27 PE Ideas for Homeschool Get Fit & Have Fun at Home

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Physical education for homeschoolers doesn’t need to be hard. You just might need to think a little more out of the box! Check out our top PE ideas for homeschool that are fun.

I have to admit exercise is definitely my downfall, and incorporating it into our homeschool day did not really happen for the first few years. My son did go to rugby twice a week and swimming but other than that we didn’t really focus on it.

Of course, children run around all day, and with endless play dates, I didn’t need to worry.

But, when my son turned 10 I really wanted to get into introducing a more formal curriculum for physical education.

Keep reading to discover the best homeschooling resources for physical education. I promise it is easier than you think.

families exercising at home doing push ups, 1 mom and 3 kids. The words PE Ideas for homeschool is written in the middle. Under that there are 4 children stretching in a field.

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Homeschool PE Ideas

We have started to allow 30 minutes a day for physical fitness, make sure to do breathing exercises for kids before they start exercising.

These are some of our favorite activities:

Also adding parent and me yoga for your family will not only help with fitness but is great for mindfulness.

Best Homeschool PE Curriculum

If you are looking for a more formal PE homeschool curriculum your options are fairly limited. These are the only 3 we have come across:

Training Like An Olympic Runner

Mr D Math has a Training Like an Olympic Runner self-paced course for middle school and high school.

This course has been designed to increase physical activity as well as provide great insight into running technique and training theory.

This 32-week curriculum is sure to improve fitness greatly.

Training Like an Olympic Runner provides the unique opportunity to learn from an array of Olympic sprinters and coaches.

Quizzes and assessments are integrated providing a great experience for students, as well as parents.

Training Like an Olympic Runner is sure to educate, inspire, and challenge the athlete and intellect alike.

A dad and 2 kids having a bike ride on the beach.

Curriculum for Health & Fitness

If you are looking for an actual homeschool PE curriculum I highly recommend looking at the SchoolhouseTeachers curriculum for health & fitness.

Once you have subscribed to this curriculum you also get everything else they offer included. Including math, science, language arts, and even more.

Homeschool Family Fitness

Homeschool family fitness provides a year’s worth of fitness improvement for everyone in the family.

Lessons cover muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, aerobic fitness, and fitness games with minimal equipment. Plus fitness tests, sports labs, and lesson plans.

Forty weeks of instruction are included. So if the weather does not cooperate, you have enough activities to choose from for the 36-week school year.

A weekly schedule is provided with activities’ grade appropriateness noted. Plus alternate activities if there is a disparity in what students can perform.

Junior and senior high students can use this book like a textbook with labs. Parents can use this book as a lesson plan for younger students of all ages. 

Check out our favorite free homeschool curriculum too!

Best kids YouTube channels to get them moving

I have been looking at YouTube for inspiration and thought I would share the best homeschool PE videos we could find.

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  1. Personally, I really like dancing so that hopefully brings a little bit of fitness with it, even though it’s only dancing around at home, nothing more organised. We do quite a bit of walking and running around while out and about, as well as some swimming, trampolining etc, so I think we’re getting an okay amount of exercise. We’ve tried the Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube too, and I quite liked it, though Penguin wasn’t convinced lol

  2. I love the idea of exercising together as a family! I’ll definitely check out some of those videos!

  3. I’m a big fan of the couch to 5 k idea. My son loves running and I can have a good walk with him running and my other son riding his bike.

  4. These are great ideas! It is so important to stay active and to be good models for our children. I am going to pin this for later. Thank you!

  5. I am terrible at keeping fit. My daughter is now old enough to use the gym where we have our memberships but we don’t go as often as we should. Have you tried the body coach workouts? He does them for schools now too which are aimed at kids

  6. PE at school and humiliation I experienced within it is what led to me hating exercise. This is such a wonderful way to make it fun!

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