

If you are struggling to get mom a special treat this year you are going to love these Mother’s Day gift ideas. There is something for all moms and with all budgets:

Mother’s Day worksheets

When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day with some educational fun, there are several worksheets that can engage children in a creative and reflective way. These worksheets not only serve as enjoyable activities but also provide a great opportunity for kids to express their love and appreciation for their mothers.

  1. This all about my mom printable prompts children to fill in details about their moms. Such as their favorite activities, qualities, and what they love most about her. It encourages self-expression and thoughtful reflection.
  2. A Mother’s Day word search printable is great for helping kids improve their vocabulary while enjoying the thrill of discovery.
  3. This Mother’s Day word scramble involves unscrambling jumbled letters to form Mother’s Day-themed words. It challenges kids’ problem-solving skills and language abilities.
  4. Use our free Mother’s Day acrostic poem templates as an excellent exercise for nurturing creativity. Children create poems using the letters of their mother’s name, emphasizing various qualities and feelings they associate with her.

Mother’s Day arts and crafts

Crafts offer a hands-on approach for children to express their love and appreciation through creative means. These Mother’s Day arts and crafts projects can be both fun and sentimental.

  1. These Mother’s Day coloring cards allow children to personalize their greetings by coloring them and adding heartfelt messages. It’s a simple yet meaningful way for kids to show their love.
  2. This classic Mother’s Day handprint art involves making a keepsake with a child’s handprint as the centerpiece. It can be transformed into various items like cards, paintings, or even framed art, serving as a cherished memento.
  3. Although not exclusive to Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day printables can also be adapted for mothers. These activities encourage kids to connect with their grandparents or mothers.
mother's day handprint tree art

Mother’s Day printable games

Our free Mother’s Day bingo printable offers a creative spin on the classic game of bingo, tailoring it to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The Mother’s Day scavenger hunt is a fun way to engage kids in an interactive adventure, creating a memorable experience for both mother and child.

Have fun with the entire family with our free Mother’s Day scattergories game.

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