12 Best Card Games for Teens in 2024

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We love family game night and it’s more fun now we have a teen! Check out the best card games for teens that you will all enjoy.

We’ve discovered some of the best teen card games that everyone in the family loves to play. What makes our selection even more special is that all of these games have been handpicked by my teenage son, ensuring they’re the latest and greatest hits among his age group.

Most of these card games can be played with the whole family, although please check the age rating I have included. Some of the board games for kids are geared more toward older teens and adults.

These games not only promise a fun-filled evening but also offer a chance to bond, laugh, and create lasting memories together. Whether you’re looking for strategic challenges, quick-thinking gameplay, or just a good laugh, these card games, vetted by a teenager, will surely be a hit at your next family game night.

card games for teens

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Best card games for teenagers

The best teenage card games are great for both thinking fast and having fun with others.

They’re perfect for family game nights, helping everyone bond and learn something new, or for hanging out with friends, where everyone can challenge each other and share good times.

These games range from classic ones that make you think about numbers and plans, to new ones that include creating stories together or working as a team.

They’re not just entertaining; they also help teens get better at thinking through problems, communicating with others, and working together.

Whether it’s to sharpen the mind, improve how well they get along with others, or just enjoy themselves, these card games offer lots of ways for teenagers to have fun and grow.

Check out the best board games for teens too!

Additional games for teenagers

Additional board games for teenagers offer engaging ways to explore complex strategies, develop critical thinking, and enhance social interaction. These games, designed with teens in mind, balance entertainment with mental challenges.

Best Christmas board games bring festive joy, merging traditional holiday themes with fun, interactive gameplay. These games create memorable family moments and foster a spirit of cooperation and competition during the holiday season.

Best math board games transform numerical learning into exciting adventures. They encourage problem-solving and logical thinking, making math concepts accessible and enjoyable through playful competition.

Best history board games immerse players in past eras, combining education with entertainment. They encourage strategic thinking and introduce historical events and figures, making learning about the past interactive and engaging.

Best geography board games expand players’ knowledge of the world. Through exploration and strategy, these games teach about different cultures, countries, and geographical concepts, enhancing spatial thinking and global awareness.

Best science board games make complex subjects approachable and fun. They cover various scientific fields, promoting critical thinking and curiosity about the natural world through hands-on experiments and problem-solving.

Best money board games focus on financial literacy, teaching players about budgeting, investing, and economic principles in an interactive way. These games prepare teens for real-world financial decisions through simulation and strategy.

Best educational board games encompass a broad range of subjects, from language arts to STEM. They are designed to reinforce classroom learning with fun, interactive play, fostering a love for learning and encouraging educational development outside the traditional classroom setting.

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