100 of the Best Books for 9 Year Old Boys Approved by Both Kids & Mom

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I have compiled over 100 of the best books for 9 year old boys to enjoy that moms will approve of.

We have been really lucky and Freddie has always enjoyed reading. Even as a young baby, he would always enjoy looking through soft books. Fast forward 8 years and he still absolutely loves reading all types of kids books.

We have books in every room of the house, from reference books to reading books. If you are looking for a fun way to get kids reading, why not play the book bingo game with them. The benefits of reading books are such an integral part of children’s lives. Check out over 15 ways to encourage kids to read more.

When we have completed a book Freddie always writes a book report. We do this for three reasons, one is for our homeschool portfolio, two is to ensure he understood the book and lastly is to get him writing! If you are looking for a book report template grab our FREE printable.

Read on to find out our 100 favorite books for 9 -12 year olds. If you are looking for books for 13 year old boys check out our latest post.

Over 100 of the best books for 9 year old boys, broken down into subjects.

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Books for 9 Year Old Boys

Finding the right book can be hard, but we have broken this huge list of books into different sections:

  • Book series
  • Nature books
  • Joke books
  • Educational books
  • History books
  • Geography books
  • Activity books
  • Reference books

If your child does not typically read, but loves dinosaurs, then head straight to the nature book section. Encourage them to read, any type of book, it doesn’t need to be a book series. We love them all in our home, but we know lots of children who prefer non-fiction books. That’s ok!

Book Series for 9 Year Old Boy

If like me you like buying books in bulk (as it is cheaper!!) I highly recommend all of these book series. We have had the pleasure of interviewing the author of the Barry Loser books, please check it out.

Middle School Box Set– James Patterson

Roald Dahl Collection – 16 books it is Roald Dahl Day on September 13th check out our favorite activities.

Harry Potter Books 1-7 (these books also appear in his favorite books for 13 year olds too!)

Hogwarts Express

The World of David Walliams

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Michael Morpurgo

The Treehouse Storey Books

Beast Quest The Hero Collection

Horrid Henry

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Captain Underpants

The Last Kids on Earth

Big Nate Series

Tom Gates That’s Me

Theodore Boone Box Set

Jim Smith’s Barry Loser

Barry Loser Books Author Jim Smith Exclusive Interview

Below are our absolute favorite storybooks that don’t yet have a series. But Gordon Korman is so far one of our favorite authors.



To Wee or Not to Wee (if you are thinking of how to teach your child Shakespeare check out our recent post)

Nature Books for Kids

The best nature books for tweens

If your kids don’t enjoy reading, these books might be a great way to encourage them. The Deadly 60 book was one of Freddie’s favorites, and he loved sharing with us how deadly the animals were.


Deadly 60

Last Chance to See

101 Outdoor Adventures to have before you grow up

Exploring Nature activity book

Joke Books for 9 Year Olds

The best joke books for 9 year old boys

You can’t beat a good joke book! These are all aimed at children and will have you and them laughing out loud. Well, that is apart from the would you rather book, I have included the Eww edition, as Freddie loved it. But it is disgusting!!

Silly Jokes for Kids

Would You Rather

Laugh out loud jokes

Educational Books for 9 Year Olds

The best educational books for kids over the age of 8 #books #kidsbooks #education

As we homeschool we have a lot of educational books, but these are some that are great whether you homeschool or not.

Arms & Armor

Know Yourself are the best anatomy books for kids (check out our review). Full of activities and games.


Horrible Science

Horrible Histories


Politics for Beginners

Business for Beginners

What’s Happening to me?

You Are Awesome

Art Visual Encylopedia

Big Ideas for Curious Minds – check out our other favorite best philosophy books.

History Books for Kids

The best history books for kids aged 8 and over

If you homeschool check out our homeschool history curriculum post.

15 of the best President books for kids

Over 36 of the best pirate books for kids

20th Century American History for Kids

History Year by Year

Everything You Need to Ace American History

American History

50 American Heroes

Interesting Stories for Curious People

Case Closed? 9 Mysteries

Great Battles for Boys

Timelines of Everything

Geography Books for Kids

The best geography books for kids over the age of 8

If you are interested in learning about the 50 states of America check out our latest post. The Tour the States video on youtube is AWESOME. If you are looking for a homeschool geography curriculum check out this post.

The 50 States

Road Trip Atlas for Kids

Geography A Visual Encylopedia

Student World Atlas

Countries of the World

Scrambled States of America

All Countries Capitals and Flags

Activity Books for 9 Year Olds

The best kids activity books

The Everything Kids Puzzle Book

Brain Games for Clever Kids

Brain Games

Coloring Books for Kids

Perfectly Logical

Reference Books for Kids

The best reference books for kids aged 8 and over

If the World Were A Village

Science Encylopedia


The Book of Comparisons

Bet You Didn’t Know 2

Guinness World Records

What are your favorite books for 9 year old boys? Let me know in the comments below.

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  2. Such a brilliant, comprehensive list! My son is 7 but is a good reader and we’re always looking for new types of books to encourage him to read even more. I’m sure there are several books on this list that he would love.

  3. Some great book choices here – I have several friends with children in this age bracket – these will make great presents! Thank you

  4. What an awesome list! my son is much younger but he does enjoy books. he is less keen with reading at school but he enjoys reading the ones he wants to with us !

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