Top 20 Best Board Games for Kids of All Ages

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We absolutely love family game night and I get asked all the time what are the best board games for kids, so I thought I would share our top 20!

Board games for kids are not just for fun though they can be used to supplement learning.

Despite these being kid’s board games, it won’t just be the kids who enjoy them.

top board games for kids

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What are the benefits of playing board games?

As a homeschool mom who absolutely loves family board games, I can’t stress enough the incredible benefits they bring to our family game nights and homeschooling adventures.

First and foremost, board games are an awesome way to bond and create lasting memories with your loved ones. There’s something magical about gathering around the table, laughing, strategizing, and enjoying quality time together.

But it’s not just about fun and togetherness, board games are secretly educational powerhouses!

They provide a sneaky yet effective way to enhance various skills. Take, for example, problem-solving. Board games often present players with challenges, puzzles, and strategic decisions, allowing kids (and adults!) to flex their critical thinking muscles.

Communication and social skills also get a boost during board game sessions.

From negotiating trades in Monopoly to coordinating strategies in cooperative games, board games provide a safe space for kids to practice effective communication, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Plus, they learn how to gracefully handle both victory and defeat—a valuable life lesson, if you ask me.

Let’s not forget about academic benefits! Many board games incorporate math, reading, and logic, helping kids sharpen those skills without feeling like they’re doing “school work.”

Whether it’s counting money, reading cards, or solving word puzzles, these games seamlessly weave learning into playtime.

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Oh, and did I mention the creativity? Some board games unleash the imagination, encouraging kids to think outside the box and come up with innovative strategies.

It’s amazing to witness their creativity in action as they devise unique solutions and surprise us all with their ingenuity.

So, whether it’s in our cozy living room or as part of our homeschool curriculum, board games have become an invaluable tool for our family.

They bring joy, laughter, and an endless array of educational benefits.

So grab a game, gather the family, and let the learning and fun begin!

Top 20 board games for kids

Whether you are looking for a gift or want to increase your board games these are the best games for kids that they’ll love.

Other board games we love

These are our favorite board games for kids of different age groups:

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