Carcassonne Review – How To Play Carcassone With Kids?

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This month in our homeschool we are playing Carcassonne the board game. Carry on reading for our Carcassonne review, and see why it is a great addition to our history curriculum.

This is a great game that we often play while studying history in our homeschool. Check out our favorite homeschool history curriculum that we use.

I am always looking at new educational board games to play, and this easy-to-play tile game was one of our recent favorites.

Carcassonne Game Review

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Carcassonne Board Game

Carcassonne was first released back in 2000, but this is the first time I have come across it. This is really bad as apparently, it has sold over 10 million games!

Freddie is now 8 years old, so this is a perfect age bracket to play. It recommends players be over 7, which I think is about right. I think younger children would be able to play it, BUT you would have to make up your own simple rules! It has 5-star reviews too!

The box is small and very colorful, and the inside of the box was, in my opinion, better than the outside! For me, I understood the game better from the inside picture on the box!

The instructions are incredibly detailed and explain the scoring process for each different move. This is really helpful when you have had a hard homeschool day!!

There are 84 tiles all with different patterns on, and there is a specific start tile. There are also 40 meeples in 5 different colors, plus 5 abbots. The quality of the tiles is excellent they are certainly not flimsy.

Carcassonne Board Game Review

The aim of Carcassonne is to score as many points as you can.

How to Play Carcassonne?

Each player places one tile onto the board to make an ever-expanding city. Full of roads, rivers, monasteries, cities, and fields.

This is very similar to the basic concept of dominoes. However, you can put your meeples down on the board in order to score points.


If you place a tile you can then add one of your meeples to the board. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Placing a Meeple on the Road in Carcassone

If the road is not already occupied by another meeple you can add one of yours as a highwayman. As soon as this part of the road is closed, either by a roundabout or a dead-end etc you win 1 point for each tile of the road.

Placing a Meeple in a City

If there is a city, you can place a meeple as a Knight. As soon as the city walls are closed you then add all of the tiles that make up that city and give yourself 2 points for each tile. If there is a coat of arms in the city you get an extra 2 points for this.

Placing a meeple in a monastery

All of the monastery tiles are surrounded by fields so you have to add the tile to a field tile. As soon as the monastery is surrounded by fields you get to score that point. Which is 1 point per each tile that completes it.

As soon as you have scored with your meeple it gets added back to your supply.

Carcassonne Game Review Game Board

End of the Game – Carcassonne

The game comes to an end when all of the tiles have been placed. The scores are all added up, plus the meeples that haven’t already been scored that are still on the board.

Carcassonne Game Rules

What I really like about this game, is once you have played it a few times. There are some supplementary rules you can add in to make it more interesting.

You can add meeples as farmers. You can add in the river (which is shown in the photo above) and you can use the abbots.

Carcassonne Game Review Instructions

Carcassonne Game Review

Freddie and I really enjoyed playing this game.

After a really tough homeschool day, this absolutely lightened our moods. In fact, Freddie said at least three times how much he enjoyed playing it. We would highly recommend Carcassonne.

Carcassonne Board Game Review

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