41 Best Unusual Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys (2024)

Finding unusual gifts for 9 year old boys is no easy task.

They are not yet teenagers, but they are no longer happy with simple toys. In fact, for us, this has been the hardest year.

All of these gifts have been on my son’s Christmas wish list, so I know they are all approved by a 9 year old boy!

These Christmas gifts for boys are broken down into, kid’s merchandise, educational gifts (we homeschool so we always add in a few educational presents), toys for 9 year olds, sporting gifts, and electronic gifts for kids. So there is something for everyone and for every budget.

A collage showcasing over 40 unusual gifts for 9-year-old boys, including a glowing basketball, a 3D drawing pen, a rechargeable puzzle game cube, and themed board games

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What do 9 year old boys like?

Well, that is the age old question and not an easy one to answer.

While each individual may have unique tastes, many 9 year old boys tend to gravitate towards a mix of activities and hobbies.

Adventure filled outdoor games, sports, interactive video games, building sets, creative arts and crafts, and exploring new worlds through books or educational kits often capture their attention.

Nurturing their curiosity and providing a balance between physical activities and intellectual engagement can help uncover what truly resonates with them.

Childrens Christmas Tree in boys bedroom

Top gifts for 9 year old boys

Before I go into the huge gift guide I wanted to share my son’s top 10 gifts for 9 year old boys:

  1. Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Dodgeball
  2. Lego (check out all our favorite gifts for Lego lovers)
  3. Super Mario Bros Wonder
  4. Exploding Kittens
  5. Personalized Minecraft hoodie
  6. Fitbit Activity Tracker for kids
  7. Harry Potter Clue
  8. Mel Science
  9. Nintendo Switch Lite
  10. 3D Pen

Best gift ideas for 9 year old boys

Finding the perfect gifts for 9 year old boys can be an exciting yet challenging task.

From the best toys for 9 year old boys that spark creativity to engaging games that encourage learning. This curated list offers a variety of thoughtful and entertaining gift ideas, that are sure to captivate their youthful spirit and bring smiles to their faces.

Kids merchandise

Dive into the vibrant realm of kids’ merchandise. Where popular trends like Among Us, TikTok, Fortnite, and the imaginative world of Minecraft come together to offer a wide array of enticing options for young enthusiasts.

From clothing and accessories to toys and collectibles. These captivating choices reflect the diverse interests of kids, making for awesome gifts.

Educational toys for 9 year olds

We always buy something educational as a Christmas and birthday present, but now my son is homeschooled it is even more important that we continue this.

Books for 9 year old boys

Geography gifts for kids

Gifts for history lovers

Gifts for kids who love art

Coding gifts for tweens

Gift ideas for 9 year old boy who likes sports

Energize a 9 year old sports enthusiast with gifts like sports equipment or outdoor sets, encouraging active play and immersive experiences in his favorite games. Elevate his sports passion with unique presents that combine entertainment, learning, and hands-on activities.

Basketball gifts for boys

Sports gifts for boys

Toys for 9 year old boys

We absolutely love educational board games and often can be found on a weekend at the kitchen table playing.

These are some great toys for a Christmas or birthday gift.

Electronic gifts for 9 year old boy

Elevate their playtime with electronic gifts tailored for 9 year olds.

From interactive gaming consoles and video games to tech-savvy gadgets, these offerings introduce them to a world of digital adventures while fostering learning and entertainment.

Unique gifts for 9 year old boys

Discover a world of creativity and excitement with our curated collection of unusual gifts for 9 year old boys. From innovative games that challenge their minds to unique gadgets that spark their imagination, these gifts are sure to delight and captivate their youthful spirits.

Christmas gift ideas for different ages

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  1. Nice guide! I like the look of that coding robot, and the dart board! Although I’d say that at 9, I was already using a ´proper´dart board. This will leave less holes in the wall though, lol!
    I also like the look of the chemistry set, although I’m not sure if our boy is ready for that level of learning yet. Would like to add too that we’ve got a big keyboard and that’s something I’m very happy we bought, some years ago. Music is important to us! xx

    1. A proper dart board!! Well to be honest I was thinking that, but I like my walls too much!! Thats great to know about the keyboard too, I am sure we are all going to love it 🙂 x

  2. Never considered that a dartboard can help brush up maths skills – great idea! My son’s only three, so too young right now, but I might try to get one for myself in the house under the guise of helping my own terrible maths skills!

  3. My oldest son is 5 years old so I think most of these are still a little too old for him. However, he has mentioned Fortnite and Hello Neighbor a few times to me (thanks to YouTube), but I think he is still a bit too young for those. Am I wrong? Awesome post.

    1. Fortnite is so addictive, and is rated a 12. I gave in about 6 months ago with my 8 year old (as all of his friends were playing it) BUT it is all he talks about. DON’T DO IT!! Hello Neighbour I think is only rated a 7, so that might be a bit better. 🙂 xx

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