31 Best Unusual Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys (Updated 2023)

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Finding gift ideas for a 9 year old boy is no easy task.

They are not yet teenagers, but they are no longer happy with simple toys. In fact, for us, this has been the hardest year.

All of these gifts have been on Freddies Christmas gift list, so I know they are all APPROVED by a 9 year old boy!

These Christmas gifts for boys are broken down into, Fortnite gifts, educational gifts (we homeschool so we always add in a few educational presents), toys for 9 year olds, sporting gifts, and electronic gifts for kids. So there is something for everyone and for every budget.

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Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Boys

Kids Merchandise

Among Us merchandise is super popular with 9-year-olds, check out all of their merch on Etsy.

TikTok Merch

I know Fortnite is a 12 rating, however, I think every 9 year old even if they don’t play it certainly know a lot of the dances! I love these Fortnite gifts and they are already on Freddie’s wish list.

DanTDM youtube merch

Minecraft merch from Etsy or for lots more Minecraft goodies check out Amazon here.

Educational Toys for 9 year olds

We always buy something educational as a Christmas and birthday present, but now Freddie is homeschooled it is even more important that we continue this.

Mel Science has put together an amazing Christmas bundle this year. This comes with a starter kit with quality lab equipment, and a VR headset to access exclusive VR lessons. Plus a whole pack of Christmas science experiments: 3 Chemistry kits, 1 Physics kit, and 1 STEM project.

Check out our Mel Science review, but make sure you use code 5BOXES to get 5 boxes free on the annual subscription. Or use code YEAR50 for 50% off an annual subscription. Or use code BOGO to get one box free with the first box ordered.

LEGO Marvel Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem is a perfect fun and educational gift this year, and in fact, even Amazon has added it as one of the top picks!

Lego Gear Bots Science/STEM Activity Kit this book will keep the kids quiet for hours as they make robots with their lego!

National Geographic Earth Science Kit – Over 15 science experiments and STEM activities, including the erupting volcano experiment!

Osmo Genius Starter Kit for iPad – we have reviewed two of these Osmo kits and we love them. Check out our Osmo reviews.

Piano – This is a great electronic keyboard, and we will be using Youtube tutorials in our school day to learn how to play. If you are looking for online piano lessons for kids check out our recent post.

Botley Coding Robot – This is aimed at slightly younger children however, we absolutely love it. We have reviewed a number of coding products, but the reason we have included this, is you actually see the robot move. Freddie loved it, and as he is coming up to 9 in December I thought we would add it. But this is suitable for children 5 and above.

Reading Books – We have reading books in every room in our house and Freddie loves reading. Check out over 100 books for boys aged 9 – 12.

Gift ideas for 9 year old boy who likes sports

Skipping Rope – Freddie has been asking for a skipping rope a lot recently as he has been told that boxers use them for fitness! So this digital skipping rope is just perfect.

Fitbit Ace – We both have a Fitbit, and a number of his friends have a similar product. So Freddie is desperate for his own Fitbit, mainly so he can beat his dad and I. We are a very competitive household so I am hoping it will also encourage me to do more!!

Skateboard – We just love this skateboard, it is “sic” according to Freddie!! We have a skateboard park within our park in the next village so this is going to be used a lot. It is of excellent quality and we both highly recommend it.

9 year old boy holding a skateboard

Nerf Guns – I am going to start by saying, I absolutely HATE guns! Especially these, as everywhere I seem to look I can find Nerf bullets! However, Freddie absolutely loves them! One of his friends had a nerf gun party in their garden and ever since he has been asking for more guns!!!

Dart Board  This, of course, isn’t a traditional dartboard, I have not gone completely mad. But as it will be great to help with maths, without thinking he is actually learning, is always a plus in my book!

Toys For 9 Year Old Boys

We absolutely love educational board games and often can be found on a weekend at the kitchen table playing. These are some great toys for a Christmas gift.

Monopoly – We already have monopoly junior and an old version of the credit card monopoly. Freddie loves playing it, but as this Fortnite version is coming out this is a must!

Harry Potter Clue – We love playing Clue, and like monopoly, we already have 2 versions. But as we play a lot of board games as a family this Harry Potter edition looks perfect.

King of Tokyo – This is a great game, and we really enjoyed playing it. You take it in turns to roll the dice and the first to get to 20 points wins the game. It’s a fairly quick game to play, but it is lots of fun, and there is nothing else like this on the market.

Scotland Yard Game – we have not played this, however, Freddie has added it to his wishlist already after seeing it in a catalog. The reviews we have seen on this appear to be good as well, which is why I have added it.

Electronic gifts for kids

Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Mario Pop. This will make an amazing gift for a 9 year old boy, it is so bright and colorful they will love it.

Mouse Mat – I love the look of this mouse mat, it is colorful and just perfect for when he is working on his PC.

Nintendo Switch Games – Like most 9 year olds Freddie loves video games, this Super Mario 3d World switch game ticks all the boxes! It has only recently come out on the Nintendo switch so it has been added to his Christmas and Birthday wish list.

Wireless Headset as he is now turning 9, I have refused up until now, I am finally allowing him to get a wireless headset and speaker for his Switch. Of course, he is still only allowed to communicate with his friends, but as all of his friends have one, I am just giving in!

Alexa Dot – We already have one of these, and they are just great. We have Sonos speakers throughout the house and they can be controlled with the Alexa Dot. We are going to get this and put it in Freddie’s game room.

Kids Smart Watch – we highly recommend Cosmo Smart Watch for kids (check out our review here). There is a promo code for 20% off (can be used on Amazon too!) with code: HOMESCHOOL80 (this is exclusive for our readers.)

Unusual Gifts for Boys

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) 2. More exciting than a video game, this boredom-busting book is an explosion of information about sensational topics kids love.

Lego City  – As ever, Lego is always on the Christmas wish list, and this year is no different. Check out the absolute best challenging Lego sets that we have created.

Shooting Game – 2pk Foam Ball Popper Air Guns & Shooting Target & 24 Foam Balls

What gifts for 9 year old boys have I missed from this gift list? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Nice guide! I like the look of that coding robot, and the dart board! Although I’d say that at 9, I was already using a ´proper´dart board. This will leave less holes in the wall though, lol!
    I also like the look of the chemistry set, although I’m not sure if our boy is ready for that level of learning yet. Would like to add too that we’ve got a big keyboard and that’s something I’m very happy we bought, some years ago. Music is important to us! xx

    1. A proper dart board!! Well to be honest I was thinking that, but I like my walls too much!! Thats great to know about the keyboard too, I am sure we are all going to love it 🙂 x

  2. Never considered that a dartboard can help brush up maths skills – great idea! My son’s only three, so too young right now, but I might try to get one for myself in the house under the guise of helping my own terrible maths skills!

  3. My oldest son is 5 years old so I think most of these are still a little too old for him. However, he has mentioned Fortnite and Hello Neighbor a few times to me (thanks to YouTube), but I think he is still a bit too young for those. Am I wrong? Awesome post.

    1. Fortnite is so addictive, and is rated a 12. I gave in about 6 months ago with my 8 year old (as all of his friends were playing it) BUT it is all he talks about. DON’T DO IT!! Hello Neighbour I think is only rated a 7, so that might be a bit better. 🙂 xx

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