12 Spooky Halloween Writing Prompts (Free Printable)

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The kids are going to love these Halloween writing prompts this year. They will be begging for more!

There are 12 free printable writing prompts for kids all with Halloween-themed images on them, plus 2 blank sheets of paper if they can’t stop writing!

These Halloween writing prompts are perfect for both elementary and middle school-aged children.

We have lots of holiday fun activities for Halloween. Other educational free printables for Halloween include:

free halloween writing prompts

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Writing Prompts Halloween

You don’t need to print out the free writing prompts if you don’t want to, these are the 12 we have included:

  • Trick or Treating should be banned for kids over 10 years old, discuss.
  • I don’t think candy should be given on Halloween, discuss.
halloween writing prompts
  • If I gave you $500 would you sleep in a graveyard? Discuss
  • I am scared of…
halloween writing
  • My favorite Halloween memory is…
  • What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?
free halloween writing prompts
  • Do you like scary movies? If so why, or why not?
  • My best friend is a ghost

I think you are also going to enjoy our top 19 Halloween books for middle schoolers.

free halloween writing printables
  • Which is better candy cane or candy corn?
  • My house is haunted
spooky writing prompts
  • What is your favorite Halloween costume and why?
halloween writing prompts on wooden table

If they need even more encouragement why not treat them to a feathered quill? That will definitely put them in the spooky mood to get creative.

Why not also have some fun with this Mad Libs Trick or Treat book, the hours we can spend laughing at what the other person has written.

Download Halloween Journal Prompts Free Printable

halloween writing prompts

Make sure you choose the correct paper size and click on the shrink to fit button. All of our free printables work better when printed on cardstock (this is the one we use and love.)

For other free writing prompts check out:

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